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Cubs Catch Cards, Reds Sweep Braves: Wednesday, July 2nd, 1969


CHI 6, MON 1  W-Hands 12--2 L-Reed 2-4  HR-Banks(3) Rudolph(2)  Hands 2-hitter.

PHI 5, PIT 4  W-Jackson 9-6 L-Blass 10-3  HR-Clemente(10) Oliver(13) 

NY 4, STL 2  W-Cardwell 5-5 L-Washburn 4-10  S-McGraw(13)  HR-Agee(12) 

CIN 11, ATL 3  W-Ramos 4-1 L-Stone 5-6  S-Granger(9)  HR-May 2(19)  May and Helms 4 rbi each.

HOU 5, LA 4  W-LeMaster 8-8 L-Brewer 2-4  HR-Kosco(10) Haller(8)

SF 2, SD 1  W-Bolin 7-8 L-Kirby 2-9  S-Linzy(10)  HR-Bonds(10)

Cardwell Banker wins again.
After leading the NL east all season long following their stupid-good 20-4 start, the Cardinals have been stumbling along for some time now, and after losing to the Mets at Busch Stadium on Wednesday, they finally have been caught by the Cubs, with the Pirates and Mets close behind. Don "Cardwell Banker" Cardwell called in the birdies' loan, winning his fifth straight after starting the season 0-5. The Cardinals scored 2 in the first, and I thought to myself "there's their quota" as the Redbirds have a bad habit of scoring just a pair, all too often. (But they are as hard to shut out as the mighty Reds, with 2 each. Weird!) When they were hot, they scored more than five runs a game; since then they average a little over three. Anyway, my thought turned out to be right on the money, as they scored no more while the Mets put together single runs in three straight innings mid-game to take the contest. 

Don Bosch needs something to do.
The Cubs had no trouble making short work of the Expos at Parc Jarry, riding a two-hitter by Bill Hands, the circuit's first 12 game winner.  Even Ernie Banks woke up, smashing merely his 3rd dinger all year. Ken "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Back-Up Catcher" Rudolph added a blast, too, somehow sensing Christmas in the air in some other dimension. The baby bears have won 7 straight and ten of eleven.  Amazing what a modicum of hitting can accomplish! As for the 'Spos, they are without Mack Jones, Larry Jaster, Adolpho Phillips, Kevin Collins, Ron Fairly and Ron Brand.  Little-used picket Don Bosch denies going around setting booby traps in order to get some playing time.

The Quaker bullpen.
The Pirates, drooling at the sight of the good ship Cardinal taking on water, smacked a pair of homers with 10-game winner Steve Blass on the mound, but the Fightin' Phillies kept rallying and finally won it 5-4 behind Grant Jackson. The game was stopped in the 4th inning to administer a random drug test to Quaker backstop Mike Ryan. Reader Kurt is to blame for this. "Irish" came up clean except for a wee bit o' the dram.  Credit for the victory goes to whoever placed a padlock on the Phillies' bullpen gate.

"Here I come to save the dayyyy!"
At Atlanta, the visiting Reds destroyed the Braves three straight, capping the sweep with an 11-3 massacre on Wednesday. Lee May took over the second spot in the league in home runs by smashing a pair, and he and Tommy Helms both drove home 4 runs. Pitching? Who needs pitching? Once again, the Reds' starter--this time Tony Cloninger--faltered, but once again it was Pedro Ramos to the rescue, plus 3 innings by Wayne Granger as the Reds batters poured it on.  Braves starter George "Ben" Stone was driven from the mound and retired to watch old "Law & Order" reruns and contemplate his failure. The Braves are having trouble keeping shortstops on the field. With Sonny Jackson already out with a cleaved skull, Gil Garrido departed for three weeks during this one with "a tingling feeling" in his pinkie finger. This brings all-hit no-field Bob Aspromonte back into the fray, bringing with him his .350+ batting average and his stone glove. His double was the only x-base hit of the game for the teepee dwellers. 

"What's going on? Who are all these people? Did someone steal my Jell-O?"
The Dodgers, 8-1 on the season against the woeful Spacemen, scored 4 in the first 3 innings against southpaw Denver LeMaster, but flinty-eyed Astro skipper Harry Walker stuck with his new line-up and they delivered, rallying for the 5-4 win and scoring the decisive final two runs off of Dodger portsider Jim Brewer.  L.A.'s Walter Alston observed the action from his rocking chair, unaware of anything.  "When is lunch?" he asked confusedly as the game slipped inexorably away. 

Home sweet home.
In the Unexpected Department, Bob "Bolin For Dollars" Bolin--a.k.a. The Human Launching Pad--hooked up with young Clay Kirby of the Padres in a scoreless duel through 8! Kirby was especially tough, allowing only a double and a single up until then. In the top of the ninth, right fielder Cito Gaston allowed a single to drop in front of him (as had the other single) because he just couldn't get to it. Giants pinch hitter Bob Burda said 'thank you very much" and departed in favor of pinch running specialist Don Mason, who lives inside a glass jar when he isn't playing. Up stepped Bobby Bonds, who had fanned three times. He immediately smoked a Kirby delivery over the fence for a 2-run bomb. I felt bad for Kirby, a just-turned 21 year old kid who has pitched pretty well for a terrible team. In the bottom of the 9th, the Pods plated one against fireman Frank Linzy, but fell short 2-1. At the half-way point of their season, the Friars stand at 26-55, exactly on pace to match their actual 52-110 log. This pleases your Most Serene Goddess, because in APBA, tail-enders often do even worse than in real. I credit Gomez for staying the course!
Has brains.
Eats brains?

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