Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cubs Sweep, Close To Within Two! : Sunday, June 29th, 1969


CHI 2, STL 1  W-Holtzman 7-4 L-Carlton 10-5  S-Regan(12)  HR-Hickman(14)

CHI 5, STL 3  W-Jenkins 10-4  L-Gibson 10-2  HR-Flood(2) Popovich(3) Hickman(15)

MON 6, PHI 4  W-Robertson 7-6 L-Champion 2-5  S-Face(9)  HR-Briggs(6) Allen(10)

MON 8, PHI 7  W-McGinn 5-2 L-Farrell 1-5  HR-Joseph(4) Allen(11)GS Herrera(3) Laboy(12)  Bailey 2-out walk-off single. 

PIT 5, NY 3  W-Bunning 6-6 L-Gentry 7-5  S-Gibbon(4)  HR-Oliver(12) Stargell(12)

CIN 1, SF 0  W-Culver 7-1 L-Marichal 6-8  HR-May(17)  Culver 2-hitter, May 1-out walk-off HR.

ATL 4, HOU 1  W-Reed 7-5 L-Dierker 6-8  S-Upshaw(14)  HR-Cepeda(10) Aspromonte(1)

LA 4, SD 3  W-Osteen 8-3 L-Santorini 3-14  S-Brewer(9)  HR-Brown(8)

He can't be stopped.
The Cardinals, sinking like a stone, sent their two aces Carlton and Gibson to the mound at Wrigley against the Cubs and both lost! Jim Hickman ran his June home run total to 9 by launching a blast in each game as the Cubbies swept the doubleheader and moved to within 2 of the top!  Bob Gibson has only lost twice all season, both times to the Cubs and both times to Ferguson Jenkins.

The Pirates, too, closed to within 3 by completing a series sweep of the Mets. The Corsairs rode a pair of two run homers to victory. 

"Good ole Savings & Loan!" Uncle Billy would be proud.
The Phillies, desperate not to be swept by the Expos, staged a furious rally in the nightcap to tie it up on a Rich Allen grand slam, but Turk Farrell coughed it up anyway when Bob "The Pride of Bedford Falls" Bailey dinked a game-winning single with two out in the 9th. "Thanks, Clarence!" said Bailey with a wink. In the opener, kid hurler Billy Champion cemented his demotion back to the bullpen by disappointing once again. 

George, no man is a failure who has friends like Lee May!
The Giants took the field at Crosley behind Juan Marichal, hoping to take 3 of 4 from the Reds, but miracle "D" George Culver had something to say about that, matching zeroes with his famous opponent until Lee May cranked one in the bottom of the ninth to make the Rhinelanders 1-0 winners. The Giants have been shut out in each of Marichal's last two starts, and scored just one run the game before that. 

Bob is filled with a terrible hatred of his old team. Why, Bob, why?
The silly Spacemen thought they'd get cute and refuse to pitch to the torrid Hank Aaron, so they walked him with a base open but Orlando Cepeda put the kibosh on all that. He hit a three-run bomb that effectively decided the game in the top of the first inning as the Astros visibly deflated like a bunch of leaky balloons. They have now lost 11 of 12 against the teepee dwellers from Atlanta who now own the best record in the NL. Old pal Bob Aspromonte, who connected exactly once all year as an Astro in '68, put one in the seats against his old mates. "I hate them," he said cryptically. 

Finally, the Dodgers finished a 3 game sweep of the reeling Padres, teasing them all game with a slim lead that the Pods could never overcome. To make it all worse, first sacker Nate Colbert somehow set himself on fire with a sparkler, and will miss 14 games while he watches safety movies aimed at 6 year olds. 
Nate's been on fire. No, really on fire.


stevemryan said...

With a name like Bob, I thought he would play catcher for the Braves. This has been a very well played stretch of games with the Cardinals losing and the Reds and Braves winning. I like it!

Fireblossom said...

I knew you would, Reader Steve! ;-)