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It's All Too Much For Bob Tillman! : Saturday, June 28th, 1969


CHI 6, STL 2  W-Hands 11-2 L-Washburn 4-9  HR-Javier(3)

PHI 4, MON 3  W-Jackson 8-6 L-McGinn 4-2  S-Wilson(8)  HR-Jones(9) Bateman(3) Herrera(2)ph

PIT 6, NY 3  W-Walker 3-3 L-Seaver 6-6  S-Gibbon(3)  HR-Clemente(9) Boswell(3)

CIN 7, SF 2  W-Merritt 6-9 L-Perry 11-4  HR-May(16) Bench(10) Perez(13)

ATL 11, HOU 5  W-Pappas 8-3 L-Wilson 4-9  HR-Gonzales(3)GS Boyer 2(9) Tillman 2(6) Blefary(8)  Gonzales, Boyer and Blefary 4 rbi each.

LA 9, SD 3  W-Drysdale 2-6 L-Sisk 4-7

He's high strung.
The Atlanta homer barrage keeps coming! Even with Hank Aaron quieting down for a game, Boyer continued to knock the ball over the fence, accomplishing it twice, Tony Gonzales launched a grand slam, and backstop Bob Tillman also went deep twice. Upon crossing the plate with his second dinger, Tillman became overwhelmed, fanned himself dramatically, and swooned onto an old-fashioned fainting couch that was once used by Sarah Bernhardt and which had been placed, as a precaution, in the left-hand batter's box while Bashin' Bobby was circling the sacks. He'll miss the next 19 games while taking a rest cure. This means that the terror of April and May--Bob Didier--will get his old job back. Atlanta leads the league in catchers named Bob! Meanwhile, the Astro pitcher bobblehead giveaway continues.

He can't see anything!
Remember how the Giants went homer crazy against the Reds at Crosley on Friday? The Reds, under the expert tutelage of skipper Dave Bristol, returned the favor with three blasts off of Gaylord Perry. Bristol shouted instructions to each of his hitters, but no one could understand any of it because of the giant wad of chaw in Dave's chipmunk-like cheek. No matter! The Rhinelanders' power show kept them in the thick of the NL west race. 

"Go ahead without me...I'll never make it!" Okay, see ya!
At Montreal, homers by pinch hitter Herrera and lead-off man Mack Jones tied the game late, only to see it slip away against the last-place Phillies. The Phils are nearly healthy, lacking only the immortal Ron Stone, who keeps in shape by sparring with the pretty nurses on his ward, and losing. The Quakers are no longer the worst team in the league, that mantle passing to the even worse Padres!

He had his Wheaties!
The Cardinal's slow nosedive continues as the Cuibs, behind ace Bill Hands, defeated the Redbirds at Wrigley. However, Julian Javier got one up into the wind and it went over the fence, leaving the savvy second-sacker blinking in confusion. "What now?" None of the Cardinals knew because it had been so long since any of them had hit a home run. Finally one of the Cubs provided instructions and the game continued.  Ray Washburn did what he does best--lose--and the setback left him praying to activate his J-4 some time soon. 

Your Impartial Goddess contemplates Tom's mediocrity.
Pittsburgh jumped all over the newly-healed Tom Seaver, scoring 4 in the first and never looking back. Oh, the Mets delivered a whimper of protest with Kenny "They Killed Kenny!" Boswell's lead-off homer in the bottom of the first, but after that, it was all over except for Tom Terrific getting injured yet again. 75 games in, Tom is just 6-6, has had three minor injuries, and will never make it to his actual log of 25-7, leaving your Impartial Goddess fuming in her box seat wearing her Seaver jersey. But perhaps he'll go 19-1 in the second half! Yeah! Especially if your Impartial Goddess fiddles with the rules and requires all opposing batters to start wearing blindfolds. ;-)

Finally, Don Drysdale won his second straight decision, downing the Padres at San Diego. He went the distance for the first time in '69. I can't even tell you how impressed Jane is!

Bob Tillman's new walk-up music!



William Sagle said...

Only the Impartial Goddess can wear a Tom Terrific jersey and remain impartial. An amazing feat! (Get it?)

stevemryan said...

This was a very good day. I like both races being a touch closer now that the Cardinals are falling back to the pack. Can't wait for the next big Phils-Pads cage match.