Saturday, December 3, 2016

Veale Outduels Selma: Thursday, June 26th, 1969


PIT 1, CHI 0  W-Veale 10-5 L-Selma 2-9  Selma 10 K's.

MON 5, STL 2  W-Wegener 6-4 L-Briles 5-7  S-McGinn(3)  HR-Laboy(11)

NY 2, PHI 0  W-Cardwell 4-5 L-Fryman 5-6 

ATL 3, LA 2  W-P.Niekro 8-5 L-Singer 9-7  HR-H.Aaron(23) Boyer(6)

SF 6, CIN 0  W-McCormick 8-3 L-Fisher 8-5  HR-McCovey(15) McCormick(3)

He's too sexy for his shirt.
At Wrigley, the Cubs were going for the 4-game sweep against rival Pittsburgh. Starters Bob Veale and Dick Selma matched zeroes all the way into the top of the ninth, when Richie Hebner knocked a three-bagger and scored the game's only run a minute later. The win salvaged the final contest for the Buccos, who stand half a game behind the second place Cubbies.  As for the Chicago nine, they welcome the Cardinals to town for four starting tomorrow.

Cardwell Banker.
Don't look now, but here come the Mets! A complete game whitewash by Don "Cardwell Banker" Cardwell closed the Phillies account and gave the Metropolitans a 4-game sweep and their second consecutive shutout. Moreover, the Mets find themselves back over .500 and just a game out of second. Perhaps weirdly, after all the fireworks in this series, this game was about as humdrum as they come.  

At Parc Jarry, Bill Stoneman found himself passed over in favor Bill Wegener, who stopped the first place Cardinals. Since starting 1-9, the Expos are 32-31. Since starting 20-4, the Cardinals are 25-26. Weird, right?! Nelson Briles dropped his fifth straight decision. 

Bad Henry.
The Braves managed just three hits against Bill Singer, but two of them were homers and the other was a single by Felix Millan that put him on base ahead of Aaron's blast. Hank now has 13 homers in June to open a wide gap between him and the next best slugger in the league. Aaron has 23 HR on the season; Pete Rose is unexpectedly second with 17. Remember erstwhile leader Donn Clendenon? He has just one homer in June, which came in his last game as an Expo.  

Mike McCormick flips his lid.
Finally, Mike McCormick got the starting nod at Crosley against the first place Reds, and he shut them down cold. However, it cost him. With 2 out in the last of the 7th inning and the Giants comfortably ahead, Dave Bristol found no one on his depleted bench to bat for the pitcher except Fred "Wingy" Whitfield. Ordinarily, Fred would never see action against a lefty like McCormick, and besides, he sucks, with just one hit all season as he stepped to the plate. So what does he do? He smashes a line drive off McCormick's dome, and the pitcher's head explodes like a rotten pumpkin. McCormick, who has won 3 straight decisions and was pitching brilliantly, will miss a whopping 25 games (he maxed out his J-3!). That's very bad news for the Giants.  Bob Bolin, banished to the bullpen after his last disastrous start, will likely see his starting status returned to him, as league batters salivate. Still, the San Franciscans did win the game, blanking the Reds for only the second time all season, to move within a half game of first. What a pile-up in the west! Even the 4th place Dodgers are only two back. 

Where are the Astros and Padres, you ask? They were idle. Everyone who missed them, raise your hands. Go ahead. Anyone? Buhler?


stevemryan said...

'Two out of three ain't bad!,' to quote that great philosopher Meatloaf. Cardinals lose and an angel gets their wings, Braves win but the Reds lose. Fortunately, it is a long season and maybe Mr Rose will top twenty taters.

Fireblossom said...

I don't think there's any doubt, Steve! And by the way, I loved Meatloaf. :-)

William Sagle said...

Here's hoping that the Mets get no closer to first than they are. Roll twelves with runners on base, twelves, I say....

Poor Mike Mac! Hopefully, someone woke up the medical staff at Crosley and assisted him.