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You Want Races? I've Got Races! : Tuesday, July 1st, 1969


CHI 3, MON 2  W-Nye 4-6 L-Stoneman 3-9  

PIT 5, PHI 3  W-Veale 11-5 L-J.Johnson 3-12  S-Gibbon(4)  HR-Ryan(6)

NY 3, STL 1  W-McAndrew 4-10 L-C.Taylor 5-5  S-McGraw(12)

CIN 7, ATL 2  W-Ramos 3-1 L-P.Niekro 8-6  HR-Carty(13)

LA 5, HOU 3  W-Singer 10-7 L-Womack 4-2  HR-Parker(6)

SF 9, SD 7  W-Herbel 2-1 L-Reberger 3-7  S-Linzy(9)  HR-McCovey 2(18) Spiezio(5) Sipin(1)  McCovey 5 rbi.

Davalillo, acquired from the Angels for Jim Hicks, wonders why he is hated.
Wow, now there are TWO tight races! The fading Cardinals tasted bitter defeat yet again--due to poor hitting yet again--as a 2-run Ken Boswell double led the Mets to victory at Busch Stadium. The New Yorkers, though in 4th place, have drawn to within six and a half of the top spot in the east as your Impartial Goddess does a happy dance in her private box. The Redbirds not only lost, but saw right fielder Vada Pinson aggravate the wrist injury he incurred while playing pinball with Tommy. He'll sit out 9 contests. His replacement, the hated under-achieving gnat Vic Davalillo, also departed when he was accidentally squished; he'll miss 3 games being reassembled. That leaves a platoon of Byron Browne and Joe Hague to patrol the right pasture for the Redbirds.  

"Good heavens, Miss America, you're beautiful!"
The surging Cubs took advantage of the Cardinals misfortunes by edging the Expos 3-2 behind Rich Nye the Science Guy. "He blinded us with science!" complained the Canadian nine, all to no avail. Now the baby bruins find themselves just a single game out of first. Weren't they 7 out just a minute ago?!? 

Joe Gibbon waits in the bullpen for the call that is sure to come.
Right behind the Cubs we find the Pirates, now just 2 games back and in third place after dispatching their Pennsylvania cousins, the Phillies, behind Joe Gibbon's 4th save in as many games.  Mike Ryan poled one out of Forbes Field for the Quakers, but it wasn't enough to stop the Buccos.  

In the west, the Reds once again proved to be rude guests when they roughed up knuckleballer Phil Niekro and sent him to an early shower, then beat up some more on hapless fireman Claude Raymond. Fat Jack Fisher didn't last very long for the Rhinelanders, but Pedro Ramos snapped back to form and got the job done in relief.  The Reds have taken over the top spot, but lead the Dodgers and Braves by just one game, with the Giants a game and a half back. It's anybody's division so far!

Poor Harry. Nothing he does works!
The Astros showed off a completely revamped line-up in L.A., with Jim Wynn moving from clean-up to lead-off, Joe Morgan dropping from 2nd to 8th, and Curt Blefary moving up from 7th to 5th, but they still lost, although they gave Bill Singer all he could handle. The Songster was on the edge of being removed from the game on a couple of different occasions, but he somehow survived to go the distance for the win. The Spacemen, for their part, have now reached the season's half way point with 50 losses, a far cry from what was expected from them.  

Beware the crazed Sipin-osaur! Run for your lives!
Finally, the Giants sent kid lefty Ron Bryant to the hill at San Diego to make his first start of the season, and the Pods shelled him to the tune of 7 runs in 3 frames. The big blow was a bases-loaded base-clearing double by the suddenly red hot Al Ferrara. Ed Spiezio and John Sipin (!) chipped in homers of their own as the San Diego fans went into paroxysms of joy. However, Willie McCovey blasted a pair of homers and the Giants tied it up by the top of the ninth against reliever Frank "Double" Reberger when Jim Ray Hart walked with the bases full to make it 7-7. Enter Jack "Baldy" Baldschun, who made a bid to squirm out of it when Jim "Couch Me!" Davenport forced a runner at home, and Dick Dietz knocked a grounder to short. Cubs cast-off Roberto Pena put his glove down, closed his eyes, and booted it for a two-run error that undid the Friars once again.  When Ron Kline turns in 4 innings of one-hit shutout relief against you, you know you're not going to end up in the winner's circle. His e.r.a. shrunk to a nifty 6.61 as he complained of having been effective. 
"My eyebrows intimidate opponents"


William Sagle said...

I never thought of eyebrows being intimidating, but Ron Kline proves otherwise!

stevemryan said...

Two-out-of-three is very good@ Since you seem to be something of an expert, (I couldn't tell the difference between a gibbon and an orangutan, sorry Clyde), do chimps grow up to be monkeys?

Fireblossom said...

Some of them are religious, Steve, and grow up to become chimp monks.