Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bad Day For The Niekros: Wednesday, July 9th, 1969


CHI 4, NY 0  W-Holtzman 8-4 L-Koosman 9-6  HR-Young(3)

STL 5, PHI 1  W-Carlton 11-5 L-Fryman 6-8

MON 6, PIT 3  W-McGinn 6-2 L-Gibbon 2-3  S-Face(10)  HR-Bailey(5) Phillips(1) Oliver(16)

LA 3, ATL 0  W-Sutton 11-5 L-P.Niekro 9-7

CIN 13, SD 7  W-Culver 8-2 L-J.Niekro 6-7

HOU 9, SF 3  W-Wilson 6-9 L-Sadecki 5-4  S-Gladding(4)  HR-Morgan(6)

Lobster Boy demonstrates his claw grip.
The brothers Niekro felt as if they were in some horrid Russian novel, as they both lost on Wednesday, falling down in tears in the snow outside Leningrad.  Out in La La Land, brother Phil wasn't especially sharp, and the Dodgers pecked away all day and came away with a 3-0 win as Don Sutton blanked the flailing Braves batters on 3 hits, none after the third inning. The Dodger staff entered July with just 3 shutouts, but have doubled that total already. Meanwhile in San Diego, brother Joe lasted less than 3 frames and was shelled to the tune of 8 earned runs by the Reds, who outlasted the Holy Men 13-7. The Reds staff gave up 18 runs in the three games at Jack Murphy Stadium against the popgun Padres, and dropped the first two of those games. Pete Rose demonstrated his frustration by climbing into the enclosure at the San Diego Zoo and feeding himself to the lions. He'll miss 5 games while they digest him.

The Mets are wimpy kids.
The Mets had a chance to really make a move with a 3-game home series against the first place Cubs, but they forgot to bring their bats along, losing 4-1 on Tuesday, and 4-0 today. Injuries are no longer an excuse for the Metropolitans, as they have everyone except Garrett and Pfeil back; they just can't hit, plain and simple. "We're healthy, but wimpy," they explained to the ink-stained scribes. 

He's got the powa.
At Forbes Field, a pair of ex-Pirates came back in ghostly form to haunt the Pittsburgh nine. Bob Bailey, that old Savings & Loan pal, homered--one of a pair of two-run shots by the Expos off of lefty fireman Joe Gibbon--and Roy Face left the rest home long enough to garner his 10th save. Adolfo Phillips had the other round tripper, showing the Cubs they were wrong to dump him and his .104 batting average.

He walked ten.
Finally, at the Stick, the Astros' Don Wilson managed to walk ten batters in five innings, but hung on for the win anyway, with 4 innings of relief help from Dooley Womack and Fred "Man From" Gladding. Wilson also hit a batter, knocking Willie McCovey out for one game. "I'll send him a Candy-gram," opined the crazy wild Mr. Wilson. After being beaten 2-1 and 2-0 (on a no-hitter) by Gaylord Perry and Juan Marichal, the Spacemen were very glad to see Ray Sadecki out there on the bump. However, they were not as pleased to see ump "Hell" Enkeller on the diamond, and both Curt Blefary and Don "Call me Anita" Bryant got thumbed for exchanging pleasantries. 
He can't see you, but he can hear your smart mouth.


William Sagle said...

Dooley Womack? Dooley Womack? Isn't time for him to be shipped to Seattle for some coffee and Bouton? How did the Spacemen defeat the mighty Giants?

Fireblossom said...

William, since I revamped their line-up, the Astros have only lost 3 times, all against "A" pitchers!

stevemryan said...

I don't like the direction this is heading. The NL East is a mess but at least the West is exciting but we need better outcomes instead of this bad side of Meatloaf.