Thursday, January 26, 2017

Both Races Tight As Ticks: Tuesday, July 15th, 1969


NY 2, CHI 1  W-Gentry 9-5 L-Hands 13-4

MON 7, PIT 3  W-Stoneman 4-9 L-Veale 12-7  S-Face(11)  HR-Staub(21) Bateman(4)

PHI 6, STL 3  W-Palmer 1-2 L-Taylor 6-6  S-Wilson(10)  HR-Allen(14)  Palmer(2) Shannon(5)

CIN 5, ATL 4  W-Maloney 12-5 L-P.Niekro 9-8  S-Granger(11)  HR-Boyer(10) Francona(3)ph

LA 2, HOU 0  W-Singer 12-8 L-LeMaster 10-9  HR-Davis(10)  Singer 1-hitter.

SD 4, SF 2  W-J.Niekro 7-7 L-Sadecki 5-5  HR-Bonds(16)

Houston, here is your problem.
Another day another leader in the NL west, where the Dodgers moved percentage points ahead of the Giants, one up on the Braves and 2 up on the Reds. Bill Singer downed the Astros for at least the third time this year, allowing only a solid second inning single by "Rooster" Rader, who contented himself at first base by eating bugs, strutting short distances, and being eventually stranded as Singer blanked the Spacemen 2-0.   

He's fragile.
The Giants' Ray Sadecki surrendered 4 runs in the top of the first to the lowly Padres, with half the runs being unearned because of a Ron Hunt boot. Al Ferrara, in his first game back from injury, swatted a three-run triple, then died again after scoring himself. "It took everything out of me," he lamented, being carried off the field in a plastic bag. The 4-spot was all the Friars needed, as Joe Niekro mowed down the Giants with the exception of the silly-hot Bobby Bonds, who cranked his 7th homer of July.  

The Reds returned home and returned to form, building a 5-1 lead over the Braves behind ace Jim Maloney. The Braves rallied, though, on a pair of blasts, and Wayne Granger had to come on to secure the victory, if only by the slimmest of margins. It was sloppy play that undid the teepee dwellers, with a sorry array of early errors allowing the Reds to pull away just far enough. 

His future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades.
Lowell "Lulu" Palmer, so cruelly denied his first win in his last start as documented in this space, got it this time and even hit another homer to seal the deal! Could it be a late pennant push by the Philadelphians? No. But they did enjoy downing the Cardinals and keeping them a game out of first. 

At Chicago, Gary Gentry stopped the Cubs as the Mets won at Wrigley for the second straight day, drawing to within four and a half of the top spot. 

John Bateman destroys the diamond.
Finally, the Expos spoiled things for the Pirates, terrifying them with homers by Staub and a rampaging John Bateman, who crushed Tokyo beneath his enormous feet and waved his tiny arms as he devoured Bob Veale in front of horrified fans. It's clear that these 'Spos will out-perform their real-life counterparts by quite a bit. They would have to win only 11 games the entire remainder of the season to finish with their actual 52. "We don't give a shit about reality!" crowed skipper Gene Mauch, shoveling Purina T-Rex Chow into Bateman's gaping maw with a steam shovel. 


stevemryan said...

Well done, since the Reds played the Braves and someone had to lose. Always good to see the Cardinals falter!

William Sagle said...

John Bateman never looked better. He is almost as attractive as Justine!

Ugh! Giants sputtering offense is offensive. Wake Up!!!