Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cardinals Re-take First: Thursday, July 17th, 1969


MON 8, PIT 6 (13inns)  W-Face 2-3 L-Hartenstein 3-3  HR-Stargell(15) Taylor(2)ph Staub(22) Bailey(8)GW

STL 5, PHI 1  W-Gibson 13-2 L-Jackson 10-7  HR-Ricketts(1)

ATL 6, CIN 3  W-Reed 10-5 L-Merritt 6-11

SF 3, LA 2  W-Perry 15-4 L-Osteen 9-6  Osteen 10 K's.

One cat escaped to Canada.
The Phillies kindly rolled over so that the Cardinals could drub them and re-take first place, a half game ahead of the idle Cubs. Idleness is a sin--according to my childhood nemesis Mrs. McGoblin, who couldn't have pressed her lips together any more thinly had she used a vice--but the Cubs were not idle. They were dispatched on the off day to gather up all of yesterday's black cats from the Friendly Confines. One reporter remarked that "the black cat thing was in September, and it didn't happen here; it was at Shea." Everyone in the ballpark, seeming to act with a single mind, converged on the helpful individual and promptly threw him over the left field wall. "Look!" cried a tender-hearted observer, seeing the helpful one's broken body below. "He landed on the cement!" "It isn't cement," croaked the smashed scribe with his final breath. "It's concrete." Then he expired.  Getting back to the Cards-Phils contest, Dave Ricketts of all people poled a two run homer by using his 66-6 with a man on third. Dave didn't actually hit a homer in '69, and hit just one in his entire MLB career. Nonetheless, he now leads Tim McCarver in the Cardinals catchers home run derby, 1-0.

They love Jim.
The Dodgers, visiting Baghdad By The Bay, took an early 2-0 lead off of all-star hurler Gaylord Perry. However, Jim Ray Hart solved the mystery of his team being behind, by ripping a three-run double to give the Giants a 3-2 advantage that Perry made stand up the rest of the way. Two fans in particular seemed to take delight in Hart's heroics. 

He didn't enjoy the homer.
Finally, the Buccos and the 'Spos did battle north of the border in a doozy of a game. The Pirates took a lead when Willie Stargell put one in the pool beyond the right field fence....the Expos tied it at 4. The Pirates went up 6-4....the Expos tied it in the bottom of the 9th on a two-run swat by Le Grande Orange--Rusty Staub--off of Joe Gibbon, who will retire to the primate exhibit until he regains his effectiveness. On and on the game continued until, with two out in the bottom of the 13th, up stepped your old Savings & Loan pal Bob Bailey, who took a Chuck Hartenstein pitch and lofted it into the night for a 2-run walk-off smash. "Gosh, that was swell! Did ya see that, Potter?" crowed Bailey as he circled the sacks.

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