Saturday, January 21, 2017

Half A League Onward: Monday, July 14th, 1969


NY 9, CHI 1  W-Seaver 9-6 L-Selma 4-11

PIT 12, MON 3  W-Ellis 7-10 L-Jaster 5-7  HR-Oliver(17) Pagan(5)  Oliver 5 rbi.

HOU 4, LA 1  W-Wilson 7-9 L-Sutton 11-6  HR-Sudakis(5) Wynn(13) Rader(5)

"Pound me to smithereens!"
The Wrigley faithful were not even in their seats yet when the Mets dropped a 7 spot on the Cubbies in the top of the first inning. If not for the first two outs being made on the bases, he might still be out there coughing up runs. The New York nine had batted around before Selma managed to actually retire a batter. With the bullpen, including the ghoulish re-animated Mr. Colborn, used up from early bashings in other recent games, Selma had to take it on the chops for the team. Weirdly, though, he gave up just one run during the ensuing five innings. No matter. The 7 were more than enough for Tom Terrific Seaver as the Mets drew to within five and a half of the top spot. 

Super Rook.
In Montreal, the Pirates feasted on Expos pitching and are now only 3 games back after doodling around aimlessly all season until now.  Al Oliver would seem to be the obvious front-runner for Rookie of the Year, but the Society For White Surfer Dudes are campaigning for the Dodgers' Ted Sizemore. "He's almost the same as Jim Lefebvre!" they crowed. Lefebvre, you may recall, beat out Joe Morgan for the award in '65. "Fair, schmair!" is the argument by the Society.

His favorite song is "My Girl Bill"
Finally, reader Kurt appeared at the Harris County Domed Stadium with 25 cups, demanding that the entire Astros team be drug tested. Indeed, the Spacemen are 11-3 in July! The Dodgers were their latest victim, with fireballer Don Wilson--winner of 4 of his last 5 decisions--getting the victory this time. His shutout bid was ruined when Bill Sudakis churlishly lofted a wall-scraper into the first row of seats with 2 gone in the 9th. He ruins everything!
A lone fan cheered the Sudakis HR.


William Sagle said...

Hang Ten Ted, but the Giants are the best of the west and the surfing isn't so bad in NorCal, either!

stevemryan said...

At least the Dodgers lost!