Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Lulu Palmer's Day of Glory Ruined: Thursday, July 10th, 1969


NY 4, CHI 2  W-Seaver 8-6 L-Selma 4-10  S-McGraw(15)  HR-Young(4)

STL 3, PHI 1  W-C.Taylor 6-5 L-Palmer 0-2  S-Hoerner(9)  HR-Palmer(1)  

PIT 9, MON 2  W-Ellis 6-10 L-Jaster 5-6  S-Dal Canton(6)  HR-Stargell(13)

HOU 7, CIN 1  W-LeMaster 10-8 L-Maloney 11-5  Blefary 4 rbi.

SF 5, LA 2  W-Herbel 3-1 L-Singer 11-8  S-Linzy(12)  HR-Mota(2)

ATL 7, SD 0  W-Stone 6-7 L-Sisk 4-9  Stone 10 K's.

Perhaps Lowell "Lulu" Palmer, while growing up in Sacramento, California, dreamed of someday pitching for the Yankees, winning in excess of 300 major league games, and starring in several World Series. I have no doubt that he dreamed of being successful, famous and "cool."

Secret agent man!
It's too bad he sucked. Oh, he tried. On his baseball cards he is always wearing dark glasses, which is kind of weird.  In his MLB career, he pitched briefly for Philadelphia, St. Louis, Cleveland and San Diego, compiling a lifetime log of 5-18, with an e.r.a. above five. His career batting average was less than a buck and a quarter, with just one dinger. However, on Thursday at Connie Mack Stadium, he received the starting nod, shut down the visiting defending NL champion Cardinals, and accounted for the game's only run through 8 innings with a home run! Lulu was only in there because both John Boozer and Billy Champion had flamed out as starters. He was called upon and carried that 1-0 lead into the top of the 9th! Wouldn't ya know, the Redbirds rallied for 3 runs to hand poor Mr. Palmer the bitter defeat. Sucks to be you, Lowell!

Fearsome power threat? You bet!
At Shea stadium, the Mets salvaged the finale of their 3-game set against the front-running Cubbies, riding the arm of Tom Seaver to victory, with last out help from Tug McGraw.  Rookie flyhawk Don Young hit his second homer in as many days for Chicago, but it wasn't enough. Not only that, but Cubs homer leader Jim Hickman slammed into the wall and collapsed a lung, rendering him deflated for next number of games.  

He fanned ten monks.
The Braves have played the lowly Padres less frequently than any other National League team, and are very glad to see the Pods on their schedule now. George Stone celebrated by shutting down the absurd Friars on five singles. Sonny Jackson stands ready to burst out of the doors of the hospital and rejoin the line-up tomorrow, thus ending the emergency platoon of Tommie Aaron and Ralph Garr at short for the team from Georgia. 

Pure genius, dude.
The Astros are thriving with their revamped line-up, playing .700 ball since the change! Their latest victim was the Reds and Jim Maloney, whose control issues don't match up well with the patient Houston hitters. He got lit up, and the Spacemen coasted to victory. Jim Wynn, sleepy all season, is loving the lead-off spot, where he gives skipper Harry Walker a Bonds-type star at the top of the order. 

"Goddamit, me!" Perhaps the Orsino Board will stop him.
Finally, things looked bleak for the Giants as they arrived at Dodger Stadium. They knew they had to play the opener of the series without superstar Willie McCovey, plus they were sending stopgap kid starter Ron Bryant to the hill against Bill Singer. But Bryant kept it close, departing after 5 with a 2-2 tie. When the San Frans pushed across three more, it made a winner of fireman Ron "Herbal Essence" Herbel, with help from closer Frank Linzy. Linzy sucked largely in April, but since then he has been the best darn "C" closer in all creation. Willie Mays got up from his meal of bland spaghetti and Ensure at the old folks' home to smack four hits for the visitors. He's been good before. He'll be (briefly) good again. But in '69 he kind of blows. If you want true stardom, check out Dodger outfielder Manny Mota, who is hitting a cool .396. Good grief. Please tell me I am not going to have to track a .400 bid by Manny freaking Mota. I've had some weird batting champions in my leagues in the past, including Ron Hassey (1986) and Greg Gross (1979), and I suppose Mota *was* a good hitter, but wasn't he more of a pinch hitter type guy? Maybe not. We'll see.


William Sagle said...

Actually, Lowell Palmer had an eye condition that necessitated the dark glasses. Seriously, I remember having that card with the dark shades and thought he was just trying to be cool. Found out later that he needed the shades.

Happy dance for the Giants! Hmmm, Ron "Herbal Essence" Herbal? Yep, hang out in Golden Gate Park or down by the Embarcaderro, and you're likely to get some "herbal essence" for sure.

Fireblossom said...

William, as the vintage tin Coke sign I have on my wall says, "Play relaxed!"

stevemryan said...

Vintage Coke signs are usually cool, but Sprite is what my mom gave me for an upset stomach. Again, I see bad Meatloaf. Upsets my stomach very much.