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Marichal No-Hitter ! : Tuesday, July 8th, 1969


CHI 4, NY 1  W-Jenkins 12-4 L-Cardwell 5-6

STL 4, PHI 2  W-Grant 6-6 L-Wise 5-7  S-Hoerner(8)  HR-D.Johnson(11)

PIT 10, MON 4  W-Bunning 7-7 L-Renko 0-4  HR-Staub(18) Oliver(15) Taylor(1) Sanguillen(2) Alley(5)  Oliver 4 rbi.

LA 6, ATL 5  W-Foster 4-1 L-Upshaw 4-3  HR-H.Aaron(25)  Francona 5-for-5, Davis 1-out walk-off single.

ATL 6, LA 1  W-Jarvis 10-6 L-Osteen 9-4  HR-H.Aaron(26) Carty(14)

SD 5, CIN 2  W-Santorini 4-15 L-Cloninger 1-3  S-Reberger(10)  HR-Rose(18) 

SF 2, HOU 0  W-Marichal 7-9 L-Dierker 7-9  HR-Bonds(14)  Marichal NO-HITTER,  Dierker 2-hitter.

Juan Marichal tossed the league's third no-hitter on Tuesday, stopping the visiting Astros in masterful fashion.  It was sweet revenge for the high-kicking Dominican right-hander, as he defeated Larry Dierker--who only gave up 2 hits himself--two to nothing; the very same score Dierker beat him by in late June. The red hot Bobby Bonds led off the 1st with a booming homer, then another run scored on two walks, a grounder, and a sac fly, for all the offense that would be necessary. Juan gave up only a pair of walks, to Jim Wynn and Normal Norm Miller. When Jesus Alou hit a grounder to second sacker Don Mason, who fired to defensive first base sub Bob Burda for the final out, Marichal found himself in the record books. The '69 campaign was not even two weeks old when the first two no-hitters were recorded, by Hands of Chicago against the Phillies and Singer of the Dodgers against these same Spacemen. Incidentally, the win moved the Giants into second place in the jam-packed sardine can of the NL west.

"Shit! Where's my hand?!?"
San Diego has treated the visiting Reds rudely, winning twice in two days, this time behind Al "Losing Pitcher" Santorini. The Pods struck for five runs on seven singles in the bottom of the 6th inning on a weird barrage of dribblers and seeing-eye safeties. To make it all worse for the Reds, they lost Alex Johnson again, as well as Tony Cloninger. The affable Johnson came back too soon from his previous injury, stayed long enough to go one for ten, then left Tuesday's game with a sour disposition. As for Cloninger, having finally wormed his way into the rotation, his hand came off, rendering him useless. He is the third Cincy pitcher to go down, joining Arrigo and Nolan. (According to my 1970 baseball guide, pitcher injuries were a real thing for the '69 Reds, and at times they only had 6 pitchers available.) Clay Carroll may have to give up his seat in the bullpen and make a start; we'll see.

"Trade me for Carl Morton!" All in good time, Pat. All in good time.
Meanwhile, the other two western contenders, the Braves and Dodgers, squared off in L.A. for a doubleheader. The Braves staked Ron Reed to a 4-0 lead after 3, but as has been the case lately for Atlanta hurlers, he couldn't hold it and the Dodgers eventually forged a 5-all tie. Then in the last of the 9th, Willie Davis socked a walk-off single to make a winner of smilin' Alan Foster. The win did cost the Tinseltown nine the right-handed half of their stellar relief tandem, as Pete Mikkelsen was hit in the head by an errant golf ball and killed, but just for a week and a half. The Braves finally got a good mound performance out of Pat Jarvis in the nightcap to gain a split, as Jarvis became the staff's top winner with 10 triumphs.

He doesn't want anything to do with your backyard feeder.
In Chicago, Fergie Jenkins turned in a workman-like win against the Mets, as the pursuing Cardinals downed the Phillies despite another home run by the suddenly crazed Deron Johnson. "I was attacked as a child by a small songbird," he shrieked by way of explanation. Finally, Rusty Staub's meaningless 3-run blast in the 9th against Pittsburgh made the score a little more respectable, but the Expos still bowed to the Buccaneers who couldn't believe their Buccan-eyes at the fat pitches they received from Expo starter Renko, who remains winless.

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