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Sloppy Mets Win Anyway! : Saturday, July 12th, 1969


PHI 6, CHI 5  W-Jackson 10-6 L-Abernathy 2-7  S-Wilson(9)  HR-Hisle(6) D.Johnson(12) Ryan(7) Banks(4)

NY 7, MON 6  W-Koonce 2-0 L-McGinn 6-3  S-McGraw(16)  HR-Staub(19) Charles(1) 

STL 4, PIT 2  W-Gibson 12-2 L-Blass 11-4  HR-Torre(7)  

HOU 3, CIN 1  W-Billingham 2-9 L-Merritt 6-10  S-Gladding(5)  

SF 1, LA 0  W-Perry 14-4 L-Osteen 9-5

ATL 3, SD 2  W-Reed 9-5 L-Kirby 2-10  S-Upshaw(18)  HR-H.Aaron(29)

"Watch me win this game!"
The Mets chose an odd time to revisit their childhoods and play kickball, making five errors as they allowed the Expos to take a 6-2 lead over them into the bottom of the 8th. It looked like just another disappointing performance by the Amazin's, when lightning struck. With one run in and two men on, lefty Dan McGinn was summoned to face lefty-swinging Ed Kranepool, and in fact prevented a game-tying 3-run homer, reducing it to an rbi single. Typical Mets bad luck, it seemed. With the score 6-4, up stepped Ed (they lead the league in Eds) "Call me Ray" Charles, who hadn't hit a dinger all year. He promptly went yard, putting the Mets up 7-6 and driving the Shea Stadium crowd wild. Tug McGraw came on to nail it down and the New York nine came away with a very unexpected win. 

He wants to be a cowboy.
The Mets gained a game in the standings because the lowly Phillies went on a home run rampage with the wind blowing out at Wrigley, downing the Cubs by a run. Larry Hisle, Deron "Where's Samantha?" Johnson and Mike Ryan sent balls into orbit. Before Ryan could cross home plate, reader Kurt sprinted onto the field with a cup and demanded an on the spot drug test, but he was removed by men with butterfly nets. Billy Wilson got the save, but it wasn't very clean. He entered the contest with a three run lead and gave two back, but held on. On the Cubs' side, Ted Abernathy pitched with a lead for the first time in almost 2 months, and immediately blew it. Nice going, Ted. His name is Ted. And someday, he'll be dead, yo yo. 

The Astros continue their unlikely rise, defeating the Reds at the Harris County Domed Stadium for the third straight day. The Spacemen have won 9 of their last 11. Could they actually have ideas about getting back in the race? They are 14 back, but it is only mid-July. We'll see. 

"Hey baby, lay it right in here, let's go!" Dietz talks it up.
Gaylord Perry outdueled Claude Osteen at Dodger Stadium, 1-0, courtesy of a pair of doubles by McCovey and Lanier early in the game. Wearing a Pistons uniform and demanding to play center, Lanier surprised everyone with his crucial 2-bagger.  Catcher Dick Deitz, immune to injury all season despite the grinning Orsino Board, finally got injured when a foul tip deposited a baseball in his eye socket. He'll sit out a dozen games, pondering his .029 average in July--maybe he was exhausted--and handing the gear off to Bob "Hi Bob!" Barton and Jack Hiatt. 

"It's all meaningless. And who wears brown in the summer time anyway? No wow factor at all. I feel like a UPS driver."
Finally, the Braves managed to beat the Friars for the third day in a row, but this time it was close. A Roberto Pena error early in the game resulted in an unearned run, and Clay Kirby was dealt yet another hard luck loss. "I feel like the Impartial Goddess is either hostile or indifferent to my fate," he opined. He is also mightily pissed at the Cardinals for letting him be selected by the stupid Padres in the first place.
Don't give up, Clay! Life is good!


William Sagle said...

NOOOOOOO! Dick Dietz out for a dozen games? Please, Goddess, heal him!!!

Fireblossom said...

William, Mr. Dietz needs a quiet environment with palm trees and pretty nurses, not Juan Marichal chucking 90 mph pitches in the dirt that he needs to pick. I must choose compassion over duty for him this time. ;-)