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Spacemen And Aaron Punish Wrong-Doers: Friday, July 11th, 1969


CHI 8, PHI 2  W-Hands 13-3 L-J.Johnson 3-14

MON 2, NY 1  W-Waslewski 3-0 L-McGraw 3-7  HR-Bailey(6) Boswell(5)

PIT 3, STL 2  W-Veale 12-6 L-Briles 6-9  S-Gibbon(7)

HOU 9, CIN 4  W-Griffin 5-10 L-Fisher 8-7  HR-Tolan(9) Rader(4)

LA 4, SF 1  W-Moeller 9-5 L-Bolin 8-9  S-Brewer(10) HR-Haller(10)

ATL 8, SD 4  W-Doyle 5-2 L-Roberts 3-8  S-Upshaw(17)  HR-F.Alou(3) H. Aaron 2(28)  H.Aaron 4 rbi.

Gary Geiger....
...Death. Separated at birth?
It's been tough sledding lately for the former "Miracle D" pitchers in the league. Oh sure, George Culver won a couple of days ago to go to 8-2, but what of poor Fat Jack Fisher? He got stomped by the suddenly mighty Astros, losing his third in a row. Can nothing stop the former pipsqueaks from Houston? Who knew a new lineup could completely turn them around? Unfortunately for them, lead-off man and key to the new order Jim Wynn got blown out the airlock for the next two games. We'll see how they do without him. Gary Geiger has the audacity to try to take his place. 

Cani....Cannizr....oh fuck this.
Another Mirace D fallen on hard times is the Braves' Milt Pappas, who has been absolutely blistered his last three outings. This time he carried a 4-0 lead into the bottom of the 4th against the woebegone Padres only to let them tie it before being removed by an exasperated Lum Harris. Lefty fireman Paul Doyle was brought in to retire lefty-swinging Larry Stahl with two men on and two out, which he did. Doyle, Britton and Raymond held the fort while Hank Aaron drilled his second 2-run bomb of the game, both with Felix "Neon" Millan on base. Then Cecil Upshaw twirled three scoreless for the save. Backstop Chris Cannizzaro leaves the Pods for the next 5 games to enter himself in a spelling bee as a word. "I like to torture youngsters," opined the twisted San Diego receiver. 

"Start winning, you fools!"
Tug McGraw came on in the top of the ninth at Shea with the score tied 1-1 against the upstart Expos. He promptly gave up a run and the Mets dropped back to .500 again. With the Cubs drubbing the Philles, the Metropolitans drop 7 and a half back again. Gil "Gill Man" Hodges, the NY skipper, destroyed his aquarium after the game, in frustration. 

"No further outbursts, Johnson. And stay away from my daughter."
Finally, the Pirates rallied past the Cardinals with 3 late runs to send that high-steppin' Nellie Briles to his 7th loss in his last 8 decisions despite pitching well. "They'll send me to the madhouse!" he complained after the game, lamenting the lack of support. Meanwhile, the Cards have been "showcasing" their ace pinch hitter Bob "Rocky" Johnson all week, playing him at third instead of Mike Shannon. Cowed by the opportunity, Johnson's average fell from .336 on June 30th to .299 today. Then he told the owner that his beer tastes like llama piss, and shoved a waste paper basket over Red Schoendienst's head before hitting it with a bat and shouting "Gonnngggg!" Needless to say, Rocky was immediately given traded to Oakland for former spare part and current bush leaguer Joe Nossek, who is uncarded.  It's bad timing for the Redbirds, as Tim McCarver just went down for 13 games. Joe Torre would have moved behind the plate with Johnson at first, but now Torre stays put and Dave Ricketts gets taken out of mothballs and handed the tools of ignorance. Get 'em, Dave.

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I had that set with the Chris Cannizzaro card and that was the worst painted hat for a player that changed teams after his card pic was taken. Awful!