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Upshaw Goes Yard As Braves Humiliate Pods: Friday, July 18th, 1969


NY 6, MON 3  W-Koosman 10-7 L-Wegener 7-7  HR-Boswell(6)

PHI 1, CHI 0 (10inns)  W-Wise 7-7 L-Holtzman 8-5  Holtzman 14 K's, Wise 2-hitter, Callison 2-out walk-off double.

STL 7, PIT 2  W-Carlton 12-6 L-Walker 3-5  STL 18 hits--1 double and 17 singles.

ATL 6, SD 2  W-Jarvis 11-6 L-Santorini 4-16  HR-H.Aaron(30) Cepeda(13)

ATL 11, SD 2  W-Raymond 2-2 L-Kirby 2-11  S-Upshaw(19)  HR-Colbert(7) Tillman(7) Carty(15)ph Upshaw(1)

HOU 9, CIN 5  W-Dierker 9-9 L-Culver 8-4  Gotay 4 rbi.

SF 7, LA 1  W-Marichal 9-9 L-Drysdale 2-8  HR-Davis(11)

He does it all!
It's been a sad season for the woebegone Padres, and it didn't get any better on Friday in Atlanta. In the opener, Al "Losing Pitcher" Santorini lived down to his sobriquet by going down in dismal defeat. But it was the nightcap that really caused the Frairs to rend their garments. It was a fairly respectable 4-2 game, Braves leading, into the bottom of the 8th, when Pods skipper Gomez summoned lefty and Atlanta cast-off Dick Kelley into the game. First he surrendered a two-run shot to Bob "Hi, Bob!" Tillman. Then a three-run blast to reliever Cecil Upshaw, of all people. By the time Gomez arrived on the hill with the hook, Kelley had been "touched" as they say, for 7 runs in two thirds of an inning. The Holy Men are now 30-66 and the remainder of the season stretches out endlessly before them.  Meanwhile, the Braves find themselves just a half game out of first. 

He only lasted an inning.
At Cincinnati, the Reds' woes continue and the Grim Reaper keeps subtracting players, with a special preference for flyhawk Alex Johnson. AJ was injured, came back long enough to go one for ten, got injured again, came back and reached base on an error, then committed suicide at second base and will miss 5 more contests. At the same time, starter George "Armstrong" Culver pitched just one inning, gave up an unearned run, and had to leave with an arrow through his head. Enter Pedro Ramos, who was blasted by the Astros to the tune of 8 runs in 4 frames.  The immortal Julio Gotay struck for a triple, two singles and 4 rbi for the visiting Spacemen who have now won 13 of 16. 

The Cardinals went into Forbes Field and dinked the Pirates to death, plunking out 17 bloop singles and one lucky double to top the Buccos 7-2 behind Steve "Carlton Your Doorman" Carlton. Their lead is now a game and a half over the fading Cubbies.

Sign Man would be cooler if he were Jason Statham, but he'll have to do.
The Mets' Jerry Koosman exacted revenge on the Expo squad that pounded him in his last start, winning this time and moving his team percentage points ahead of Pittsburgh and into third place in the east, 4 games back. The Mets are completely healthy and are having a fine month so far. Your Impartial Goddess cheers for them loudly while wearing a Mets cap on her Impartial head. 

"Can't touch this!"
Finally, the game of the day was a stupendous pitching duel at Connie Mack Stadium between Ken Holtzman of the Cubs and Rick Wise of the Phillies. It stayed 0-0 into the tenth inning, when John Briggs reached base with one out. After Rich Allen was retired for the second out, crowd favorite Johnny Callison ripped a game-winning double for the 1-0 win. "I just wasn't good enough!" wailed Holtzman, who tied the league high for the season with 14 K's. For his part, Wise pitched poorly and suffered a couple of injuries during the first half, but has now pitched two straight shutouts over the Cubs to turn his season around. Your Most Serene Goddess was in actual attendance one night when Mr. Wise not only tossed a no-hitter, but smashed two home runs. That was in Cincinnati, 1971, when she was but a Goddess-ette. For more about that game, go HERE.
"Watch me mash this pitch, Shay!"

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