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Astros and Mets Sweep, All Star Starters Announced: Sunday, July 20th, 1969


NY 10, MON 5  W-Gentry 10-5 L-Stoneman 4-10  HR-Shamsky 2(7) Shamsky 5 rbi, C.Jones 4.

NY 1, MON 0  W-Cardwell 6-6 L-Robertson 7-10

CHI 10, PHI 3  W-Hands 14-4 L-Palmer 1-3  HR-Santo(13) Allen(15)

PHI 5, CHI 1  W-J.Johnson 4-15 L-Nye 5-7  HR-Allen 2(17)  

PIT 4, STL 2  W-Veale 13-7 L-Taylor 6-7  HR-Oliver(19)  Veale 2-hitter.

SD 3, ATL 2  W-J.Niekro 8-7 L-Stone 6-8  S-McCool(1)  HR-Brown(10) Spiezio(6) Stone(1)

HOU 5, CIN 1  W-LeMaster 11-9 L-Maloney 12-6  HR-Morgan(7)

HOU 6, CIN 3  W-Ray 6-1 L-Fisher 8-9  S-Gladding(7)

LA 6, SF 1  W-Mikkelsen 5-2 L-Sadecki 5-6

"I'm the king of the fuckin' world!"
Break up the Astros! The Spacemen swept the Reds at Crosley, extending their crazy hot streak to 16 wins in 19 games, and leading the Reds to give profound thanks that the All Star break has arrived. Even Joe Morgan has woken up and is spraying extra base hits all over the place. Meanwhile, brass from both teams got drunk and discussed trading half their rosters to each other some day. 

The Mets got even for their 1-0 loss to the Expos on Saturday with a 1-0 win of their own as they took both ends of a double dip from the Canadian nine. Art Shamsky is *finally* heating up and powering the Mets' offense. 

Rich Allen will get a chance to sit back and give himself cancer for a few days.
Rich Allen enjoyed a torrid final week before the break, but came up just short of being named to the team, due to McCovey, Oliver and May being ahead of him at 1st base. If he were still at third, he might well have started. Anyway, Grant Jackson will represent the Quakers at the mid-summer classic. 

And there were other games, blah-de-blah. But let's get to the 1969 National League All Star starters, shall we? (The full roster + limited stats will appear in the All Star post to follow shortly.)

P-Bob Gibson, stl
C-Johnny Bench, cin
1B-Willie McCovey, sf
2B-Julian Javier, stl
3B-Ron Santo, chi
SS-Denis Menke, hou
LF-Rusty Staub, mon
CF-Pete Rose, cin
RF-Henry Aaron, atl

The '69 NL stars will take on the all-time Montreal Expos at the Big O. (Your Most Serene Goddess can bend time and circumstance! Besides, I didn't play the AL.) See you all in Montreal!

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