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Roy Loses Face: Saturday, July 26th, 1969


LA 3, CHI 2  W-Osteen 10-6 L-Hands 14-5  S-Mikkelsen(12)  HR-Banks(7)

NY 3, CIN 1  W-Gentry 11-5 L-Culver 8-5

PIT 6, SD 3  W-Dal Canton 5-4 L-Baldschun 3-2  HR-Alley(6)

STL 4, SF 3  W-Briles 8-9 L-Linzy 5-4  HR-Bonds(17) Brock(3)  Shannon 2-out GW single.

ATL 10, MON 8  W-Raymond 3-2 L-Face 2-5  S-Upshaw(20)  HR-Jones(12) H.Aaron(31)

HOU 5, PHI 4  W-D.Wilson 8-9 L-Fryman 6-10  HR-D.Johnson(13)GS 

He remembers his pitching debut at old Jurassic Park, but can't remember what he had for breakfast this morning.
It was a wild one at Atlanta, where the Expos tallied twice in the top of the first, only to see kid starter Steve Renko cough up a 4-spot in the bottom of the first. The infant hurler settled down, though, and actually had a chance at his first big league win later in the game when the Expos forged ahead, pummeling Pat Jarvis. Ex-Brave Mack Jones went yard against his old pals for the second straight day, a 3-run shot that saw Montreal take an 8-6 lead into the bottom of the 8th.  Enter ancient relief specialist Elroy Face to try to shut down the largely right handed Braves batting order for the last two innings. Nothing doing. Bob "Hi, Bob!" Didier singled, took second on a wild pitch by a confused Mister Face, who thought the lunch tray had arrived and turned the ball loose in his haste to get at the tater tots and pudding, then scored on a single by the recently rejuvenated Gil Garrido to make it 8-7. Garrido reports that his smashed skull has healed nicely. Mike Lum stepped up to hit for Claude "Frenchy" Raymond, and promptly doubled into the right field corner, with Garrido cautiously stopping at third. Pods cast-off Tony Gonzales batted next, and doubled them both in for a 9-8 Braves lead. Hank Aaron capped the scoring with an rbi single, making it four large against Face, who wanted to go watch "Family Feud" anyway. Cecil Upshaw came on in the 9th to dispose of the demoralized Expos, and that was that.

"Watch me deposit this pitch in the seats!"
At Pittsburgh, the Padres had the audacity to take a 3-0 lead against the Buccos by the end of the second inning, and dreams of victory danced in the noggin of Pods starter Al "Losing Pitcher" Santorini. Of course, he allowed the Pirates to tie it up before departing after 6. There it stayed until the bottom of the 8th when Jack "Baldy" Baldschun yielded a 3-run homer to the freshly whole Gene Alley, who told reporters that his spleen makes a fine door stopper and who really needed it anyway? Bruce Dal Canton stayed in the game to polish off the terrible Friars, who dropped their 70th game of the campaign.  

Meds kicking in yet, Dave? Ah yes, I see that they are!
Frank Linzy, who had been extremely effective in May, June, and most of July, gave up a walk-off hit to the Cardinals for the second day in a row, delighting the St. Louis fans as Mike Shannon's 2-out single did the trick on Saturday. It was Shannon's third walk-off hit of the season, and moved the Redbirds 2 games up on the Cubs in the east. The good ship Cardinal seems to have righted itself at last. However, Dave Ricketts pulled a muscle, or some shit like that, while trying to leg out a single, and will be relegated to pinch hitting duty for the next 4 contests. With Tim McCarver still sidelined for one more game, that means Joe Torre must don the tools of ignorance and give over first base to whomever the Red Schoendienst can convince to take the field. There's grizzled veteran Bill White, who can field but not hit, or Joe Hague, who can't really do anything, or maybe somebody else lying around somewhere; we'll see. 

"Oops! My bad! Aw shucks! My fault...."
Finally, Deron Johnson cruelly victimized Don "Western Union Candygram" Wilson with a grand slam in the top of the first inning at the Harris County Domed Stadium. Up 4-0, the Phils were giddy with success, but of course, they managed to commit 3 errors leading to 3 unearned runs and blow the game, 5-4.  Frequent loser Jerry Johnson was passed over in the rotation in favor of Woody Fryman, who made 2 of the miscues himself in order to insure defeat. Just to cap it all off for the Failing Phils, Tony Taylor and Ricardo Joseph both bit the dust and had to be carried away in extra-strength trash bags. Quaker skipper Bob Skinner, who will be fired a week from now, vowed to find replacements. "But what difference will it really make?" he opined with a shrug. 
He was born old.

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