Sunday, February 26, 2017

Selma Blanks Old Pals: Friday, August 1st, 1969


CHI 5, SD 0  W-Selma 6-12 L-Santorini 4-17

HOU 14, MON 1  W-Wilson 9-9 L-Wegener 8-8  HR-Wynn(16) Morgan(8) Herrera(5)  Wynn 4 runs scored.

ATL 3, NY 1  W-Stone 7-8 L-Gentry 11-6

CIN 7, PHI 2  W-Carroll 3-4 L-Palmer 1-4  HR-D.Johnson(14)

PIT 7, SF 3  W-Gibbon 4-4 L-Herbel 3-2  Sanguillen 4 rbi.

STL 2, LA 1  W-Briles 9-9 L-Sutton 12-7 

Ask him about the crank calls he and Clay Kirby used to make. "Is your refrigerator running? Better go and catch it!" Haw!
Shaking his head and laughing at the wild memories, Dick Selma of the Cubs celebrated his 5-0 whitewash of the Padres by recalling all the crazy hi jinx he and his Pod pals got up to during the two and a half weeks he was a Padre. "It seemed like those times would go on forever!" quoth Dick. Asked if it was particularly sweet to beat San Diego he replied, "Heck yeah! They're wimpy and weak and it's fun to knock the stuffing out of them!" That Dick Selma, what a card! 

Do not mock the Hat O' Four Ribbies.
Manny Sanguillen donned the Hat O' Four Ribbies and led the Buccos to victory against the Giants. Ron "Herbal Essence" Herbel coughed up 4 runs in the 8th to make a winner of ex-Giant Joe Gibbon, who swung from the trees in jubilation. 

"Stop the game. These home runs are not home runs. I cite Rule 509, subsection 12."
The Mets, who were shutout the last two games of July by the Astros, managed only an early unearned run off of George Stone and the Braves, but Gary Gentry almost made it stand up. Unfortunately for him, he gave up 3 in the 8th and the Atlantans took the game against the horrid-hitting New Yorkers. Something happened in this game that has never happened before in any of my leagues. The silly-hot Hank Aaron rolled three home runs, but lost all three of them to reduction against the tough right hander Gentry. So, the Mets waste more stellar pitching, yadda yadda ho hum. Your Impartial Goddess is so done with rooting for them, as they have fallen back to 9 games behind the resurgent Cardinals. 

The Cardinals did what the Cardinals do: score two runs and ride their starting pitching. It was enough against the Dodgers. Meanwhile, the stupid-hot Astros demolished Gary Wegener and the Expos 14-1, adding a half a run to Wegener's already bloated e.r.a. The Spacemen are now just one game under .500. Can nothing stop them? As for Wegener, he now stars in a tv western called "Wegener Train" in which a group of D-w homesteaders move west in covered wagons and give up lots of runs to the Comanches. 
"Circle the infield, boys!"

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