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The All Star Game! : Tuesday, July 22nd, 1969

It's all star time! Because I did not play the AL, I decided to have the 1969 NL stars play the all-time Montreal Expos instead!  The game will be held at the as yet unbuilt--but nevertheless existent!--Olympic Stadium in Montreal, on Tuesday July 22nd. The actual 1969 All Star game was held in Washington. After a rain out on Tuesday night, the game was finally played on Wednesday afternoon, the 23rd. So, this way, if I ever do play the AL, I can play *that* all-star game on Wednesday. In the future. Maybe. With Captain Picard calling balls and strikes.

He'll make out the line up card for the home team.
As for *this* All Star game, three players on the all-time Expos have been declared ineligible, because they all play for the 1969 team, though their all-time cards are for other years. I don't want "twins" running around. And so, 1970 Bob Bailey, 1971 Bill Stoneman, and 1973 Steve Renko will not appear. (Rusty Staub is on the all time Astros, and so will play for the '69 NL stars.) Felipe Alou will dream up strategy and make the genius moves for the all timers. (Yes, Felipe is on my '69 Braves, but came nowhere near making the all star team, and so his older self gets to manage.) 

And now, your 1969 National League replay All Stars! (*denotes starter)

Bench*, cin 10 HR, 40 rbi, .319 avg.
Haller, la 10, 42, .256
Hundley, chi  6, 27, .289

McCovey*, sf  20, 81, .348 
May, cin  20, 79, .282
Oliver, pit  19, 76, .334

Javier*, stl  3, 40, .301
Hunt, sf  0, 34, .273

Santo*, chi  13, 65, .297
Laboy, mon  13, 53, .265   

Menke*, hou  4, 63, .268
Wills, la  4, 38, .273
Kessinger, chi  1, 24, .279

H. Aaron*, atl  30, 76, .333
Rose*, cin  19, 62, .364
Staub*, mon  22, 82, .275
Brock, stl  2, 30, .299
Mota, la  2, 38, .384
W.Davis, la  11, 57, .349
Bonds, sf  16, 52, .291

Gibson*, stl  13-2  1.74
Perry, sf  15-4  1.54
Hands, chi  14-4  1.88
G.Jackson, phi  10-7  3.23
Carlton, stl  12-6  2.27
J.Niekro, sd  8-7  2.50

Upshaw, atl  5-4, 19 saves, 1.51
McGraw, ny  3-7, 18 saves, 2.62

Mgr--Pop Fisher, New York Knights (I never liked Red Schoendienst and saw to it that he was "ill.")
bench coach--Harry Walker, Houston Astros (a blatant sop for reader William!)
Mascot--Zachariah "Zac" McPuddlington (my dog)
sponsor--Breyer's ice cream

And now, the All-Time Montreal Expos!

1994 Moises Alou
1988 Hubie Brooks*
1984 Gary Carter*
1983 Andre Dawson*
1993 Delino DeShields*
1986 Mike Fitzgerald
1997 Darrin Fletcher
1988 Andres Galarraga*
1993 Marquis Grissom
1996 Mike Grudzielanek
1998 Vladimir Guerrero*
1997 Mike Lansing
1979 Larry Parrish
1987 Tim Raines*
1996 Henry Rodriguez
1997 David Segui
1977 Ellis Valentine
1994 Larry Walker
1987 Tim Wallach*

1978 Ross Grimsley
1984 Charlie Lea
1991 Dennis Martinez
1997 Pedro Martinez
1982 Steve Rogers*
1885 Bryn Smith
1987 Tim Burke
1982 Jeff Reardon
1998 Ugueth Urbina

Manager--Felipe Alou
bench coach--Jake Sisko

The day's umpiring crew, including alternates.
Here come Felipe Alou and Pop Fisher out toward home plate for the discussion of the ground rules and the exchange of line-ups. Today's umpiring crew is drawn entirely from Star Trek: Deep Space 9, and features Constable Odo calling balls and strikes, Commander Sisko at first, Dr. Bashir at second, Major Kira Nerys at third, Miles O'Brien down the left field line, and Jadzia Dax down the right field line. Well-known 1969 replay arbiter "Hell" Enkeller was not included on the crew, and it is said that he flew into a blind rage, complaining "I've been left in the dark" and "I don't see how they can have the game without me!" Nonetheless, we've got a fine umpiring crew, and Commander Sisko was able to dock his ship The Defiant at Olympic Stadium's handy Tower.

Now, here is the line-up, for the 1969 National League All Stars!


And for the All-Time Expos:


Play ball!

1st inning--Steve Rogers mows down the NL stars in order, fanning Aaron. The Expos score in their half when Raines leads off with a walk off of Gibson, and after DeShields flies out, Vlad Guerrero mashes a double off the wall, scoring Raines for a 1-0 Expos lead.

2nd inning--Rogers walks McCovey and Bench, but gets Menke to ground out. Gibson gives up a double to Hubie Brooks but strands him and fans 2. 

3rd inning--Pedro Martinez takes over and gives up a single to Javier, but nothing else. Gaylord Perry retires the side in order, fanning DeShields and Galarraga.

4th inning--Pedro walks lead-off man McCovey, but retires the next 3 in order. Perry gives up singles to Dawson and Wallach, but pinch hitter Larry Walker fans to end the inning with no damage.

5th inning--Denis Martinez takes over and turns in a 1-2-3 frame. Bill Hands is nicked for a lead-off single by Raines, who swipes second. DeShields bunts, but the Stars try for Raines at third and everybody's safe. Guerrero flies to Aaron in right, not deep enough even for Raines. Segui does the same. Two out. Moises Alou pops it up to Santo at third, who gloves it for the final out.

6th inning-- Dennis Martinez gives up a 1-out walk to Aaron, but pinch hitter Al Oliver bangs into an inning ending double play. Hands gets the 'Spos in order. Still 1-0.

7th inning--Martinez gives up a 2 out single to Bench, but Menke taps out to first base, Martinez covering. Hands completes 3 scoreless innings with a perfect 7th.

8th inning--Jeff Reardon comes on. The Stars can do nothing. Lefty Carlton disposes of the Expos in order.

9th inning--Tim Burke on for the save attempt. Lee May bounces out, second to first. Rusty Staub gets another ovation from the partisan crowd, but flies to Grissom in center for the second out. Staub goes oh-for-4. It's all up to another crowd favorite, Coco Laboy. Coco bounces it to DeShields, who fires to Segui for the out and the win. 

Stars 0 runs, 3 hits, no errors.
Expos 1 run, 5 hits, no errors.


MVP--Vladimir Guerrero

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stevemryan said...

Who can argue, when for the betterment of the game, you make a Cardinal sick? I say this as I am starting to listen to a book about another Cardinal manager for Three Nights in August.