Saturday, March 4, 2017

Art Shamsky Tortures Old Pals: Monday, August 4th, 1969


SF 3, PHI 2 (10inns)  W-Linzy 6-4 L-Wilson 1-9  S-Bryant(1)

NY 4, CIN 3  W-Koosman 11-9 L-Maloney 13-7  HR-Shamsky(9)

CHI 2, HOU 0  W-Holtzman 10-5 L-LeMaster 12-11

Brought back by a ouija board!
special Sylvia Plath edition
A couple of years ago, the Reds dealt flyhawk Art Shamsky to the lowly Mets in exchange for utility man Robert Johnson, whose contract requires him to be traded every year. Johnson also plays a mean version of "Crossroads Blues," but that has nothing to do with Monday's diamond doings. Upon sight of Crosley Field, Mr. Shamsky puffed up like the Incredible Hulk, smashed a monster tape-measure home run, and drove in 3 of the Mets' 4 tallies to make a winner of Jerry Koosman at the expense of Reds ace Jim Maloney.  The win came at a cost, however, as center fielder and offensive disappointment Tommie Agee tripped on a sprinkler head, suffered a compound fracture of his femur, cracked his skull, broke three ribs and put his eye out; he'll miss the next 3 games. 

"I think I've soiled myself, Rich!"
What we like to call The George Myatt Era commenced at Connie Mack Stadium on Monday with a loss to the Giants. After Bob Skinner had "guided" the team to a distant last place perch in the east, he was stuffed head-first into a waste basket and tossed onto a bus headed out of town. "Bye Bob!" Too bad the Giants spoiled the first game under Myatt, though, as Ron "Call me Anita" Bryant came on for his first save of the season, tumbler of orange juice in hand. 

Go team, go Julio, Go-tay!
And finally, the stunned Spacemen continued their post-.500 slide with their third straight loss, this time to the Cubs and Kenny "They Killed Kenny!" Holtzman. The Astros made three sloppy errors and banged into three double plays, looking more like palsied weaklings than the world beaters they so recently were. The immortal Julio Gotay, subbing for Doug Rader at third, had two of the Houston team's paltry four hits. If "Rooster" Rader had played, they might have had poultry be paltry and...oh, never mind!


William Sagle said...

A Julio Gotay mention and cereal box card of him? This is just too good to be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stevemryan said...

I thought paltry poultry is what cost Terry Francona his job when he lost control in Boston? Maybe we need a history of chicken in the game?