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Day Of The Miracle "D"s : Saturday, August 16th, 1969


LA 5, MON 2 (10inns)  W-Sutton 14-7 L-Face 2-7

SD 6, NY 4  W-Sisk 5-12 L-Gentry 12-8  S-Reberger(12)  HR-Stahl(5) 

PHI 3, HOU 1  W-Fryman 7-12 L-Womack 4-3  HR-Briggs(9)

ATL 9, STL 2  W-Pappas 9-7 L-Briles 10-11  HR-H.Aaron(36) Pappas(2)  Cepeda 4 rbi.

CIN 10, PIT 7  W-Fisher 11-9 L-Moose 2-6  S-Granger(16)  HR-Rose(20)

SF 3, CHI 2  W-McCormick 11-4 L-Aguirre 4-3  HR-Bonds(19) Mays(9)  Mays 1-out walk-off HR.

All right. Who can tell me why God made "D" pitchers? Yes, Timmy? So that someone can get shelled and raise the batting averages? Yes, that's one reason. Any others? Sally? To fill out rosters with punching bags, for lack of anybody better? That's right! But there's one more reason you might not have thought of. What could that be, do you think? Well, God wants to show, through the occasional success of Miracle "D"s, that even rag-armed, no-talent buffoons can sometimes win games and help their teams! 

The Little Papoose went on the war path.
In Atlanta, answer-to-a-trivia-question Milt Pappas shut down the Cardinals and even hit a home run to down the east division leaders and notch his 9th win of the season. Milt was backed by the slugging bat of Orlando Cepeda, who belted a double and a triple and collected 4 rbi's. Cha Cha seems to really have it in for the team that traded him for the disappointing Joe Torre. "I hate them," he opined, sitting in the lotus position. 

Your basic glass-armed, no-chance junk baller.
The Reds' Fat Jack Fisher is his team's #2 winner, with 11, and showed the Pirates how it's done by getting hammered mercilessly but lasting long enough to win because the Reds hitters were even more merciless against the silly Bucco hurlers. Bob "Moose & Squirrel" Moose made his first start since early in the season, and got his head handed to him big time. Pete Rose finally hit his career high 20th homer after nearly a month of trying, and the Cincinnati fans went home happy. 

"It's raining base runners!"
In Philadelphia, the Astros stroked 10 hits and drew 6 walks, but just couldn't push across more than one run--on a sac fly by Curt "Clank" Blefary--against the absurd Woodie Fryman. The Spacemen were the only west team to lose on Saturday, and it was John Briggs who undid them with a late home run. "I'm going to bed and dream of a clean inning!" quoth winner Woodie. 

(singing) " out of the baaaaall game..."
Tommie Sisk, too lame to even make the dreadful Pittsburgh rotation, was shocked to find himself in the win column against the Mets at Shea. Tommie had already been lifted for a pinch hitter after falling woefully behind, but his teammates put together a crazy barrage of bloops, bleeders and buffoonery to take a lead and ultimately put Mr. Sisk in the win column. Like Fat Jack Fisher on the Reds, Tommie is the Padres' #2 winner, with 5, behind only Joe Niekro. 

If your relievers have passed their expiry date, discard them.
In less scintillating non"D" action, the Expos rallied on a pinch hit rbi single by Jose Herrera in the bottom of the 9th to tie the Dodgers at 2, but ancient wreck Roy Face was wheeled out to the mound and immediately surrendered three runs and took the loss. "I am not the answer," he confided as orderlies took him away to receive his medication. 

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Why, Ernie. What's gotten into you?
Finally, Bobby Bonds' two doubles and a two-run shot were overshadowed by Willie Mays's one-out walk-off blast off of the superannuated Hank Aguirre. It hasn't been a good campaign by Willie's usual standards, but he has shown signs of life lately. One Giant not showing any signs of life is Jim "Couch me!" Davenport, who was destroyed by a sliding Ernie Banks, who said forget this nice-guy crap and slid into third with spikes flashing, slicing poor Mr. Davenport to ribbons. Banks was called out by third base ump I. C. Poorlee, for the third out of the inning, quashing a Cubs rally. But Ernie satisfied his bloodlust, and that's what matters most to "Mister Cub"! On a side note, the Giants went 1-6 during April in 1-run games, but have gone 22-8 in the close ones since May 1st. Pretty darn good, and it has kept them just a half game behind the hated Tinseltown nine.

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This was an excellent day, Reds & Braves win while the Cards lose! Well Done!