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His Name Is Tommie, And He Became Aware This Year: Sunday, August 10th, 1969


NY 8, ATL 6  W-Ryan 2-1 L-Upshaw 5-6  S-McGraw(20)  HR-Agee(14)GS Tillman 2(12)  Agee 6 rbi, Tillman 4 rbi.

PHI 7, CIN 1  W-J.Johnson 5-16 L-Culver 8-7  HR-Briggs(8) Ryan(8)GS  Ryan 4 rbi.

MON 8, HOU 3  W-Renko 2-5 L-Wilson 9-11  HR-Herrera(6)

LA 4, CHI 1  W-Singer 15-8 L-Hands 15-7

PIT 10, SD 2  W-Blass 14-5 L-J.Niekro 8-10  HR-Stargell(16)  Stargell 4 rbi.

STL 2, SF 0  W-Carlton 14-6 L-McCormick 10-4

If you want to follow him, you've got to play pinball.
Tommie, can you hear me? Usually not, he usually strikes out, but this time he bashed a grand slam and a crucial two-run single to lead the Mets to victory with 6 ribbies against the now second place Braves. The New York nine had built a 5-0 lead, which they promptly blew on a 3-run shot by Bob "Hi, Bob!" Tillman, giving the Braves a 6-5 lead. But for the second time in three games, Cecil Upshaw upchucked the save and the Mets blew by the teepee dwellers for the win. The season series between these two actual division champs ended 8-4 favor of the Mets, just as it actually did. The victory cost the Mets the services of Don "Cardwell Banker" Cardwell for three weeks, though, as Don sustained painful penalties for early withdrawal.

He hit it over the laundry.
At Crosley Field, the Reds' woes grew exponentially as the lowly Phillies took their third in a row from the Rhinelanders, allowing the Cincy nine just 5 runs total. In an explosion of power from all cast-off Boston Red Sox catchers, Mike Ryan took his cue from Bob Tillman and launched a grand slam. This game was actually scoreless through 6 between mound stalwarts Jerry Johnson (stop laughing!) and George "Jetson" Culver. The Reds broke through with a run in the 7th to take a 1-0 lead into the eighth, but the Quaker nine woke up and plated 7 in the final two frames to rout the Reds. The two teams play again tomorrow, to wrap up their season series.  

Chicks dig light-hitting shortstops. Okay, we don't, but this dizzy witch does!
Hard to believe, now, that the Ass-tros actually won 23 of 27 not very long ago. Since then, they've dropped 7 of 8, and they lost again to expansion Montreal on Sunday, victimized by a homer from former 'Stro Jose Herrera, of all people. The pitching has imploded. However, the Spacemen took cruel delight in seeing old friend John "Call me Justine" Bateman being run over by a riding lawn mower. He's mangled and will miss several games. Bobby "Wine Me Up" Wine is also lost, having gone off on a bender with Faron Young. He is expected to take 5 games to dry out.  

Laugh it up while you can, girls.
In a marquee match-up, Bill Singer outdueled Bill Hands (and yes, in the sun). The win put the Dodgers in first place by half a game over the chagrined Braves and by a game over the Giants. Tinseltown flyhawks "Joan" Crawford, "Bette" Davis and "Jane" Russell all smirked and made catty remarks at the expense of your Impartial Goddess, who hates the El Lay nine more and more as the wins pile up. "Don't make me crash your team plane," I remarked casually, and they gave each other a look and STFU-ed. 

"Who is it?"
Finally, Steve "Carlton Your Doorman" Carlton had two hits and scored both runs as he shut out the Giants 2-zip at Candlestick to salvage the final game of a three game set. The Cards split the season series with SF 6-6. They are now done with SD and SF, and travel to LA next, after which they are done flying out west. They're glad, because their little red wings get so tired. Ha, I've got a million of 'em. *rimshot*
Well....HE thinks I'm funny, so there!

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