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Kill The Ump ! : Tuesday, August 12th, 1969


MON 8, CIN 2  W-Wegener 9-9 L-Nolan 3-5  HR-May(22)ISP Staub(24)

PHI 5, ATL 0  W-Palmer 2-5 L-Jarvis 13-7  HR-Taylor(4) D.Johnson(15)

HOU 8, NY 7  W-Gladding 3-4 L-McGraw 3-9  HR-Agee(15) Wynn(17)  J.Alou walk-off sac fly.

LA 6, STL 2  W-Osteen 12-7 L-Taylor 6-8  HR-Davis(13)  

CHI 6, SD 1  W-Selma 8-12 L-Santorini 4-19  HR-Santo(19) Banks(10) Brown(12)

SF 9, PIT 6  W-Bolin 11-10 L-Veale 13-8  S-Linzy(17)  HR-McCovey(22) Hart(8) Bolin(3) 

As he so often seems to be, umpire "Hell" Enkeller found himself behind the plate and the middle of controversy on Tuesday afternoon. In front of fewer than 5500 frozen fans at Candlestick Park, the Giants jumped all over Bob "Hi, Bob!" Veale for 6 runs in two innings, and held a 7-0 lead after three. But Bob "Bolin For Dollars" Bolin was his usual self. That is to say he coughed up 4 runs to make it 7-4 after four and a half. In the top of the 5th, while the Buccos were plating 3 runs, Richie Hebner got run by Enkeller for questioning a strike call with the sacks jammed. "Oh my, how unfortunate," said the gravedigger Hebner, or something like that. Jerry May grabbed a war club and finished striking out for Hebner. 

He was ready to grab a glove and take the field.
The Pirates made it 7-5 in the 8th, but Roberto Clemente was called out on strikes and went insane, getting thumbed by the beleaguered Mr. Enkeller. "Please donate to my charitable causes," quoth Roberto, as he jumped up and down and threw his helmet into the stands. The Bucs were already banged up coming into the game, and with the exit of Hebner and Clemente, plus numerous pinch hitters having been used, hurler Steve Blass had to come in to patrol right field in the bottom of the 8th. He got to watch Willie McCovey's 2-run shot go into the seats. (Willie has just 22 HR's, way under his expected pace.) Leading 9-5, Frank Linzy toed the slab in the 9th and started things off by sneaking a called third strike past Willie Stargell, who slammed down his bat, got in Enkeller's face and screamed, "We are family!" before being thumbed and giving Enkeller the old family look as he slowly departed the field of battle. Still, the Buccos fought on, and plated a run to make it 9-6 and had the bases loaded with two out and former Giant Matty Alou at the plate. Matty had already collected 3 hits, including a pair of two-baggers, and your Most Serene Goddess was talking to his card, begging him not to tie the game, cos there were no more players to put in. Matty obliged by hitting a fly to center for the final out. I am pretty sure I have never had 3 players on the same team thrown out for arguing balls and strikes, ever. 

He stole those glasses from "Hell" Enkeller.
At Atlanta, the Phils' Lulu Palmer astounded the universe by shutting out the Braves 5-0! The Quakers have now won 4 of 5, making George Myatt look like a freakin' genius. 

At Montreal, Lee May's inside the park homer couldn't save the sinking Reds, but it did give the Rhinelanders 3 of the 5 inside the parkers on the season. The five: Deron Johnson, Alex Johnson, Ted Savage, Dal Maxvill and Lee May. 

The Cubbies turned in a workman-like win over the Pods to move within 2 and a half games of the Cardinals, who have stopped hitting again and fell to the hated Dodgers. 

Kids mob Jesus after his winning sac fly.
Finally, the Mets staged a furious rally to take a 7-4 lead into the bottom of the 8th against Houston, with the storied Mr. McGraw on the mound to try to close it out, but he gave up a run in the 8th, and 3 in the bottom of the 9th to blow the save! Julio Gotay contributed a 2-run pinch double, and Jesus Alou lofted the winning sac fly to undo the Metropolitans, who have been playing some very crazy high-scoring see-saw games lately. Tom Seaver faces Larry Dierker tomorrow, and opines that he is "f*cking sick" of matching up with the other team's ace all the time.

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