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Reds Rise Up And Smite 'Spos : Wednesday & Thursday, August 13th & 14th, 1969


CIN 10, MON 3  W-Merritt 8-13 L-Jaster 7-10  HR-Tolan(10) May(23) Fairly(8)  Tolan 6 rbi.

ATL 8, PHI 2  W-P.Niekro 14-9 L-Wise 9-10  HR-Allen(25) Gonzales(5) Francona(5) Carty(19)

HOU 1, NY 0 (10inns)  W-Dierker 13-10 L-McGraw 3-10  Dierker 2-hitter, Martinez GW single.

STL 6, LA 2  W-Gibson 16-4 L-Moeller 11-7

CHI 4, SD 1 (15inns)  W-Aguirre 4-2 L-Kelley 4-3  S-Abernathy(1)  HR-Kelly(2)

SF 8, PIT 0  W-Marichal 14-9 L-Ellis 7-12  HR-Mays(8) McCovey(23) 


CIN 11, MON 4  W-Maloney 14-8 L-Stoneman 4-12  HR-Stewart(5)GS Laboy(17) 

ATL 3, PHI 2  W-Stone 8-8 L-Jackson 12-9  S-Upshaw(23)  HR-Cepeda(16) Aspromonte(2)ph

"Kid, forget about f*ckin' bunts and sh*t. Hit it out!"
The Reds, tired of floundering around and having sand kicked in their faces, exploded against the Expos, drubbing them 10-3 and 11-4. On Wednesday, Bobby Tolan collected six steaks and the next day Jimmy Stewart, filling in for a day for Pete Rose, cranked a grand slam to power the Ohioans. "Well Harvey, how'd ya like my home run, huh?" opined Mr. Stewart to his invisible six-foot rabbit. As for the Expos, with Jerry Robertson out, they are reduced to an all "D" rotation, with two Dw's, including Bill "One Toke Over The Line" Stoneman, who lasted just an inning and a third. Nevertheless, the 'Spos need only go 2-40 the rest of the way to exceed their actual win total of 52. (I always wondered why the '69 Expos weren't at least better than the Padres. In my replay, they are.)

Marty wants Ernest Borgnine to portray him in his upcoming (?) bio-flick.
Larry Dierker and Tom Seaver hooked up in a scoreless duel at the Astrodome that went into extras before Tug McGraw once again came on to blow the game, but at least he got one guy out this time. That lone out aside, the immortal Marty Martinez stroked a walk-off single that scored Joe Morgan from second base. Tom Seaver, for his part, now realizes that even tossing a shutout isn't good enough for a win. 

An interesting fossil.
The Braves dusted the last-place Phillies twice, taking the season series by a 10-2 count. Tito Francona, giving Orlando Cepeda a breather at first base, launched a round tripper, one of three for the Braves on Wednesday, and a refreshed Cha Cha unloaded one on Thursday. Cecil Upshaw, the victim of two blown saves against the Mets recently, managed to get the save this time, despite allowing a run. Reader William sat in the stands heckling him for it, though. 

Juan Marichal is totally cray-cray of late, winning 8 straight decisions and pitching near-perfect baseball. The Pirates could offer nothing against him as he garnered his 6th shutout of the season. 

He hopes that bitch Kimberly won't come to his sweet sixteen party, even though his mom made him invite her.
Bob Gibson, in possession of only a single victory as late as May 11th, has forged into the league lead in wins with 16! He stopped the Dodgers, though it cost the Redbirds the services of Mike Shannon, who went back to Ireland to drink heavily. Phil "Gag me with a spoon" Gagliano takes over the hot corner chores next game.  

Gomez can't keep his mind on the game.
Finally, Van Kelly (who?) jumped out of his hospital bed, threw away his crutches, and blasted a first inning home run for the Friars off of Fergie Jenkins for a 1-0 San Diego lead. It was all they would get. The Cubs tied it later on with doubles by Randy Hundley and Willie Smith. On and on the game went until lefty Dick Kelley--with a second "e"--came on to cough up 3 runs and take the dismal defeat. 14 innings of offensive futility left Pods skipper Gomez foaming at the mouth. "Do you like it, cara mia?" he inquired. After the 2nd inning, the pipsqueak Padres managed only 2 hits!  The Holy Men dropped 10 of 12 for the season against the baby bears, a one game improvement over actual. !!!

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