Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Sisk-sational Pods Victory : Thursday, August 21st, 1969


ATL 7, CHI 4  W-Pappas 10-7 L-Holtzman 10-6  S-Upshaw(24)  HR-H.Aaron(37) Cepeda(17)

SD 4, MON 3  W-Sisk 6-12 L-McGinn 7-4  S-Reberger(13)  Sisk 4 rbi, Herrera 5-for-5.

NY 6, SF 0  W-Gentry 13-8 L-McCormick 11-5  HR-Jones(7)  Jones 5 rbi.

LA 11, PHI 1  W-Sutton 15-7 L-J.Johnson 5-18  HR-Allen(27)

STL 2, CIN 0  W-Briles 11-11 L-Fisher 11-10  Briles 2-hitter.

He's in a quiet vibration land.
Tommie Sisk, the Pods' very own deaf dumb and blind boy, did it all on Thursday! Not only did he take the "W" for the second straight start and draw to within one of team leader Joe Niekro, but he had a an rbi single and a 3-run triple for all 4 rbi as the Friars downed their expansion cousins 4-3 at Parc Jarry.  And if all that isn't enough to give your heart palpitations, it was the Holy Men's second win in a row, and now they head to Philadelphia for a Clash of the Titans.

Your Impartial Goddess has about had it with L.A.
When I was nearing the end of my '67 AL replay and trying to decide what to play next, I liked a lot of things about '69 NL (obviously), and one of the teams that drew me was the Phillies, who had a lot of my old favorites in their line-up. Imagine, if you will, how bitterly disappointed I am in them now, especially after they dropped all 3 at home to the despised Dodgers. Your Most Serene Goddess even visited them in their clubhouse, deep in the bowels of crumbling Connie Mack Stadium before Thursday's contest, to implore them to put on their hitting shoes. Skipper George Myatt had a huge decision to make: Johnson or Fryman for the start? He chose Johnson, who immediately gave up a 5-spot in the top of the fist inning as your Imperturbable Goddess flipped her program into the aisle in disgust. Rich Allen did pop a homer in the bottom of that frame, but it didn't prevent yet another Dodger victory. "Next time I'm bringing my elephant gun," muttered your Impartial Goddess on her way out.

Cleon Jones hoisted the Mets on his back and Gary Gentry did the rest as the New York nine downed San Francisco 6-0 with Jones knocking in 5 of the 6. The Metropolitans now move to within three of the second place Cubs.

Beanie & Cecil don the high fash shades.
The Cubs, for their part, fell behind the Braves at Wrigley 7-1, then tried to claw their way back but the hole was too deep. Miracle "D" Milt "Uncle Miltie" Pappas garnered his 10th win with help from super relief ace Cecil Upshaw, who kept asking, "Where is Beanie?" 

NOT Joe Torre.
That high-steppin' Nellie Briles stopped the visiting Reds on just two hits, harmless two-out singles in each of the first two innings. Cards' first sacker Joe Torre, finally deciding to actually do something, drove in both runs to go along with the 4 he knocked in on Wednesday. However, he *was* cut down on the base paths, making Joe a dismal 0-for-3 in steals on the season, effectively ending his bid to displace Lou Brock as the St. Louis lead-off man.  

Finally, the Astros and Pirates didn't even take the field on Thursday, both teams citing "ennui" as the reason for their pervading sense of indifference and malaise. Jean Paul Sartre was called in to speak to both squads before Friday's upcoming action.
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