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Giants Demolish Astros 23-0 : Saturday, September 6th, 1969


CHI 4, PIT 1  W-Holtzman 11-7 L-Moose 3-7  S-Regan(16)  HR-Hickman(21)

NY 6, PHI 3  W-Gentry 15-9 L-Fryman 8-14  S-McGraw(22)  HR-Johnson(16)

STL 4, MON 0  W-Carlton 19-6 L-Renko 2-8  HR-Javier(10)

ATL 7, CIN 4  W-Jarvis 15-9 L-Fisher 11-11  S-Upshaw(26)  HR-Cepeda(20)

SF 23, HOU 0  W-McCormick 13-5 L-LeMaster 14-14  HR-Bonds(21)  Bonds and Lanier 5 rbi each, Burda 4 runs, McCormick 2-hitter. Astros issue 14 walks.

LA 6, SD 0  W-Osteen 16-8 L-Santorini 5-22

Bobby hit a three-run bomb late, just to run up the score.
Incensed at having been beaten by the preposterous Spacemen on Friday, the Giants made it look like the men against the boys on Saturday, destroying the Houston club by a whopping score of 23-0. So thorough was this lambasting that lefty hurler Mike McCormick had a no-hitter going into the 8th inning before surrendering a 1-out safety to John "Johnny Angel" Edwards. The Giants poured 17 runs across the plate in the final two innings off of absurd Houston relievers Wade "In The Water" Blasingame and Skip Guinn, the latter of whom's e.r.a. ballooned north of twelve. Astro skipper Harry Walker was on the point of sending utility man Marty Martinez to the hill when he realized that, if he did, he'd have no one to play third, and so Guinn was left in to be shelled further. (Martinez actually did pitch one frame that year and is rated D.) The Giants collected 19 hits, 14 bases on balls, a hit batsman and were safe on errors 3 times. And they did all this with Willie McCovey going hitless, though he did walk. Even silly Hal Lanier knocked in five. It was ugly, fans.

He pretty much sucks lately.
The Braves continue to watch Cecil Upshaw struggle after having been almost unhittable through the season's first half. On Saturday he did notch his 26th save, but let the Reds load the bases before he finally got them out. Pat Jarvis is now the staff leader in wins with 15. "I'm like a god," he opined modestly. 

Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre cheered wildly at Deron's tater.
The Mets ran up a healthy 6-0 lead over the Phillies behind the slants of Gary Gentry before ice-cold, slump-encrusted laughingstock Deron Johnson stepped up and swatted a meaningless three run jack. "All action and endeavor are meaningless in a hostile or indifferent universe," quoth D.J., who nonetheless showboated his way around the bases. 

Al "Losing Pitcher" Santorini
And finally, the Pods barely even went through the motions against the Dodgers, losing 6-0 behind Al "Losing Pitcher" Santorini, who had control problems early but righted the ship and hung around through the 8th. "I know my candy-assed two-bit scrap heap teammates are out there trying to support me in every start, but they really suck and should all be shot," said Santorini, smiling benignly.
The Pods vow to take the final game of their four game set with L.A. tomorrow. We'll see.

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