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Stupid Dumb-Butt Dodgers Back In 1st : Saturday, August 30th, 1969


ATL 9, CHI 0  W-Pappas 11-7 L-Holtzman 10-7  HR-Cepeda 2(19)  Cepeda 4 rbi.

STL 4, CIN 2  W-Carlton 18-6 L-Nolan 3-8

PIT 4, HOU 0  W-Moose 3-6 L-Ray 6-3  HR-Stargell(22) May(5)

LA 8, PHI 1  W-Singer 19-8 L-J.Johnson 5-19  HR-Sudakis(7)

SD 4, MON 1  W-Roberts 4-12 L-Renko 2-7  S-Reberger(15)

NY 6, SF 2  W-Ryan 3-1 L-Sadecki 6-8  HR-Clendenon(20)GS 

And that's the abridged edition.
Well how about that. The Dodgers steamrollered over the pathetic Phillies, stringing singles and doubles together early to build an annoyingly comfortable lead and then making me roll the whole the rest of the game just for "fun." Now, look at the west standings! Dodgers in first! Puke puke puke puke. Your Impartial Goddess is not pleased.

"You mean to tell me I was supposed to keep hitting?"
Meanwhile in San Francisco, the Mets rode a 5th inning grand slam by Donn Clendenon to victory over the Giants, dropping the Jints a half game back of the irritating Dodgers. For their part, the Mets drew to within just half a game of the second place Cubs, and for his part, Clendenon hit just his 4th homer as a Met, after slugging 16 for the Expos. Nolan Ryan pitched into the 6th inning, fanning 10 and walking 5. 

"Why did we beat the Expos? Because they were there!"
In a mighty clash of infant expansion teams, the Padres drubbed the Expos for the second day in a row, and in fact, beat their expansion cousins for the fourth straight time. With the win, the Pods smash the 40-win plateau! "Where are my ice ax and crampons?" demanded high-climbing Friar skipper Gomez after the game. 

"Something here stinks. Oh! Of course. It's Ken Johnson!"
The Cardinals, also known as the Walking Dead, won anyway behind Lou Brock's three-run double and the pitching of Steve "Carlton Your Doorman" Carlton. This sent the second place Cubbies spiraling 5 and a half games out, after dropping a 9-0 decision at Atlanta. Braves' first sacker Orlando Cepeda failed to come through three straight times with men on base, but in at-bats 4 and 5, he hit 2-run blasts both times. Recently acquired punching bag Ken Johnson has seen plenty of action for Chicago, eating innings and being blown up by opposing hitters. 

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stevemryan said...

Two things: Donn Clendenon looks like an emaciated Doc Gooden & That must be the abridged version of the reasons to hate the Dodgers and it is thinner than the Reasons I Hate the Cardinals. Just sayin'!