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Aspro Walk-Off, A Triple Play, & A Look Ahead : Sunday, September 14th, 1969


PHI 6, MON 2  W-J. Johnson 6-20 L-Raymond 3-3  S-Wilson(13)  HR-Allen(31)

PIT 4, NY 2  W-Marone 3-0 L-Cardwell 6-9  S-Gibbon(14)

CHI 7, STL 0  W-Nye 7-7 L-Washburn 9-15  HR-Banks(13)

ATL 5, HOU 4 (12inns)  W-Doyle 6-4 L-Gladding 4-6  HR-Menke(7)  Aspromonte 1-out walk-off single in 12th.

LA 3, SD 0  W-Singer 21-8 L-Roberts 5-14

SF 4, CIN 1  W-Perry 19-8 L-Maloney 18-10  HR-Helms(2) McCovey(29) Davenport(2)  Reds turn triple play.

93 games left.

Accountant Man says, "It's far from over!"
Bill "The Singer Throwing Machine" Singer mowed down the overmatched Padres on Sunday, collecting his 7th whitewash and keeping the Dodgers two and a half up in the west. However, the Dodgers are now done with the Pods for the season--winning 13 of 18--and can't get fat off their little helpless expansion selves anymore. In fact, the Dodgers play 12 of their remaining 17 games against San Francisco and Cincinnati, so don't fit them for the west crown just yet! 

"Watch me kill this rally!"
At Candlestick Park, Gaylord Perry outdueled Jim Maloney in a battle of 18-game winners. Little Tommy Helms gave the Reds a 1-0 lead with his unlikely second home run off of Perry, and then the Giants tied it up and here's how: Maloney was sailing along, but canny skipper Dave Bristol saw something and hurried out to the mound to check on his ace. It may have been a blister, or a wart, or the heartbreak of psoriasis, but Maloney insisted there was no way he was coming out of such an important game. On the very next delivery, light-hitting third sacker Jim "Couch Me!" Davenport poled a homer to tie the score. Dick Dietz followed with a double, and scored the go-ahead tally on a single by Hal Lanier. (Believe it or not, Lanier leads the Giants in rbi's in September with 12!) Whatever was wrong with Maloney had cost him, but he righted the ship after that. Finally, in the 8th, Willie McCovey swatted a two-run bomb and that was it. I would be remiss if I did not mention the triple play that Cincinnati pulled off to end the post-blister rally. With two already in, the Giants had loaded the bases with nobody out for Ken Henderson. Ken was in there replacing Bobby Bonds, who had commented too vociferously on a strike call by plate umpire "Hell" Enkeller in the first inning and been thumbed. Henderson lined into a triple play, the second by the Reds this season. The other came at the expense of the Dodgers back in April. The only other triple play in the league this year was by the Giants against Pittsburgh in May. A final note: the Giants play the woeful last-place Friars 6 times down the stretch. 

Bob's a hater.
Finally, at Atlanta, old pal Bob Aspromonte once again punished his former mates with a walk-off single to sink the Astros. Bob has picked on them several times this year, and isn't sorry. "To hell with them, they traded me!" In other news, the Pirates swept the Mets, who lost Don "Cardwell Banker" Cardwell for the year. He'll be replaced with raw kid Nolan Ryan. And the Cubs finally beat the Cardinals, as if it matters anymore, with spot starter Rich Nye ("The Science Guy") blanking the birdies 7-0. Had the Cubs won either of the first two games of the series, Jenkins would have started on Sunday, but with the season a smoking ruin, Leo Durocher went with Nye and he came through.
"I provided the meaningless win for my team!"

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