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Cardinals Take The East : Tuesday, September 23rd, 1969


CHI 5, MON 2  W-Hands 19-12 L-Jaster 10-14  HR-Kessinger(2) Hickman(22) 

STL 8, NY 2  W-Giusti 5-4 L-McAndrew 10-15  S-Hoerner(16)  HR-Brock(9) Shannon 2(9)  Shannon 4 rbi, Cardinals clinch east division.

PHI 6, PIT 0  W-Wise 12-15 L-Blass 15-9  HR-Hisle(11) Ryan(11)

LA 10, CIN 1  W-Sutton 19-10 L-Nolan 5-10

ATL 3, HOU 2  W-Stone 12-10 L-Griffin 10-13  S-Upshaw(28)

SF 8, SD 5  W-Bolin 16-10 L-Kelley 5-4  S-Linzy(19)

9 days and 40 games to go.

Redbirds rule the roost.
It's over in the east, where the St. Louis Cardinals are the east champs for the first season of divisional play. After starting 20-4, the Cards were caught briefly in July by the Cubs, then reclaimed the lead before month's end and never looked back, finishing strong. The clinching game was an 8-2 slaughter of the Mets at Shea (appropriately enough, given that the "Miracle Mets" were the actual winners.) The first two Cardinal hitters, Brock and Shannon, hit home runs off of Met starter Jim McAndrew and St. Louis took off from there. Now the scrubs will see some action, both to rest the regulars for the NLCS, and to avoid injuries. Everything is happiness in the bird nest!

Wrong move, Dave.
At Crosley Field, Reds field commander Dave Bristol had to decide between starting Jim Merritt on 3 days rest, and pitching Fat Jack Fisher on Wednesday, or sending sore-armed kid Gary Nolan out there today and Merritt on Wednesday. Bristol went with Nolan and it all blew up in his face as the Dodgers feasted on his lollipop deliveries and stomped the Reds virtually out of the race with a resounding 10-1 decision. The best the Rhinelanders can hope for now is a tie, and with three teams ahead of them, that is the longest of longshots. Still, they have beaten the Tinseltown nine 11 times and hope to at least throw a monkey wrench into their spokes when they send their powerful, mostly right-handed line-up out there tomorrow against Dodger lefty Claude Osteen. 

Tom shows off his sunburst-themed funeral shroud.
Atlanta continued their mastery over the hapless Spacemen, beating them for the 16th time in 17 tries, 3-2. It was the Astros' 12th straight loss, as they free fall to the end of the schedule, which, for them, cannot arrive soon enough. It arrived today for hurler Tom Griffin, who got up out of his hospital bed, made the start, got injured for the rest of the season, took the loss, and was given a Christian burial out behind third base.  

"Just another 8-5 win for me!" squeed a jubilant Mr. Bolin.
At San Diego, Clyde King had a similar decision to make to the one Dave Bristol faced, whether to start Perry or Bolin. He chose Bolin and it worked out, but not without a scare. The Pods jumped out 3-0 before they started playing kickball. 4 Padre errors led to 4 gift runs and an 8-5 triumph for the Giants, who remain one game back and send Perry to the mound tomorrow against the Friars. "We pray that he forgot to pack his Vaseline," opined the prayerful Pods.

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