Saturday, June 24, 2017

Dodgers Lose, Giants Take West : Wednesday, October 1st, 1969


NY 2, CHI 0  W-Seaver 16-13 L-Jenkins 16-11  S-McGraw(26)  

PIT 10, MON 1  W-Veale 20-10 L-Robertson 12-16

STL 4, PHI 3  W-Washburn 11-15 L-Palmer 3-9  S-Hoerner(18)  HR-Hisle(12)

HOU 6, LA 0  W-Dierker 16-14 L-Singer 22-11  HR-Menke(9) Wynn(23)  Dodger loss gives SF the west crown.

SD 6, SF 0  W-J.Niekro 10-16 L-Bolin 16-11  HR-Ferrara(8)  J.Niekro 1-hitter.

1 day and 6 games to go.

The Tinseltown nine went down in flames.
Bill "The Singer Throwing Machine" was unbeatable from mid-July through mid-September, but he lost his last 3 decisions as the Tinseltown nine fell in the ratings and were eliminated on Wednesday. Singer actually pitched extremely well in the first two losses, but this time the Astros' Larry Dierker totally out-pitched him and the pesky Spacemen had the pleasure of sending the Dodgers to a watery grave. "We messed with the plumbing," explained 'Stros skipper Harry Walker. 

They were so primitive!
In San Francisco, the Giants fielded a line-up of reserves, as they prepare to meet the Cardinals in the first-ever NLCS. Joe Niekro had no trouble with them at all, allowing only a 2-out third inning single to mound rival Bob "Bolin For Dollars" Bolin, who absorbed the defeat despite his hitting heroics. Strangely, the Dodgers' night game ended before the Giants' afternoon game began, but I have followed the schedule left-to-right all season and kept the practice up. "Los Angeles" comes alphabetically before "San Francisco", so the Dodgers played first in this topsy turvy way out wacky world of 1969 NL. The weirdness of finishing the season on a Thursday, and with a slew of night games, was NOT my idea. They were so primitive then, poor things. They hadn't yet figured out how to squish in the new playoffs. 

And yadda yadda. Other teams played, no one cares, everyone except the Giants and Cardinals just wants to go home. 
She just wants to come home.

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Joe Rocchino said...

It seems like the last few weeks of the season went fast. The NL West was a great race. Looking forward to the NLCS!