Friday, June 2, 2017

Lefty Wins 20th, 'Stros Sweep Dodgers : Thursday, September 11th, 1969


NY 9, MON 1  W-Gentry 16-9 L-Renko 2-9  HR-Swoboda(7)

CHI 6, PHI 3  W-Holtzman 12-7 L-Fryman 8-15  S-Regan(18)  HR-Hisle(10)

STL 6, PIT 1  W-Carlton 20-6 L-Moose 3-8

SF 3, ATL 1  W-Bolin 15-10 L-Jarvis 15-10  HR-H.Aaron(41)

CIN 10, SD 7  W-Ramos 7-1 L-Reberger 6-12  HR-Ferrara(7) Perez(24) Bench(15)  Perez 4 runs, Bench 2-out 3-run walk-off HR.

HOU 3, LA 0  W-LeMaster 15-14 L-Osteen 16-9  

They don't have much of it, but earned some back with the sweep!
Wait! Don't have your people call my people to do lunch at the sushi bar just yet. The Dodgers went into Houston and promptly got shut down, 2-1 and 3-0, shoving a stick into their spokes. As your Impartial Goddess bounced in her seat cheering wildly for the Spacemen, Denver LeMaster stopped the Tinseltown nine on just four hits.  Normal Norm Miller was lost in the process, when a catwalk fell on his head. He'll miss 5 games.  

At Pittsburgh, Steve "Carlton Your Doorman" Carlton called up his 20th win of the season, against just 6 losses. Lefty has lost just once since the end of June, and not at all since the end of July. He mowed down the Pirates with ease. Now the Cardinals head home to await the second place Cubs. They'll play three, and the Cubbies are a nifty 9-3 against the Redbirds on the season.  Only a Cubs sweep would really make a race of it in the east. We'll see.

The worst 15-game winner in the western world.
Bob "Bolin For Dollars" Bolin has made a mockery of your Most Refined Goddess ever since I threatened to take him out of the rotation several weeks ago. He wins wins wins, despite not usually pitching worth beans. He did pitch well against the Braves on Thursday, though, allowing only a first inning solo shot off the war club of Henry Aaron. The Giants move to within 2 and a half of the top spot with the win. As for the Braves, they fall to fourth.

Sure, and it's Pedro with some Lucky Charms for ye.
Finally, the storied Friars lit up Fat Jack Fisher to take a 7-3 lead at Crosley, but for the second straight day, they blew a 4-run advantage to the Reds. Al "Losing Pitcher" Santorini did escape the loss, handing that honor over to Frank "Double" Reberger, who served up a 2-out, 3-run moon shot to one John Bench for the Reds walk-off win. The setback was the 100th of the season for the ridiculous Holy Men, who would have to go 9-10 the rest of the way in order to match their actual--and pathetic--actual log of 52-110. The smart dope is that they'll never make it. They get to start trying at home for three against the Dodgers, who will be ever so happy to see them. As for the Reds, Pedro Ramos has been their lucky charm out of the bullpen, going a cool 7-0 since being acquired during the Pittsburgh bullpen fire sale. Dave Bristol keeps putting him in there when the team is down, but close, and he keeps reeling in the wins. Dave's got the moves! He'll likely manage in Cincinnati for years to come! Right? Uh...
"Sparky? Sparky who?"


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