Saturday, June 10, 2017

Marichal Moves Giants To Within One : Wednesday, September 17th


CHI 10, PHI 3  W-Hands 18-12 L-Palmer 3-7  S-Regan(20)  HR-Callison(18) Williams(19)ISP Santo(22) Hundley(10)  Santo 4 rbi.

NY 12, MON 4  W-Seaver 13-13 L-Wegener 9-14  HR-Boswell(7) Shamsky 2(15) Bailey(13)  Shamsky 5 rbi.

PIT 3, STL 2  W-Veale 19-9 L-Briles 13-13  S-Gibbon(15)  HR-Brock(8)

ATL 5, LA 0  W-Stone 11-10 L-Bunning 11-11  HR-Cepeda(21)  

CIN 13, SD 3  W-Nolan 5-9 L-Sisk 7-15  HR-Tolan(17) May(29)  Tolan 5 rbi.

SF 2, HOU 1  W-Marichal 17-11 L-Wilson 10-14  Wilson 10 K's.

Step aside, Hack Wilson!
In San Francisco, big-time run producer Hal Lanier drove home both tallies as the Giants nipped the bumbling Astros 2-1 to move within a game of first place. Hal now has a team-leading 15 rbi in September, and a career high 49 for the season. Meanwhile, Juan Marichal mowed down the Spacemen, who skillfully made three errors leading to an unearned run that cost them a chance to win. Errors have been Houston's buggaboo all season. But, forget that. The Giants are now only one game back!

The players' parking lot at Dodger Stadium.
At Los Angeles, the Dodgers looked like a mere shell of themselves as they took the field Wednesday without Willie Davis or Wes Parker, hobbled with injuries. Doctor McCoy! Len Gabrielson, the Dodgers' left-handed pinch hitting specialist, had to start at first base, but he wasn't there for long before being smashed in the face with a George Stone fastball while batting. Len was taken away in an ambulance to have his schnozzola re-attached, and was replaced by a bewildered Jim Lefebvre. In any event, the Tinseltown nine appeared lost and befuddled, managing only a few singles, and none after the 4th inning as the Braves gleefully shut them out. Atlanta still believes they can make a run, especially with the once-haughty Dodgers limping along like they are, and with 6 contests left against weakling San Diego. It could be a very wild finish in the west!

Bobby Tolan, the NL Player of the Month for August, has already knocked in 20 runs in September! The Reds rolled over the silly Friars, knocking Tommie Sisk out of the game, and probably out of the rotation. Tolan drove in 5. The whole team is healthy, and everyone is hitting except for Tony Perez, who went 0-for-5 and grounded into two DP's. Sore-winged Gary Nolan went all nine for the victory.

Bob Bailey considers his options.
Art Shamsky went insane north of the border, cranking a pair of bombs and knocking in 5 as the Mets drubbed the Expos. Bob Bailey, your old Savings & Loan pal, hit a homer for the home team,  but for some reason jumped off of a bridge later on and will be lost until the very last day of the season. With Ron Fairly already lying dead, this leaves career reserve Ty Cline to man first base for virtually the rest of the season. (Rusty Staub is not rated at first base for 1969, though he did finish out this game there.)

Her money is on the Redbirds.
"It's too late bay-bee nowww, it's too late...." Thanks, Carol. Indeed, even though the Cardinals have stopped hitting, and lost on Wednesday to a desperate Pittsburgh club, nobody is going to catch them. Not the Pirates, who don't have enough pitching, and not the Cubs, even though they *finally* located their power bats with three round trippers against the Phillies. A bitter Leo Durocher groused, "They're a tainted club, I just can't stand the way they tease!" In cellar news, the Phillies dropped their 100th game of the year, establishing them incontrovertibly as a truly terrible team. Who knew that pitching, fielding, and sequential offense mattered?!? 

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