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Marichal Outduels Singer As Giants Take Over First : Friday, September 26th, 1969


STL 5, MON 4  W-Gibson 18-6 L-Robertson 12-15  S-Grant(1)  

NY 7, PHI 0  W-Seaver 15-13 L-J.Johnson 6-22  HR-Jones(10) Agee(17)  Seaver 2-hitter.

PIT 3, CHI 2 (10inns)  W-Dal Canton 10-6 L-Regan 6-7  M.Alou 2-out 2-run walk-off triple.

ATL 4, SD 3  W-Jarvis 17-10 L-J.Niekro 9-16  HR-Stahl(11) Cepeda(23)  Cepeda 2-out walk-off single.

HOU 4, CIN 0  W-Dierker 15-14 L-Fisher 11-12

SF 2, LA 1  W-Marichal 18-12 L-Singer 22-10  HR-Kosco(17)  

6 days and 27 games to go.

"I'm just not good enough!" moaned Bill, dissolving into tears.
Poor Bill Singer. His last start, he held on to a 1-0 lead against the Reds into the bottom of the ninth, then got the first two batters in order before a bloop and a blast made a loser of him. Then on Friday night, he allowed only one lousy hit--a single to his mound rival Marichal--and lost 2-1 anyway. Here's what happened: in the first game of a pressure-packed 3-game series, the Giants scored first in the top of the third when Singer himself fumbled a tap back to the mound, putting a runner on. Marichal got his single, sending Lanier to third, and Bonds lofted a sac fly for an unearned run and a 1-0 S.F. advantage. Andy "The Human Bulk Store" Kosco evened it up again with a solo blast off of Marichal in the 4th. Finally, in the top of the 6th, Bonds walked and stole second--his 60th steal of the season--and came home on a boot by error-prone rookie Ted Sizemore. 2-1 Giants, and that's how it stayed to put the Jints in first by a game with 5 to play. However, the Giants lost the services of Willie Mays for the rest of the regular season. Kid flyhawk Ken Henderson will try to fill those big shoes. It was a down year for Willie, at 13,77 and .259 with 81 runs scored, but he is still a vital cog in the Giants offense, and the pitchers appreciate him in center field chasing down balls in his wheelchair on his way to the day room to watch "Perry Mason." See ya in the NLCS, Willie, if the Giants can hang on.

"I can't straighten up!"
In other games...oh phooey, WHAT other games? I will report that the fragile Cardinals "B" team suffered another loss, as reserve shortstop Huntz--I don't even remember his first name--turned out to be made of glass. He takes his sub-.200 average, one homer, and his broken dreams and retires to Bedlam forever. 

Note: I won't be doing this blog daily for the upcoming 1956 NL replay, although I will post a monthly update. It requires a fair amount of time and effort to put together, but the sound of crickets is deafening. It will join my old satire blog Objets D'art on the Scrap Heap Of Time.
Elegance just isn't properly appreciated, is it Babs?

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