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Reds Clobber Dodgers Twice : Tuesday, September 16th, 1969


CHI 6, MON 5  W-Aguirre 7-3 L-Waslewski 4-2  S-Regan(19)  HR-Banks(14) Staub(29) Laboy(19) 

PIT 9, PHI 3  W-Moose 4-8 L-Fryman 8-16  HR-Stargell(25) Allen(32)ISP Callison(17)

NY 3, STL 2  W-Gentry 17-9 L-Carlton 20-7  S-McGraw(23)  

CIN 4, LA 3 (10inns)  W-Granger 10-5 L-Brewer 4-5  HR-Kosco(15)

CIN 10, LA 4  W-Ramos 8-1 L-Moeller 11-10  May 4 rbi.

SD 3, HOU 2 (10inns)  W-Santorini 6-22 L-Gladding 4-7  Brown walk-off single, Santorini 13 K's.

ATL 7, SF 1 (15inns)  W-Upshaw 7-8 L-Herbel 5-3  HR-Gonzales(7)

80 games left.

Your Impartial Goddess weeps at the Dodgers' misfortunes.
Stung by their drubbing the day before, the Cincinnati club went out and took a pair from the Dodgers on Tuesday. After taking a squeaker in the opener, they out-slugged the Tinseltown nine in the nightcap. Both starters--Culver and Moeller--were gone by the third inning, with Moeller being banished to the bullpen for the duration of the season. This meant awakening Don Drysdale and telling him he might actually still pitch some! In any case, Reds lucky charm Pedro Ramos ran his record with Cincy to 8-0 after an exhausting 2/3 of an inning of work. But wait! There's more! Your Impartial Goddess got Dodger star Willie Davis squarely in the sights of her elephant gun and fired, shelving Willie for 10 of the Dodgers' remaining 14 games. Taken together with Wes Parker's injury, this really hobbles the Tinseltowners at a crucial time! Has their absurd luck finally run out? We'll see.

The igniter! Whee!
With the chance to really gain on their rivals, the Giants went out and immediately played another 15-inning snoozer against the Braves (what are the odds?!). Once again, S.F. jumped out early, only to see the Braves tie it at one, late. Gil Garrido, of all people, stroked a double, was sacrificed to third, was run for by Sonny Jackson, who came home on a Felix Millan sac fly. There it stayed until the top of the 15th, when Ron "Herbal Essence" Herbel toed the slab and got rocked, with the big blow being a 3-run bomb off the bat of Tony Gonzales. However, it was a Bobby Bonds error that had opened the floodgates to begin with. "I was busy trying to keep my kid off drugs," he explained. Still, the Giants crept within 2 of the top. Final note: Braves backstop Bob Tillman suddenly sickened and died behind the plate, but vows to return on the season's last day. You drama queen, Bob! 

"Do not mock me, woman!" Okay, Al honey, whatever you say. *snicker*
Al "Losing Pitcher" Santorini, sick of being mocked in this space, fanned a whopping 13 Astros, pitched all 10 innings, and won his 6th game, 3-2 in front of a couple of dozen faithful fans in San Diego. It wasn't Al's top strikeout performance; he fanned 14 in a game earlier in the season. The loss secured a losing season for Houston, who had harbored dreams of reaching .500. They actually did, a while back, but have "slud" to 12-28 since then. Jim Wynn has yet to drive in a run in September, and Joe Morgan, crazy hot in August, is back to flirting with the Mendoza Line.

Finally, Rich Allen gave the home crowd a thrill when he knocked an inside the park homer. Later in the game, he tried to knock one *over* the fence, but was denied. The Orsino Board giveth, and the Orsino Board taketh away. Anyway, so stunned was the Pittsburgh pitcher by the inside the parker, that he immediately served up a gopher ball to Johnny Callison, to make it back to back. The conquering heroes--despite another Phils loss--bounced jubilantly into the clubhouse after the game, only to find attendants starting to empty their respective lockers. Maybe Rich and John won't be back in '70? What'll be next to go, the Liberty Bell?

Oh, and....the Mets avoided mathematical elimination by defeating St. Louis. 

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