Friday, June 16, 2017

Reds Stun Dodgers, West Gets Tighter : Monday, September 22nd, 1969


CIN 2, LA 1  W-Maloney 20-10 L-Singer 22-9  HR-Maloney(5)  Maloney 2-out 2-run walk-off HR.

ATL 9, HOU 1  W-P.Niekro 16-13 L-Wilson 10-15  HR-H.Aaron 2(43) Cepeda(22)  H.Aaron 5 rbi. 

SF 9, SD 0  W-Sadecki 9-9 L-Santorini 6-23  HR-McCovey(30)

10 days and 46 games left.

Jim comes up huge!
Wow, what a finish at Cincinnati! The Dodgers had squeaked a run across in the top of the 4th when Jeff Torborg singled it in. Bill Singer shut down the Reds and maintained that 1-0 lead going into the bottom of the 9th. It isn't that the Reds weren't getting any hits, but they weren't putting them together at all, and they had the bottom of the line-up due in their last at bats. Sure enough, Singer retired the first two in order. Then Chico "F*cking" Ruiz (Phillies fans will understand) singled to keep a glimmer of hope alive. BUT, the pitcher was due up and only Fred "Wingy" Whitfield was still available off the bench. Fred's average is well below the Mendoza Line, and he hasn't had an extra base hit or even an rbi all season. On the other hand, Jim Maloney is a good-hitting pitcher and had even been used several times as a pinch hitter. (He doesn't have some crazy card...three power numbers and not much else. He actually hit 3 bombs that year.) So, Dave Bristol stuck with Maloney, and lo and behold he swung at a Singer delivery and sent it screaming into the stands for a 2-out, 2-run walk-off blast! (66-1 to you APBA people.) The Crosley faithful lost their minds! It was Maloney's 20th win, and Singer's first loss since July 10th, a span over which he went 11-0. What a thrilling win for the Reds, who just won't say die! 

The Astros, when they see the Braves coming.
As for the Braves and Giants, they beat up on the bottom feeders, and also gain ground. L.A. leads San Fran by one, and the Reds and Braves by 5 and a half. For the Astros, their loss to Atlanta was their 11th loss in a row, and they have also lost 15 of 16 to the Braves. Meanwhile, the east was idle. "We don't like Mondays," they opined. 

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