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1964 Replay AL End Of June Report

Lil Looie Aparicio ran wild during June, hitting .361 with 19 steals, 10 doubles and a whopping 30 runs scored for the Orioles. He had the heebie jeebies for sure, but the Yankees were still able to put some daylight between themselves and Baltimore. 

NYY  47-25  --- (best June record 21-9)
BAL  44-31  4.5
CHI  41-31  6
DET  42-32  6
WAS  41-37  9 (best 1-run record 17-5)
CLE  37-38   11.5
LAA  33-45  17  (worst June record 11-19)
MIN  31-44  17.5
BOS  30-44  18
KCA  30-49  20.5

PITCHING (league 3.68)
NYY  2.93  (most shutouts 11, least RA 230)
LAA  3.01  (most CG 22, least saves 8)
CHI  3.04  
DET  3.26
BAL  3.32  (least HR against 53, most saves 25)
WAS  3.44  (least K's 370)
CLE  4.00 
MIN  4.49  (most K's 541)
KCA  4.61  (most RA 409, most HR against 80)
BOS  4.68

BATTING (league .231)
DET  .247  (tie most triples 25)
BOS  .243  (most doubles 127, least SB 9, tie least CS 10)
BAL  .242  (least triples 9, most SB 47)
NYY  .239  (tie most triples 25)
MIN  .233  (most runs 353, most HR 96, tie least CS 10)
CHI  .228  (least doubles 78, least HR 47)
LAA  .227  (least runs 274)
CLE  .225  (least GIDP 34)
KCA  .220  (most CS 25, most GIDP 78)
WAS  .204  

least errors-- NYY 34
most errors-- CLE 95
most DP's-- BOS  76
least DP's-- LAA 41

Interesting to note that in actual play, BOS made the fewest DP's and the Angels turned the most! In APBA, however, the Angels can't hope to duplicate their league leading total. With a fielding 3 at third base, and fielding 2 at SS and 2B, not to mention their excellent pitching which keeps runners off the base paths, it isn't going to happen. As for the Bosox, my only explanation is LOTS of traffic on the bases and Frank Malzone's 3B-5.  

WINS: Peters-chi 10-3, Chance-la 10-5, Ford-ny 10-6, Wickersham-det 10-6, Monbouquette-bos 9-4 

ERA (72 IP): Chance-la 2.01, Ford-ny 2.14, Peters-chi 2.18, Pizarro-chi 2.42, Osteen-was 2.44, Bunker-bal 2.53, Aguirre-det 2.69, Horlen-chi 2.72, Monbouquette-bos 2.86, Belinsky-la 2.90

K's: Chance-la 112, Wilson-bos 103, Pena-kc 99, Arrigo-min 92, Kralick-cle 91

CG: Chance-la 10, Kaat-min 10, Ford-ny 8, Peters-chi 8

IP:  Chance-la 143, Kaat-min 133, Kralick-cle 132.2, Ford-ny 130.2, Horlen-chi 129, Peters-chi 128

SHO: Ford-ny 3, 12 tied with 2

LOSSES: Newman-la 3-10, Wilhelm-chi 2-9, Arrigo-min 5-9

SAVES: Hall-bal 18, Kline-was 18, Wilhelm-chi 17, Radatz-bos 16, McMahon-cle 15 

BA (194 ab): Fregosi-la .346, Aparicio-bal .322, B.Robinson-bal .316, Fl. Robinson-chi .310, Yastrzemski-bos .307, Howard-ny .292, Stuart-bos .290, Piersall-la .285, Skowron-was .279, Kaline-det .276

HR: Powell-bal 26, Colavito-kc 19, Killebrew-min 19, Lock-was 18, McAuliffe-det 18, Wagner-cle 18

RBI: B.Robinson-bal 59, Powell-bal 57, Colavito-kc 55, Maris-ny 55, Pepitone-ny 53, Killebrew-min 51

RUNS: McAuliffe-det 54, Aparicio-bal 53, Mantle-ny 53, Yastrzemski-bos 53, Bressoud-bos 52, Hall-min 52

Beware the gap-hitting cadaver.
Doubles: Bressoud-bos 22, Mathews-kc 22, Kaline-det 20

Triples: Oliva-min 7, Hinton-was 6, Rollins-min 6

Steals: Aparicio-bal 38, Davalillo-cle 15, Hinton-was 9

GIDP: Battey 14, Green-kc 13, B.Robinson-bal 13, Fregosi-la 12

Hey! Howser mudda? Howser fadda?
ERRORS: Howser-cle 21, McAuliffe-det 20, Mantilla-bos 15

TEAM REPORTS (with June record)

Yankee Doodles (21-9) The highlight of June for the Bronx Bombers was unsung Roland Sheldon's no-hitter at Yankee Stadium against the Red Sox. It was oddly workman-like, just a series of routine outs. It was the 4th no-hitter in my APBA Yankee history; Mel Stottlemyre had two in 1967 and Ralph Terry tossed the only no-hitter of the entire replay in 1961. That one was also against Boston. The Yanks staff have 11 shutouts--5 more than any other AL squad. In other news, Roger Maris enjoyed a huge month, knocking in 28 runs. Elston Howard finally found the range and upped his average to .292, while The Mick languishes at .251 but has 17 homers.

Bird Droppings (16-14) While May heroes Sam Bowens and Johnny Orsino returned to earth, June found Brooks Robinson (28 rbi), Boog Powell (13 HR) and Luis Aparicio (30 runs) going off, to lift the birds to a higher branch. However, trouble with 4th and 5th starters Dave McNally and Steve "The Maglie" Barber kept the Orioles from gaining any ground. More than once, they failed to last two innings. Meanwhile, Dick Hall has been gold out of the O's bullpen. 

The guy in the suit is the team phrenologist.
White Sox Laundry (15-15) Pete Ward (19 rbi) finally heated up in the first half of June, only to crawl back into the ice box by month's end. The whole team slumped offensively. The pitching was a different story. Gary Peters emerged as the staff ace, while Joel Horlen took a no-hit bid into the 9th inning against the Yankees only to surrender a pinch triple to Hec Lopez and ultimately lose the game. The Sox played a lot of games against NY and BAL and didn't fare very well at all. 

Tiger Tales (19-11) It was truly a team effort as the Bengals put together a great month, but still lost a game in the standings, unfortunately. Mickey Lolich emerged from a season-long funk to get above .500 at 7-6 and shaved a full run off his ERA. Here's a weird fact about the Tigers: they are usually fielding one, yet they sit 8th in the league in fielding at 8.11 (IP divided by errors), trailing such stone-gloved clubs as KC, MIN and CHI. Things that make Your Impartial Goddess go "hmm." The injury bug hit the Tigers' outfield hard at month's end, shelving Billy Bruton, George Thomas, Al Kaline (back to start July) and Don Demeter. This necessitated the call-ups of kid flyhawks Mickey Stanley and Jim Northrup, as well as bench ballast Willie Horton, who was already there. The clubhouse manager has ordered extra diapers.

The W stands for wtf
Washing-toon (16-12) Wow. I'm tempted to just leave it at that. The Nats are a cool 17-5 in 1-run games and 5-1 in extras. They have an unremarkable staff, headed by good but not ace material Claude Osteen and followed by a crew of rag-armed rejects. Their strategy is "squeeze 5 innings out of Stupid Face and then go to the bullpen and hold on." Set-up man (yes yes, I know) Steve Ridzik and closer Ron Kline have been stellar. The Senators wriggle out of more jams than a family-values lawmaker, and have the golden luck of a leprechaun. They have sunk to .500 several times, but have rallied back every time, never sinking below that mark. The team has a -28 run differential, yet they are 4 games over. They are simply charmed.

Mistah Tiant, he dead. A penny for the old guy.
Tribe Wampum (14-17) Speaking of charmed, the Indians have a run differential of -49, yet they are just one game below breaking even! This is partly due to a 15-6 record in 1-run games and 4-1 in extras. Looie Tiant's head snapped off while making his herky-jerky motion, and is lost for a month.  Jim Grant was dealt, and so the likes of Dick Donovan and Pedro Ramos bring their "D"-ness to the Tribe rotation. The one consistent bright spot in Cleveland has been Daddy Wags Wagner who keeps slugging and producing while those about him lose their heads. He popped 9 dingers in June. The most truly bizarre stat for this team is that they have grounded into a league low 34 double plays. I have no explanation. Dick Howser gets a prize for participation after going the entire month without stealing a base. 

Bo Belinsky and Mamie Van Doren audition as department store mannequins.
Angels In The Outfield (11-19)  Oh, woe is Bill Rigney as he tries to find some kind of line-up that can score a little. Jim Fregosi is doing his part, going completely wingbat crazy over the past two months, but he hasn't got much help. Joe Adcock finally looked up from his reduced sodium oatmeal near month's end and, told it was still 1956, slugged a few perfunctory homers. But when your second best hitter over a 30 day period is reserve infielder Joe Koppe, you aren't going anywhere. Starter Fred Newman leads the league in losses but it really isn't his fault. Bo Belinsky was pitching his head off for most of the month before having his eye poked out by a starlet's pointy bra; he'll miss significant time. "I'm going to exercise, eat right, and do a lot of coke," he opined to local scribes.

Take them to the river. Put them in the water.
Twin Killings (12-18) The Twinks finally did something late in the month about their dreadful bullpen by acquiring NL cast-offs Al Worthington and Johnny Klippstein, the latter of whom works for the post office in the off season. Where's my December Redbook, Johnny? On the ground? Over on the next street, in the shrubbery? On your dining room table at home? Geez. Anyway, Worthington notched his first save as the rest of the Twins looked on in amazement at the sight of effective relief. Unfortunately, he took a loss in his next outing, despite not giving up a hit, as the Twins made back-to-back errors. Welcome to Minnesota, Al! The Twins lead the league in homers by 15 over Detroit, but have some issues. Tony Oliva just can't get it going, languishing at .252. Some wonder if the kid will stick. Earl Battey checked into a clinic at team insistence, to battle his addiction to grounding into constant double plays. Minnie and Paul hope for better things in July.

Put me in, Coach!
Boston Beanings (14-16) It wasn't such a bad month for the Carmine Hose as they escaped the basement at last. Their starting staff of Monbo, Earl Wilson, Marcia Brady, the Amazing Lobster Boy, and Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road leave something to be desired, and even stud reliever Dick Radatz has an ERA above 4, but these Sox can score, and sometimes score enough to outslug, say, Kansas City of a summer afternoon. I'll say this: they are entertaining, if still not very good. 

Ed Charles moves nicely to his right as Wayne Causey looks on.
Mule Shit (13-20)  Charlie O. Finley's boys saw a drop in attendance due to opponent's home run balls filling up the bleachers and denying patrons a place to sit. The A's can score quite a bit themselves, sitting third in runs scored with 338.  But May powerhouse Rocky Colavito hit less then .200 in June with only 3 homers, and Jim Gentile did not fare much better. The slack was taken up by unheralded Nelson Mathews, who drove in 24 runs--giving him more rbi than errors in the outfield--and Eddie Charles, who also knocked across 24 while doing a nice call-and-response with the Ray Charles Singers. Tell me what'd I say? 

See ya next time for the end of July report!


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1964 Replay NL End Of June Report

Hello fans! June is over in the NL and the outstanding player was Juan Marichal of San Francisco who only gave up ONE earned run all month as his Giants went 22-5 and pulled away. The standings:

SFG  53-22  ---  (best 1-run record 22-9)
MIL  42-32  10.5
PHI  42-32  10.5
STL  39-36  14 (worst 1-run record 8-16)
CIN  37-37  15.5
LAD  35-39  17.5
CHI  33-40  19
PIT  34-43  20
HOU 33-44  21
NYM 28-51  27 (worst June record 7-23) 

PITCHING (league 3.39)
SFG  2.51  (most sho 16, tie most cg 24, most K's 551, most saves 22, least RA 211, least Hr vs. 45)
STL  2.79  
CIN  3.14  (least sho 4)
HOU  3.17  (least cg 8)
LAD  3.18
MIL  3.41  (tie most cg 24)
CHI  3.65  (least K's 355, least saves 5)
PHI  3.76  
PIT  3.79  (most HR vs. 68)
NYM 4.48  (most RA 412)

BATTING (league .239)
MIL  .254 (most runs 351, most doubles 136)
PIT  .254
SFG  .253  (most HR 72, least triples 8)
PHI  .252  
STL  .246
CHI  .241  (most triples 28)
NYM .224  (most GIDP 66)
LAD  .224  (least HR 32, most SB 57, most CS 28)
CIN  .220  (least GIDP 37)
HOU .219  (least runs 222, least doubles 67, least SB 15)

least errors--SF 47
most errors--NYM 78
most DP's--CHI 89
least DP's--LAD 33

ERA (73 IP): Drysdale-la 1.37, Marichal-sf 1.40, Short-phi 1.60, Craig-stl 2.05, Veale-pit 2.10, Jackson-chi  2.17, Bolin-sf 2.32, Maloney-cin 2.38, Spahn-mil 2.42, Ellsworth-chi 2.54

WINS: Marichal-sf 11-4, Drysdale-la 10-2, Craig-stl 10-3, Gibson-stl 10-3, Perry-sf 10-3

K's: Gibson-stl 108, Drysdale-la 105, Short-phi 104, Koufax-la 101, Marichal-sf 100 

CG: Drysdale-la, Jackson-chi, Marichal-sf and Short-phi 9 each.

LOSSES: Jay-cin 2-11, Farrell-hou 2-10, Jackson-ny 5-10 

SHO: Marichal-sf 5, Drysdale-la 4, Short-phi 4

SAVES: Pierce-sf 17, Baldschun-phi 16, Schultz-stl 12, McBean-pit 10 

IP: Drysdale-la 138, Jackson-chi 128.1, Stallard-ny 125, Veale-pit 124.1, Short-phi 124

BA (197 ab):  Cepeda-sf .349, Torre-mil .327, Bailey-pit .326, Santo-chi .322, Robinson-cin .309, Clemente-pit .302, Brock-stl .297, Callison-phi .296, J.Alou-sf .294, Clendenon-pit .292

HR: Pinson-cin 17, Cepeda-sf 16, Allen-phi 15, Mays-sf 15, Hart-sf 14, Bond-hou 13

RBI: Santo-chi 60, Cepeda-sf 52, Pinson-cin 51, Allen-phi 48, Williams-chi 48, Torre-mil 47, Boyer-stl 46

RUNS: Callison-phi 54, Brock-stl 52, Robinson-cin 51, Mays-sf 50, Bailey-pit 48, Christopher-ny 48, Clemente-pit 48 

DOUBLES: Maye-mil 24, Robinson-cin 24, Torre-mil 23, Cardenas-cin 21

TRIPLES: Bond-hou 8, Brock-stl 6, Callison-phi 6

SB: Wills-la 21, W. Davis-la 19,  Brock-stl 14, Mays-sf 14, Aaron-mil 13

GIDP: Boyer-stl 17, Hunt-ny 13, Aaron-mil 12, Cepeda-sf 10

ERRORS: Groat-stl 24, Pagan-sf 19, Cardenas-cin 16, Javier-stl 16


Giants Jottings: The Giants opened a big lead by going 22-5 in the month, including a 14-game win streak. They are now 35-7 on the season at home where they are almost unbeatable. Even though Orlando Cepeda finally acted human with just a so-so June that saw his average drop from a gaudy .382 to a little less gaudy .349, the Giants did it mostly with shut-down pitching. 

Beertown Babblings: The Braves somehow found themselves in second place at month's end even though they got very few standout performances. Hank Aaron had a dreadful month. Denis Menke went to sleep. Joe Torre drove in just ten runs and didn't homer at all. But they did have a torrid Rico Carty, checking in at .346 for the year, but shy 15 ab's from making the leader board. Good field no hit second sacker Frank Bolling is mired below the Mendoza Line but somehow had a 3-HR game which the Braves dropped anyway. Ageless Warren Spahn remains in the ERA leaders, though, and is certainly the personification of a Miracle "D" pitcher!

Quaker Oats: The Phillies enjoyed an 18-11 record in June, thanks to improved pitching and the warming up of some key bats.  Jim Bunning was awful, seeing his ERA rise from 2.10 to 3.54, but Chris Short was lights out, and the other three starters improved from dreadful to adequate. While this was going on, rookie Richie Allen and fan favorite John Callison were going off. That's good news for Phillie fans. Ancient Roy Sievers hit his first homer and collected his first rbi--a walk-off job!

Cards Shufflings: What to do with these Cardinals? The pitching continues to be stellar, but the bats just won't warm up. The first few games after Lou Brock arrived via trade were encouraging indeed, but then he--and the team--cooled off. A line-up shuffle is on the horizon when July gets underway. 

Reds Ramblings: The Reds don't hit! They actually got worse in June, not better, just 1 percentage point ahead of silly Houston in batting average. Vada Pinson went off in terms of power and production but his batting average is a paltry .213. Too often, he does nothing. Frank Robinson was hot, though, and raised his average 55 points in the month while bashing the ball all over the park. Injuries were everywhere, especially to the starting staff; Maloney, O'toole and Purkey all went down with various ailments, obliging Sammy Ellis, John Tsitouris and Billy McCool to make starts. Purkey is back now, but the other two remain hobbled. Also sidelined for periods of time were Johnny Edwards (how we love him), Pete Rose, Tommy Harper, Gordy Coleman and Hal Smith.

Dodgers Dollops: Maury Wills stole only 3 bases in June and Willie Davis 4. Frank Howard continues to languish around the .175 mark. And so, the Dodgers just don't score. Tommie Davis finally heated up, and Ron Fairly too, but it was no use, especially with Koufax shelved. Even mighty Don Drysdale ended the month with back-to-back no-decisions due to lack of run support.

Cubs Crap: It took most of the month for the revamped Cub rotation to do much at all, though superannuated Lew Burdette kept pitching well only to suffer from lack of support. The bullpen remains a mess and Ernie Banks is hitting .225. Thank goodness for Santo and Williams!

Pirates Prattle: The Bucs, too, had their injury woes during June, missing Clemente, Stargell, Pagliaroni, Clendenon and Blass for periods of time. When he can stay on the field, Willie Stargell slugs like anything. He has 12 HR. Lead-off man Bob Bailey continues to be a pleasant surprise at well over .300.

Colt 45's 4-1-1: The Colts finally hit a little bit! Whee! They have by far the circuit's worst offense, but it did pick up some with the warmer weather in Texas. Bob Lillis hit .290 for the month, Walter Bond had a 3-homer game, and Jim Wynn hit well, too. Turk Farrel and Don Nottebart got off the schneid with their first wins. Turk now has 2 and Don 3! Their pitching is really good, especially the bullpen which is talented and deep. Add a little hitting and you get a 15-15 June. In fact, the Colts are just 3 games under .500 since May 1st. 

Mets-allaneous: Following their surprising .500 May, the Metropolitans turned in a dismal 7-23 record in June as the pitching collapsed like it did in April. The Mets hit very well all month but couldn't overcome the terrible pitching. However, the Mets are the only NL team with a winning mark against SF at 6-5! Who's your daddy?!?

AL report soon.

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AL End Of May Report

Don't knock the Rock! My first favorite Tiger.
May was the month of The Rock in my 1964 AL! No, not Duane Johnson. Rocky Colavito! Shipped out along with Jim Bunning after the Tigers' disappointing performance in 1963, Rocky showed everyone he still has plenty of thump. For the month he had 8 doubles, 13 HR, an astonishing 35 rbi, 24 runs, and a cool .331 average. But while his A's floundered around the basement anyway, a pretty thrilling three-team race developed at the top:

BAL  28-17  ---  (11-5 in 1-run games)
CHI  26-16  0.5  (most x inning games--8)
NYY  26-16  0.5
CLE  23-21  4.5
DET  23-21  4.5
WAS  25-25  5.5  (11-4 in 1-run games, 4-1 in extras)
LAA  22-26  7.5 
MIN  19-26  9
KCA  17-29  11.5  (4-11 in 1-run games)
BOS  16-28  11.5  (1-8 in 1 -run games)

PITCHING (league 3.67)
CHI  2.61  (tie most saves 14, tie most SHO 5)
NYY  2.69  (least runs against 125, most CG 13, tie most SHO 5)
LAA  3.20  
WAS  3.23  (least K's 236)
BAL  3.37  (tie most saves 14, least HR against 36)
DET  3.54   (tie least SHO 2)
CLE  4.00  (most HR against 45, tie least SHO 2)
KCA  4.26  (least saves 4)
MIN  4.89  (most K's 324)
BOS  4.93  (least CG 5, most runs against 252)

BATTING (league .230)
BOS  .250  (most doubles 84--22 more than anyone else. Tie least triples 7, least SB 4)
BAL  .246  (tie least triples 7, most SB 23)
MIN  .239  (tie most HR 58, least CS 4, most runs 223)
DET  .239  (most triples 15)
NYY  .235  
CHI  .232  (least runs 164, least doubles 45, most CS 14)
LAA  .227  (least HR 22, tie most times shut out 6)
CLE  .226  (least GIDP 23)
KCA  .213 (tie most HR 58, most GIDP 51)
WAS  .202  (tie most times shut out 6)

FIELDING  (avg is IP divided by errors)
best--NYY 17.03
worst--CLE  6.72
Least errors--NYY 22
most errors--CLE 58
most DP's--BOS 46
least DP's--CHI  25

The bizarre-o world of Juan Pizarro.

 ERA (42 IP)
Pizarro-chi 1.82, Peters-chi 1.87, Bunker-bal 1.97, Ford-ny 2.01, Chance-la 2.08, Downing-ny 2.39, Kralick-cle 2.47, Cheney-was 2.62, Horlen-chi 2.71, Bouton-ny 2.79

Chance, la  8-2
Wickersham-det 7-3 
5 tied with 6 wins

Chance, la 91
Osteen, was 87
Ford, ny 85

Earl! You lead the league in K's!
Wilson, bos 69
Chance, la  68
Pena, kc  63
Kaat, min 61

6 tied with 2

Wilhelm, chi 12
Radatz, bos 11
Kline, was 10
Hall, bal 9

What, me lose?
Newman, la 2-6
R.Lee, la  3-6
Pena, kc  3-6
Kaat, min  4-6

5 tied with 6

Love the old halos on the helmets.
AVG (113 ab)
Fregosi-la  .342, Yaz-bos .327, Piersall-la .326, B.Robinson-bal .326, Fl. Robinson-chi .326, Orsino-bal .303, Hall-min .301, Colavito-kc .299, Stuart-bos .297, Allison-min .294

Colavito-kc 16, Gentile-kc 13, Powell-bal 13, Lock-was 11, Mantle-ny 11, McAuliffe-det 11

Colavito-kc 41, Hall-min 39, Hansen-chi 32, Pepitone-ny 32, Killebrew-min 31, B.Robinson-bal 31

Versalles-min 36
Colavito, kc  34
Hall, min  33
Mantle, ny 32

The cadaverous Mister Bressoud loves two-baggers. And coffins and stuff.
Bressoud, bos 16
Hansen, chi 12
Mathews, kc 12

Oliva, min  6
Wert, det 4

Aparicio, bal  19
Howser, cle  8 (nicknamed Howser Mudda Howser Fadda)
Davalillo, cle  7
Hinton, was  6

Green, kc  10
Adair, bal  9

Howser, cle 14
3 tied with 12

TEAM REPORTS (with May record)

"Think fast, kid!"
BIRD DROPPINGS  (22-11) The O's left a mediocre April behind and roared into first place on the hot hitting of Sam Bowens (5, 28, .286), John Orsino (7, 28, .303 because he knows it's me), Brooks Robby (8, 31, .326) and Boog Powell (13, 29, .261) and the stellar bullpen work of Hall (9 saves, 1.46), Haddix (4 saves 2.32) and Miller (2-0 1.93). Dave "McLucky" McNally, barely out of diapers in '64, leads the staff with 5 wins even though he hasn't been all that good. You may have noticed the Birds lead the AL in steals with 23. Aparicio has 19 and everybody else has 4.

WHITE SOX LAUNDRY  (20-10) Despite an avalanche of injuries (Weis, Hershberger, Buzhardt, Robinson, Buford, among many others), the Pale Hose did like the Orioles and caught fire anyway. They do it with pitching; the hitting--apart from Hansen (7, 32, .275) and Floyd Robinson (3, 28, .326)--is pretty awful. Pete Ward (3, 16, .204) was expected to produce, but hasn't. "I'd prefer not to," he opined. 

YANKEE DOODLES  (17-13) The Yanks, too, have depended on their stellar pitching staff. The only ERA on the starting staff above 3.00 is Roland Sheldon's, at 3.09. The bullpen by committee has been excellent as well, although lefty Steve Hamilton (4.50) has sometimes been an adventure. Mickey Mantle (11, 25, .269) started the month red hot but then tailed off. Your Impartial Goddess would like to see him rev up again. The bats have been so-so with Howard (2, 15, .268), Tresh (2, 14, .241), and Boyer (a dismal 1, 5, .145) not exactly lighting it up. Maris is hitting only .243 but has 27 rbi. Joe Pepitone is in the same category with 7, 32, .235. 

TRIBE WAMPUM  (14-16)  As Leon "Daddy Wags" Wagner goes, so go the Indians. He had a terrible April, then got red hot in early may, only to go to sleep again later. He shows 9, 26, .237 for the season. Fred "Wing Man" Whitfield, when not helping Wagner pick up dates, fizzled from a torrid April to a torpid May, settling in at 4, 22, .224 and a seat on the bench. "Mad" Max Alvis, though hitting a dismal .188, has 6 blasts and 25 rbi. When I dropped him to 5th and installed Jose Azcue (3, 17, .284) at clean-up, the team took off, only to stumble at month's end. Much ballyhooed lefty Sam McDowell is just 1-5. 

TIGER TALES  (16-15) The Tigers are what I suppose they should be in '64, a pretender and a tease. They have a very balanced line-up with a lot of platoon options, but they are inconsistent anyway. Cash (7, 21, .258) and Kaline (11 doubles, .286) have done their bit, but Freehan (1, 8, .245) just can't get untracked. Dave Wickersham has lived up to expectations at 7-3, 3.10, but Lolich has fallen short with 3-5, 4.27. fred "The Bear" Gladding is a bullpen gem with a sparking 1.35 ERA. 

He feels no pain.
WASHING-TOON  (16-19) The Nats are giddy to have reached the end of May with a .500 record! Winning squeakers right and left has been their trick. Sore-armed Tom Cheney (who fanned 21 in a game in 1962) leads the staff with 6-3, 2.62. In actuality, his arm was so sore he could not pitch more than 4 or 5 innings without severe pain in '64, but I spoke with his card and the card reports no pain at all. Quoth Tom: "I feel good. The pure uncut Turkish heroin really helps!" Tom wonders, though, why he has to meet the team trainer in a shitty part of town to get it. Tom also leads the team in K's, with 44. (Skipper Gil Hodges and Cheney argued about Cheney's sore arm, with Hodges wanting him to start and go deep into games, which Cheney could not. Hodges also suggested picking cotton and washing his car.) Don Lock (11, 27, .245) provides what pop the Senators have, and with his 1-5-5 power numbers, he waxes Ruthian any time there is a runner on first. 

ANGELS ANGLES  (14-19)  Dean Chance has been a beast so far, probably the most dominant pitcher in the league. After him , it gets dicey. Jim Fregosi (7, 28, .342) and relic Joe Adcock (8, 28,.248) provide the muscle. Relief man Bob Lee has coughed up several games, absorbing 6 losses against 3 wins and notching only 3 saves. His 2.23 ERA isn't bad, but he *is* an A&CX. C'mon, Bob. Twirler Ed Sukla has vowed to start spelling his name Suck-la after giving up 9 earnies in 2 and a third innings. What a fool!

TWIN KILLINGS  (15-16)  The Twinks' pitching has been absolutely horrid all year, but an 11-0 win over Boston on the final day of the month allowed the Twins staff to edge just ahead of Boston's in ERA and runs allowed. Hitting is no problem--the Twins bash the ball all over the place on a regular basis, though Killebrew (10, 31,.256) did inexplicably stop hitting homers mid-month, and Oliva, while slugging 10 homers, is batting just .265. But back to the pitching. The bullpen has been dreadful, losing numerous games the team was leading in. When they acquire some help in a few weeks, they should improve. 

"It's my last hurrah!"
FINLEY FOLLIES  (12-21)  What a weird team. The A's are 9th in the league in BA, but tied for the lead in HRs and third in runs scored. Most of the thunder comes from twin geezers Colavito (16, 41, .299) and Gentile (13, 31 .269) though Hawk Harrelson--who only plays against lefties--has battered them to the tune of 7, 26, .250. The team's pitching is sad, but they did receive unexpected gems from a couple of babies called up from the Asphalt City Slagheaps of the Industrial Waste League to make spot starts. Lew Krausse had a good game and Blue Moon Odom (2.26) was outstanding before returning to the Slagheaps for more seasoning. 

BOSTON BEANINGS  (12-18)  Ugh. This team may set a record for most innings pitched by DW pitchers. Monbouquette (4-3 3.25) and Wilson (5-3 3.55) are serviceable, but after that we have Lamabe (0-5 10.02), Morehead (0-3 9.13), Connolly (1-4 7.29) and a host of shit relievers like Charton (6.95), Gray (8.59) and Spanswick (6.75). The Bosox do have "The Monster", Dick Radatz, who boasts 44 K's in 37.2 innings, and 11 saves to go with a 2.63 ERA. But he is also 0-4. For some reason, the Cleveland Indians have his number, absolutely raking him twice in the month. "The only good Indian is a dead Indian," quipped Dick. For offense, the team favors doubles, rapping tons of them off the green monster. Bob Tillman just missed the batting leaders at .292. But Dick Stuart is a mystery. Counted on to slug HR's, he has just 3. But he has 27 rbi and is hitting .297 with 10 doubles. "All things in moderation," he advises. Spare part Roman Mejias, with an unprepossessing card, won the right field job by hitting .320 in 97 ab's, but then rampaging Visigoths slaughtered him and he's missed some action. I normally won't blatantly over-use players from what they actually did, but Mejias was a productive regular player as recently as 1962, so I feel like if he hit like he's been doing, they would have played him. The toga he favors is a bit much, though. Red Sox flannels, please, Roman!

I hope you enjoyed this update. If you missed the NL report, it's HERE. Bye for now.

Your Impartial Goddess. (If she were a lot younger, prettier, and had some balloons.)

Friday, June 22, 2018

1964 NL End Of May Report

Hello fans! The merry month of May is over in the National League and the Giants continue to lead. They were up by as much as 6 and a half games, but a late-month swoon pared that down just a bit. The standings:

SFG  31-17  ---
MIL  26-19  3.5
STL  27-20  3.5
PHI  24-21  5.5
LAD  23-22  6.5
CIN  23-24  7.5
CHI  19-25  10
NYM  21-28  10.5
PIT  20-27  10.5
HOU  18-29  12.5 

Pitching (league--3.39)
SFG  2.67  (tied most cg 17, most saves 12, least RA 140, most shutouts 10)
STL  2.73  
LAD  3.02  (tied most HR against 38)
CIN  3.05  (most K's 338)
HOU  3.13  (least cg 2--nine less than anyone else) 
MIL  3.33  (tied most cg 17, least HR against 24)
CHI  3.78  (tied least saves 5, least K's 200)
PIT  4.00  (tied most HR against 38)
PHI  4.03  
NYM  4.22  (tied least saves 5, most RA 231)

HITTING (league--.238)
SFG  .257  (least triples 2, tie most HR 45)
PIT  .256  (most triples 23, tie most HR 45, most CS 14)
PHI  .256  (least CS 6)
MIL  .253  (most runs 224, most doubles 91)
STL  .251  
CHI  .238 
CIN  .226  (least GIDP 24)
LAD  .219  (least HR 19, most steals 39) 
NYM  .212  (most GIDP 51)
HOU  .211  (least runs 113-- 32 fewer than anyone else. least doubles 43, least steals 7)

FIELDING (avg is innings pitched divided by errors)
best--SFG 16.00 (least errors 27)
worst--PIT  8.06  (most errors 52)
most DP's--CHI 60
least DP's--LAD  18

ERA (minimum 44 IP)
Drysdale--la 1.71, Craig-stl 1.74, Spahn-mil 1.83, Short-phi 1.87, Jackson-chi 1.99, Hendley-sf 2.03, Marichal-sf 2.03, Maloney-cin 2.05, Bunning-phi 2.10, O'toole-cin 2.35

Craig, stl 7-1
Gibson, stl  7-2
Marichal, sf  7-3

Jay, cin 2-8
6 tied with 6

Drysdale, la  84
Maloney, cin 83.1 
Short, phi  82

Maloney, cin  86
Koufax, la  79
Short, phi 72
Drysdale, la  71

Baldschun-phi, R.Miller-la, and Schultz-stl all have 8

Hendley and Marichal sf + Stallard and Jackson ny all have 3.

AVG (minimum 119 ab)
Cepeda-sf .382, Bailey-pit .349, Santo-chi .335, Torre-mil .322, Brock-chi .320, McCarver-stl .315, Clemente-pit .314, J.Alou-sf .311, Aaron-mil .309, Clendenon-pit .297, Taylor-phi .297

Cepeda-sf 10, Pinson-cin 10, Hart-sf 9, Mays-sf 9, Shannon-stl 8

Santo-chi 39, Cepeda-sf 37, Torre-mil 37, Clendenon-pit 33, McCarver-stl 30

Mays-sf 36, Aaron-mil 34, Bailey-pit 33, Brock-chi 33, Boyer-stl 32, Callison-phi 32, Menke-mil 30

Menke, mil 17
Torre, mil 16
Maye, mil 15

9 tied with 4

Boyer, stl 10
Hunt, ny 10

Groat, stl 19
Pagan, sf 15


'60, '64, just go with it!
BAY BABBLINGS (20-13)  The Giants lead the league in ERA, BA, and fielding, so no surprise they are in first place, despite losing their last 5, and 6 of their last 7. Cepeda has been smashing every pitch he sees, but Mays is tied with Lanier (!) in rbi with just 20. The Giants have one of three remaining Paul Schaal Award candidates. (Awarded to the last player, with a team from opening day, to get a hit) Duke Snider is 0-for-18.

TEEPEE TALK (20-11)  Warren Spahn, who should suck, leads the team in cg with 5, has a 4-1 record and a 1.83 ERA. The reason for this is Bobby Bragan's judicious use of the old geezer. Bobby has been a much better skipper ever since Your Impartial Goddess had him lobotomized. Rico Carty just missed the batting leaders with his .324 average because he is short 8 ab's.)

Roger the Cardinal....
...or Roger the Goon?
CARDS DEALINGS (17-16) The Redbirds saw their team ERA rise almost a full run in May, but they still sit second in that category. The hated Roger Craig, hated because he is always over-carded, is 7-1 with a 1.74 ERA as the 4th starter. Actual 20-game winner Sadecki is off to a rough start at 1-6 despite a not-awful 3.54 ERA. The loss of team HR leader Mike Shannon to injury has hurt the offense. 

QUAKER QUIPS (15-15)  Bunning and Short have been studs, but the rest of the rotation (Bennett 7.07, Mahaffey 6.44, and Culp 6.69) have been resounding duds. I'm starting to understand why Gene Mauch rode his two aces so much down the stretch. Johnny Callison, a favorite of mine, has not been a run producer so far, with 5, 18, and .287. Allen is better at 6, 27, .286. John Herrnstein had a 7 rbi game late in the month. He has only 2 other rbi all season!

DODGER DOPE  (16-13)  The Dodgers are dead last in HR's, and are scuffling with averages like .186 (Tommie Davis) .194 (Fairly) and .174 (Howard). Wally Moon is another of the three Paul Schaal candidates, at 0-for-17.

RHINELAND RAMBLINGS  (14-17)  The Reds are very frustrating because they just don't hit. Frank Robinson hit 1 HR in April and 1 more in May. "I'm pacing myself," he opined. He's at 2, 17, .255. Pinson has 10 HR but is only hitting .219. Rounding out our Paul Schaal trio is Mel Queen, who has been around all year but has yet to bat at all. "Bench me or trade me!" Okay, Mel, you're benched!

NORTH SIDE NEWS  (13-17) Larry Jackson and Dick Ellsworth have been good, though Ellsworth is a hard-luck 2-5, but the rest, yuck. Lindy McDaniel is the "ace" of the bullpen with lots of blown saves and a bloated 5.79 ERA. Perhaps the Cubs will deal for a pitcher before the deadline?

METS-ALLANEOUS  (17-17) By sweeping 4 at home from the Giants to close the month, and taking 9 of their last 11 (including a 4 game sweep at Houston), the Mets came up with a .500 month! Gee! They have 9 shutouts, second only to the Giants. Don't ask me how. The acquisition of superannuated Frank Lary from Detroit allows them to move Bill "Woke" Wakefield to the bullpen, along with his 1-6 record. 

PITT-BURGERS  (11-21) The Buccos entered the month at 9-6, but nothing went right at all for them in May. Injuries to Stargell and Pagliaroni left them short-handed, and the bullpen exploded. Even Bob Veale (3-5) couldn't win despite a very decent 2.82 ERA. Al McBean has been good, with 7 saves and 1.83, but the rest of his bullpen pals carry personal cans of gasoline for putting out fires. 

HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM  (14-17)  The Colt .45's have pitching, but no hitting. They are on pace to score less than 400 runs. Walter Bond did get hot near month's end, including a 3-HR game with 6 rbi, for season totals of 7, 20, .239. Bob Aspromonte came out of a dreadful April to rise to 3, 18, .237, but nobody else is even worth mentioning except in cruel jest. Jim Wynn tops the team with a .257 avg. but has only 1 HR and 6 rbi. They have been blanked 9 times, but most of them in April and during one awful stretch of May when they were shut out by the Mets for 3 games running. 

AL report soon!