Thursday, March 31, 2016

That's It!: Sunday, October 1st, 1967


BOS 2, MIN 1 W-Bell 16-9 L-Worthington 8-8 S-Wyatt(10) HR-Reese(17)

WAS 2, CHI 1 W-Knowles 4-6 L-Klages 2-5 S-Baldwin(25) 

CLE 8, BAL 0 W-McDowell 4-12 L-Phoebus 15-10 HR-Davalillo(3)

CAL 7, DET 5 W-Hamilton 7-7 L-Sparma 7-11 HR-Hamilton(2) McAuliffe(24) Mathews(6)

CAL 6, DET 5 W-Cimino 8-9 L-Dobson 1-4 S-Rojas(34) HR-Hall(9)

NY 5, KC 2 W-Peterson 13-14 L-Nash 7-18 S-Womack(27) 


Sam McDowell had a crappy season, but won 3 of his last 4 and looked like the Sudden Sam of old doing it.  Washington won 3 of their final 4. Baltimore lost 18 of their final 26.

There will be a big post with final team stats, final leader board, team capsules and other good stuff, whenever I can get all that together. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mick Schools 'Em: Friday and Saturday, September 29-30, 1967

Scores, September 29th

WAS 7, CHI 4 W-Bertaina 9-18 L-Peters 13-12 S-Baldwin(24) HR-Howard(36) Epstein(3)ph

NY 7, KC 4 W-Verbanic 2-4 L-Dobson 4-19 S-Womack(25) HR-Mantle 2(36) Pepitone(16) Whitaker(5)

NY 2, KC 1 W-Downing 11-14 L-Sanford 12-11 S-Womack(26) HR-Green(3)

Scores, September 30th

BOS 7, MIN 3 W-Lonborg 20-11 L-Merritt 17-11 HR-Carew(8) Rollins(5) Scott 2(27) 1 ISP Foy 2(20)

CHI 4, WAS 1 W-John 14-6 L-Ortega 9-20 S-Locker(21) HR-Howard(37) H.Allen(4)

BAL 1, CLE 0 W-Hardin 21-11 L-Siebert 17-14 HR-Powell(12)

DET 3, CAL 1 W-Wilson 21-10 L-McGlothlin 15-11 S-Gladding(30) HR-Wilson(5)

DET 4, CAL 3 W-McLain 19-7 L-Clark 9-15 S-Gladding(31)

KC 5, NY 4 (11inns) W-Aker 1-2 L-Tillotson 3-6 HR-Krausse(3) Mantle(37)GS 

The great Mickey Mantle
Mickey Mantle found the magic bottle of Geritol and upped his HR total to 37 with 3 in the 2 games he played on these dates. His grand slam on Saturday came in his first at bat and gave NY a 4-1 lead behind Mel Stottlemyre, so I removed him to let him go out on a high note. But Kansas City rallied and won the game as New York never scored again. "Why rush things?" quipped Jack Aker about his first win coming on the last day of September.

The Red Sox clinched second place with a decisive win over the Twins. Jim Lonborg became the league's sixth (!) 20-game winner. By comparison, my 1961 AL had two, and my 1965 AL had three.

Jim Hardin's astonishing 12th shutout tied him for 5th all-time. 

1 day and 6 games to go!


Sunday, March 27, 2016

Death of An Angry Man: Tuesday-Thursday, September 26-28, 1967

Scores, September 26th

WAS 4, BAL 3 (10inns) W-Baldwin 10-3 L-Drabowsky 4-10 HR-Howard(35) Peterson(10)

BOS 8, CLE 4 W-Santiago 7-4 L-Tiant 14-19 HR-Sims(8) Thomas(1)ph

MIN 7, CAL 3 W-Kaat 13-14 L-Wright 7-11 HR-Mincher(25) Allison(19)

NY 10, DET 9 W-Talbot 6-8 L-Dobson 1-3 S-Womack(24) HR-Freehan(18) Smith(5) Hegan(1)

Scores, September 27th

CLE 4, BOS 3 W-Hargan 11-12 L-Stange 20-6 S-Pena(5) HR-Davalillo(2) Wagner(12) Yaz(46)

KC 2, CHI 1 W-Hunter 19-8 L-Horlen 13-16 Hunter 2-hitter.

CHI 10, KC 4 W-McMahon 11-4 L-Nash 7-17 S-Wilhelm(6) HR-Ward(30) Hanson(11) Hanson 4 rbi.

CAL 9, MIN 8 W-Kelso 3-5 L-Grant 1-2 S-Rojas(33) HR-Mincher(26) Killebrew(40)

Scores September 28th

No games.

The hate-filled Mr. Mincher
Don Mincher of the Angels had an attitude against his old team, and punished the Twins all series long. "I hate them," he said as he hit ball after ball off of and over the fence. But such anger isn't healthy, and Don died while unsuccessfully chasing a pop foul (but after hitting another home run for 3 more rbi.) His season is over, but he turned in gaudy numbers with 26 HR, 36 doubles, and 109 rbi, to go with a .267 batting average. 

Wednesday was a bad day for 20-game winners, with Lee Stange losing on a 2-run shot by puny Vic Davalillo, and Dean Chance giving up 7 runs in just 2 innings of work. Yikes.

Tom Phoebus jumped out of his hospital bed on Tuesday and twirled 8 innings of 5-hit ball. He had a comfy 3-1 lead against the popgun Senators and was fit to be tied when his manager decided to give the gift-wrapped save to Moe Drabowsky who promptly blew the lead and the game. Oops.

The badly hungover Tigers sent kid pitcher Pat Dobson out there to get it over with against the Yankees on Tuesday. He immediately gave up half a dozen runs in the bottom of the first, but then settled down some. Still, the Tigers trailed by a bunch when Steve Hamilton came on for New York and gave up 5 runs while retiring only one batter! The one out came when the Tigers, not taking this post-clinching game very seriously, sent up Denny McLain as a joke pinch-hitter to lead off. He grounded out, but who knew the Tigers would bat around and I would have to send good-hitting pitcher Earl Wilson up there to hit for him with the bases loaded, 2 out, and the score 10-7? Earl delivered a two-run single to make it 10-9, but Dooley "Drooly" Womack was able to get the final out and preserve the Yankee win. It seems like the Tigers can hardly lose even when they're fooling around. 

George Thomas of Boston and Mike Hegan of the Yanks say it's better to wait until the middle of the final week to start hitting 'em out!

Kansas City's Municipal Stadium in happier days.
Finally, only five thousand hardy souls showed up for the KC A's last home date ever. Jim Hunter rewarded the faithful with a masterful 2-1 win in the opener, but Jim Nash got lit up in the nightcap and failed to survive the first inning. Too bad, but the A's got hammered in their final home game before finishing the season at New York and then absconding to Oakland in '68. 

3 days and 15 games to go, including back-to-back doubleheaders for the Angels and Tigers on the weekend, and also a two-game set at Fenway between the Twins and Red Sox to decide second place.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Tigers Take Flag!: Monday, September 25th, 1967


WAS 1, BAL 0 W-Ortega 9-19 L-McNally 8-13 HR-Howard(34) Ortega 1-hitter.

CAL 8, MIN 3 W-McGlothlin 15-10 L-Boswell 15-9 HR-Rollins(4) Mincher 5 rbi.

DET 5, NY 0 W-Wilson 20-10 L-Stottlemyre 18-16 HR-Cash(40) Detroit clinches.

The Detroit Tigers are the 1967 AL replay champions! Earl Wilson mowed down the Mantle-less Yanks, Norm Cash hit his 40th HR, a 3-run shot, and the Tigers took a 5-0 lead into the bottom of the ninth in New York. The Yanks managed to put two on with one out, but Dick "Howser Mudda Howser Fadda?" Howser sent a ground ball to Ray Oyler, who flipped to McAuliffe for one, and the relay to Cash completed the double play and gave the jubilant Tigers their first flag since 1945. Wilson collected his 20th win, making him the league's fifth 20-game winner. 

The MXC gang tried to warn the Twins.
Earlier in the day, the Twins had eliminated themselves by losing to the Angels 8-3. Old friends Don Mincher and Jimmie Hall led the attack against them. Mincher had 5 rbi, one short of his total against his old team back on July 23rd. "You should not have traded me," he sniffed, sipping an apertif. Once again the Twins failed to take advantage of a chance to tie the Red Sox for second place. One game separates them with each team having 4 games left, the last two against each other.

Phil Ortega of the Senators just said "no" to losing 20.  Supported by a first inning solo bomb by Frank Howard, Phil made a bid for a no-hitter, but Orioles' pinch-hitter Dave May blooped a single to left with two out in the last of the eighth. 

6 days and 23 games to go!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Tigers Clinch A Tie: Sunday, September 24th, 1967


BAL 4, BOS 2 W-Hardin 20-11 L-Osinski 3-11 S-Drabowsky(20) HR-Johnson(10) Blefary(28) 

CLE 3, CHI 2 W-Siebert 17-13 L-Peters 13-11 HR-Ward(29) Hinton(7)

CAL 7, KC 5 W-Hamilton 6-7 L-Krausse 4-16 S-Rojas(32) HR-Knoop(12) Hamilton(1) Webster 2(25) Webster 4 rbi.

MIN 3, NY 0 W-Perry 10-8 L-Peterson 12-14 HR-Perry(5) Perry 2-hitter.

DET 5, WAS 4 W-Marshall 9-6 L-Baldwin 9-3 S-Gladding(29) HR-Kaline 2(22) McAuliffe(23) Valentine 2(18) Valentine 4 rbi.

The Tigers clinched at least a tie for the pennant by outlasting the Senators on Sunday. It was quite a game, with the lowly last-place Nats putting up an unexpected fight!  At first, it looked like carnage as usual with Joe Coleman giving up a pair of runs in the top of the first inning on an Al Kaline home run. Al has never been to the Series and wants it badly! But the Nats took advantage of a Dick Tracewski error to come back in the bottom of the first to take a 3-2 lead. In the top of the sixth, with Washington leading 4-3 and three left-hand batters due up,  Dick "Let's Do Some" Lines was told to put away his mirror and credit card and go in there and pitch. He eventually found himself with two on and two out (having given up hits to two of those lefty hitters) and Dick Tracewski up. The dummy managing Washington, whoever she was, (Oh wait! It was Gil Hodges! Blame Gil Hodges!) contracted a sudden case of Brad Ausmus Disease, in which the sufferer leaves pitchers in for one batter too many. And so, Mr. Lines dealt to Mr. Tracewski, who redeemed himself with a game-tying single. THEN right-hander Casey Cox was summond to retire Don Wert. The game stayed tied at 4 until Dick McAuliffe stood in against Dave Baldwin in the top of the eighth. I just had a weird feeling he was going to crank it, and he did, for a 5-4 Detroit lead, which Fred Gladding made stand up to clinch at least a tie for the Tigers, whose magic number against both the Red Sox and Twins is one. However, victory came at a price. Al Kaline and Jim Northrup collided chasing a fly ball; Northrup hung on for the second out in the bottom of the 8th, but he will miss 2 games and Kaline 5, not returning until the final game of the season. Subs Gates Brown and Lenny Green were already injured from long ago, and Mickey Stanley had been used as a pinch hitter as had emergency outfielder Eddie Mathews, so the Tigers outfield for the last 4 outs, from left to right, was Price, Horton, Lumpe. (!) For the upcoming two-game set in New York, Eddie Mathews will once again have to dust off his outfielder's glove. 

Cleveland avoided the embarrassment of being swept all 9 home games by Chicago, by squeaking out a win on Sunday. The Tribe was hot until White Sox pitchers arrived in town; the Indians managed only six hits for the entire three-game series!

The Orioles came from behind to stun the Red Sox, with the recently struggling Moe Drabowsky coming on to fan all 6 batters he faced. It was a glum bunch of Bosox who watched victory slip away. Baltimore's Jim Hardin became the league's fourth 20-game winner.

5th starter or pop diva?
Meanwhile, Jim "Call Me Katy" Perry did it all against the Yankees in front of a capacity crowd in Minnesota. He hit a three-run home run, then made it stand up by twirling a 2-hit shutout. It was Jim's fifth HR of the year! I looked it up, and he only actually hit 5 in his entire career, but APBA gave him a 66-1 and he has made good use of it. 

Another hurler with a 66-1 is Jack Hamilton, who hit the Halos' first home run by a pitcher all season. I looked him up, too, and he never hit one for the Angels, so he must have hit at least one for the Mets before being acquired. My 1967 Box Score Book, which tells me everything from each game's umpires to the attendance, only covers the AL. 

7 days and 26 games to go! The Tigers' magic number is 1.

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Salmon Ruins Everything: Saturday, September 23rd, 1967


BOS 6, BAL 3 W-Lonborg 19-11 L-Dillman 3-3 S-Lyle(1) HR-Andrews(10) Yaz(45)

CHI 4, CLE 0 W-John 13-6 L-McDowell 3-12 HR-Boyer(5)GS John 1-hitter, McDowell 12 K's.

CAL 6, KC 1 W-Clark 9-14 L-Dobson 4-18 HR-Monday(21)

MIN 6, NY 4 W-Merritt 17-10 L-Downing 10-14 S-Worthington(24) HR-Killebrew(39) Uhlaender(13)

"Must spawn!"
Tommy John of the White Sox made a bid for his second no-hitter of the season, getting one out in the ninth before Chico Salmon, in a desperate effort to spawn, socked a double but died out there at second base. "My life cycle was complete," he burbled.  Mid-season pick-up Ken Boyer had just broken a 0-0 tie in the top of the eighth with a grand slam for the Pale Hose.

A's rookie flyhawk Reggie Jackson celebrated getting the starting nod by dying immediately. He had 1 home run and 8 rbi to go with a .137 batting average. He's done for the year and probably doesn't have much of a future in the big leagues. "I've got a wonderful future behind me," he quipped, sounding a lot like Willie Nelson.

8 days and 31 games to go!
Adam Conover warns, "Don't settle for cheap imitations!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Two More Twenty Game Winners: Friday, September 22nd, 1967


BOS 4, BAL 3 W-Stange 20-5 L-Drabowsky 4-9 S-Wyatt(9) HR-Smith(15)ph Johnson(9)

BOS 4, BAL 3 W-Bell 15-9 L-Richert 10-12 S-Osinski(12) HR-Jones(7) Scott(25)

CHI 1, CLE 0 W-Horlen 13-15 L-Hargan 10-12 HR-McCraw(9) Horlen 2-hitter.

KC 5, CAL 1 W-Hunter 18-8 L-Brunet 14-12 

MIN 5, NY 1 W-Chance 20-9 L-Monbouquette 14-7 HR-Killebrew(38) Rollins(3)

DET 5, WAS 1 W-McLain 18-7 L-Bertaina 8-18 HR-Cash(39) Northrup(14) 

DET 12, WAS 4 W-Aguirre 12-8 L-Moore 3-11 HR-Valentine(16) Peterson(9) Howard(33)

Lee Stange, unexpected ace
Boston, desperately trying to keep their hopes alive, rallied from a 3-2 deficit in the 9th inning against the Orioles' Moe Drabowsky when Jerry Adair singled and Reggie Smith came off the bench to smack a two-run pinch tater. Drabowsky has seen his e.r.a. rise from a stellar 1.17 earlier in the month, to over 2 now. In the nightcap it was the Orioles' turn to rally, but it fell short and the Birds fell to their 14th loss in their last 20 games. The Red Sox' Lee Stange has won 9 straight decisions and hasn't lost since July 28th, to become the league's second 20 game winner, along with Mickey Lolich of the Tigers. Meanwhile, the White Sox won to pass the hapless Orioles for 4th place.

"We're gonna get high high high as the noonday sun!"
Bill Monbouquette left his beaver traps and his squaw wife's Indian poultices, declared himself healed, and came down from French Canada by canoe to hook up in a pitching duel with the Twins' Dean Chance. However, an 8th inning 3-run blast off the bat of Rich Rollins made a winner of the Twins and Mr. Chance, who rose to 20-9. 

Denny McLain, who does not know what you mean about gamblers.
Did you think maybe the Senators would jump up and bite the Tigers again? Silly you! The two teams played a twi-night doubleheader (with an off day Saturday...fall football at RFK Stadium, maybe?) and the Tigers demolished the ridiculous Nats with a pair of complete games from their starters. In the opener, Denny McLain won his 12th straight decision dating all the way back to July 8th (!) and lowered his e.r.a. solidly below 2. (He's only a CYZ. More Tigers luck!) In the nightcap, the Nats exploded for 3 homers, but still got thumped by the Tigers' "B" team, which I put in there because the regulars were looking pretty gassed lately. Hank Aguirre went the distance and was backed up by scads of hits from the likes of Jerry Lumpe and Ray Oyler, and was helped along by 4 errors by the generous and fumbling Nats. This leaves Minnesota within a whisker of elimination, and the Tigers sitting in the catbird's seat.

Just 9 days and 35 games left.


Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Mice That Roared: Wednesday & Thursday, September 20-21, 1967

Scores September 20th

CHI 3, CAL 2 W-McMahon 10-4 L-McGlothlin 14-10 S-Locker(20) HR-Ward 2(28)

CLE 6, BOS 4 W-Pena 3-5 L-Osinski 3-10 S-Culver(2) HR-Andrews(9) 

NY 1, DET 0 W-Stottlemyre 18-15 L-Wilson 19-10 HR-Kenney(9) Stottlemyre 1-hitter.

MIN 8, KC 2 W-Boswell 15-8 L-Nash 7-16 HR-Monday(20)isp All 13 Twins hits are singles.

WAS 2, BAL 1 W-Ortega 8-19 L-McNally 8-12 S-Baldwin(23) HR-H.Allen(3)

WAS 4, BAL 3 W-Baldwin 9-2 L-Drabowsky 4-8 HR-F.Robinson(25) Saverine walk-off single.

Scores September 21st

CLE 10, BOS 1 W-Tiant 14-18 L-Morehead 9-10 HR-Wagner(11)

KC 5, MIN 3 W-Segui 7-5 L-Kaat 12-14 S-Pierce(15)

BAL 6, WAS 2 W-Brabender 5-8 L-Pascual 6-19 HR-Blair(13)

Bob Saverine, after the trade and the lobotomy.
In a long season, even ne'er do wells have their moments. Let's start with Washington, who managed not only to prevent the Orioles' Jim Hardin from winning his 20th, but they swept a doubleheader as well! They took both games by one run, with the nightcap featuring a walk-off single by Bob Saverine! It would have been a double, had they needed it. Bob was delighted to punish his former team, who sent him the the Siberia of the American League, also known as the Senators. A loss the next day couldn't take the shine off the two wins on Wednesday.

The Indians hosted the Red Sox and promptly dashed their dim pennant hopes by taking two from the Bosox. The Indians staff leads the league in strikeouts, and yet they won on Wednesday without striking out a single batter! That's a very rare event indeed, in the late 60s (or today, for that matter.) The Tribe is on an unlikely 10-2 run. They had the league's worst record in August, but something has revived them. 

Meanwhile, the Twins botched a chance to tie the Red Sox for second place by losing to the lowly A's. In fact, the A's took the season series from the Twins, 10-8, the only team they have a winning mark against. The Twins only other losing record is against first place Detroit, so it's a head scratcher. One would think that the heavy hitting Minnesotans would batter the worst pitching staff in the league, but for some reason, the A's have their number, and they won Thursday's game despite making 4 errors. 

Pete Ward of the White Sox has followed up his homerless August by knocking down the fences in September, setting a personal best of 28 and counting. Then there is the Yankees' Jerry "They Killed Kenny!" Kenney, who hit his 9th home run in support of Mel Stottlemyre's 1-hit 1-0 win over the Tigers. Bill Freehan hit a single in the middle of the game, and that was it. The 9 home runs is more than Kenney actually hit in his entire 4 year MLB career.


Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Big Showdown In Motown: Monday & Tuesday, September 18-19, 1967

Scores September 18

BAL 1, NY 0 W-Richert 10-11 L-Talbot 5-8 Richert and Talbot both throw 2-hitters.

CHI 4, CAL 1 W-Howard 11-12 L-Clark 8-14 S-Locker(19) HR-Causey(3) Hall(7)

BOS 7, DET 3 W-Bell 14-9 L-Lolich 21-6 S-Osinski(11) HR-Foy(18) Horton(21) Foy 5 rbi.

MIN 3, KC 1 W-Merritt 16-10 L-Dobson 4-17 S-Worthington(23) HR-Killebrew(37) Allison(18)

Scores September 19

BAL 5, NY 3 W-Dillman 3-2 L-Barber 4-3 S-Watt(9) HR-Tresh(25) Bowens(5)

CHI 4, CAL 2 W-Peters 13-10 L-Wright 7-10 HR-Fregosi(5) Hall(8) Peters 2-hitter.

CLE 4, WAS 2 W-Siebert 16-13 L-Coleman 3-18 S-Allen(9) HR-Maye(11)

DET 4, BOS 3 W-Gladding 6-3 L-Lonborg 18-11 HR-Yaz(44) Scott(24) Kaline(20) Cash(38)

KC 11, MIN 0 W-Krausse 4-15 L-Perry 9-8 HR-Monday(19) Suarez(4) Monday 4 rbi.

Let's get right to it! The Red Sox came into Tiger Stadium on Monday trailing the Tigers by 4 games with 12 left for each team. A sweep of the two games by Boston would make a real race of it; anything less would probably hand the flag to Detroit. 

Monday's hitting hero, Joe Foy.
In Monday's game, it was Gary Bell, acquired from Cleveland earlier in the season, going for Boston against the Tigers' nearly untouchable ace, Mickey Lolich. The Tigers put two on with nobody out in the 2nd, but slumping Norm Cash banged into a double play. It stayed scoreless into the top of the 4th, when Dalton Jones walked, George Scott singled, and Joe Foy doubled them both in for a 2-0 Boston advantage.  But in the bottom of the frame, Don Wert and Al Kaline singled. After ice cold Bill Freehan struck out, up stepped Motor City muscleman Willie Horton, who sent a Bell pitch far into the left field stands for a 3-2 Tiger lead. Norm Cash followed with a double but was stranded. On to the top of the 5th. Elston Howard, lending a veteran hand to the young Red Sox lineup in this crucial series, touched Lolich for a lead-off double. Bell laid down a bunt; the Tigers tried for the plodding Howard at third, but umpire Jim Odom spread his hands in the "safe"signal.  Jerry Adair, hot in August but frosty in September, popped up to Cash, passing the buck to Dalton Jones. Jones, always tough on Tigers' pitching,  ripped a double, scoring both Howard and Bell and giving Boston back the lead 4-3! The next batter, Carl Yastrzemski, lined a bullet off Lolich's hand. The Tigers' ace had to leave the game and will be out until the final day of the season. However, as Tiger fans groaned to see Lolich depart, Mike Marshall came in to deliver 2.2 innings of shutout relief. The Tigers went down in order in the 5th, 6th and 7th. In the top of the 8th, against bullpen ace Fred Gladding, who entered play with an incredible 0.83 e.r.a., Yaz worked a walk, Scott singled, and Joe Foy stepped up and rocked Gladding's world with a three-run bomb! The Tigers never got another hit, as Dan Osinski worked 3 innings of excellent relief, and the Red Sox found themselves within 3 of the Tigers at day's end.

Anticipation ran high for Tuesday's crucial contest. (Do you like that alliteration? Am I the daughter of a newspaperman, or what?!?) The Boston club decided to bypass Gary Waslewski for this important game, and send big Jim Lonborg to the mound. The Tigers countered with Joe Sparma, who has struggled all year, but did better in his last outing. The bullpen phones were checked and double-checked before game time. Once play began, Lonborg and Sparma hooked up in a classic pitching duel; the game remained scoreless through 5 innings. Then in the top of the 6th, Yaz led off with a long home run into the right field stands that Al Kaline could only turn and watch. Yaz has been on fire, doing everything he can to lift the Bosox to the pennant. George Scott followed with a single, and after yesterday's hero Joe Foy grounded out, Rico "The Disappointment" Petrocelli singled in Scott for a 2-0 Red Sox lead and Petrocelli's first rbi of the entire month. Reggie Smith walked, and it looked like more runs might be on the way, but Elston Howard grounded into a double play to end the rally. (A couple of innings later, a foul tip would end Howard's season.) In the bottom of the 6th, the (lately) toothless Tigers were looking for somebody to give the offense a spark. After Wert flied out, veteran star Al Kaline launched a home run off of Lonborg to cut the margin to 2-1, one of three hits he would have in this big game. But Bill Freehan, clearly fighting it, popped up to Mike Andrews, and when Horton bounced a ball to shortstop, the inning looked over. Not so fast! The ball clanked off of Petrocelli's glove and into short left field for an error, giving Horton, and the Tigers, continued life. Norm Cash stepped up, having fanned both trips previously. This time he lofted a mile high fly ball to right. Joe Foy (playing out of position with Conigliaro injured, so that his and Dalton Jones's bats can both be in the line-up) drifted back, and then back some more, as the ball arced through the night sky. Finally, as more than 40,000 Tiger fans held their breath, Foy reached out his bare hand to feel for the wall, right behind him. He kept a bead on the baseball, lifted his glove hand up to make the play, and then watched in disbelief as it plunked into the right field upper deck overhang for a 2-run home run and 3-2 Tigers lead. Bosox shortstop Rico Petrocelli found a particularly interesting spot on his shoe to stare down at as Cash trotted around the bases. Passing in front of Petrocelli, the always-wisecracking Cash quipped, "Thanks, chump!" 

Rico "The Disappointment" Petrocelli
Shades of future heartbreak?
But it wasn't over yet. In the top of the 8th, with Gladding once again on the hill for Detroit, Carl Yastzemski came to bat for the Red Sox, leading off. Could he do it one more time? Nervous silence prevailed in Tiger Stadium as Carl did his best, only to strike out on a mighty swing for the first out. But scarcely had the Tigers fans breathed a sigh of relief, when George "Boomer" Scott, with two hits already to his credit, socked a mammoth home run into the upper deck to tie the game! Fair enough! The Red Sox were retired without further damage, and so the game moved on to the last of the 8th, with a gutty Jim Lonborg still on the mound. He got Don Wert on a fly to right, but then old pro Kaline ripped a single. Struggling Bill Freehan hit into a force play for the second out. Horton kept it alive with a base hit, leaving runners on the corners and Cash due up in a tie game. The Red Sox skipper (nominally Dick Williams, but really me!) made the signal to the bullpen for lefty fireman Sparky Lyle to pitch to Cash. Cash hit a dribbler just out of the reach of a diving George Scott, scoring Freehan with the tie-breaking run. Willie Horton, who had not been pinch run for, chugged around second, then third, and rumbled toward the plate, testing the arm of the misplaced Mr. Foy in right field. Foy had had to come a long way to collect the baseball, but when he did, he let it fly, and Russ Gibson applied the tag to Horton at the plate, ending the inning and sending the game to the ninth with the Bengals on top 4-3. 

Jitters among the Tigers faithful got doubly bad as the suddenly vulnerable Mr. Gladding immediately gave up a bloop single to lead-off man Reggie Smith. Spare part Jose Tartabull emerged from the first base dugout to hit for catcher Russ Gibson. Everybody on the field knew he was up there bunting, and he did, but poorly! The out was made at second, and the Tigers very nearly doubled off Tartabull, but his speed allowed him to beat the throw by a hair, with umpire Haller spreading his arms as the crowd groaned. That brought up late-season acquisition Ken "Hawk" Harrelson, to bat for Lyle. Harrelson had come to the team in late August, and had started out red hot, but then been injured, and when he returned, Foy and Jones were doing too well to take out of the line-up. So Hawk found himself riding the lonesome pine when he was summoned to hit with everything riding on the result. He stepped in, as Gladding took a deep breath and prepared to deliver the next pitch. In it came, and Harrelson swung hard but got on top of the ball, sending a grounder to slick-fielding shortstop Ray Oyler, who flipped to second sacker McAuliffe for one, and on to Cash for the inning-, game-, and probably season-ending double play for the Red Sox. I'll say this: it was a hell of a two game series, the kind of games an APBA fan plays the entire season in hopes for. Thank you, gentlemen. Your Goddess salutes you.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Attack of the 98-Pound Weaklings: Sunday, September 17th, 1967


BOS 4, BAL 0 W-Stange 19-5 L-Brabender 4-8 HR-Jones(6) Scott(23)

KC 3, CAL 0 W-Hunter 17-8 L-Brunet 14-11 Hunter 1-hitter.

MIN 10, CHI 1 W-Chance 19-9 L-Horlen 12-15 Nixon 6 rbi.

WAS 8, DET 1 W-Bertaina 8-17 L-Aguirre 11-8 HR-McMullen(11) B.Allen(3)

NY 1, CLE 0 W-Peterson 12-13 L-Hargan 10-11

Wimpiness abounds lately around the league! In the past ten games, the losing team has scored no runs 5 times, one run 4 times and four runs once. Perhaps they are practicing for 1968? Jim Hunter gave up only an early single to Jim Fregosi in stopping the Angels cold. To make it worse for the Halos, homer-happy Rick Reichardt will be out 5 games with dry flyaway hair. Ricky Angel will be missed. Don Mincher missed Sunday's game but will be back when the Halos next take the field. 

The silly Nats jumped up and bit the Tigers, who still can't seem to buy a hit.  Bernie Allen, he of the three-run jack, does not suffer from wimpiness!

Finally, Russ Nixon hit two doubles, a triple and a single for 6 rbi against the stunned White Sox. It was the third 6-rbi performance this season by a Twin, with Mr. Nixon joining Rich Reese and Ted Uhlaender. Speaking of Mr. Reese, he died a grisly death at the hands of bloodthirsty batboys, and will be out until the very last day of the season, when he will return to see whether the Twins pulled off a miracle or not. 
"I am not a crook! Or a wimp!"
Now that I am down to just 60 games to go, I am mulling what my next project will be. Some possibilities I am considering: 1964 NL, 1956 NL or both leagues, 1969 NL, 1970 NL or both leagues, 1982 NL or both leagues. I'm also toying with the idea of playing a modified 1957 season with some players from the 2015 four-team set (Royals, Blue Jays, Cubs, Mets) added. I change my mind every day. Meanwhile, 1967 marches on!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hardin My Heart: Saturday, September 16th, 1967


BAL 3, BOS 0 W-Hardin 19-11 L-Morehead 9-9  HARDIN NO-HITTER.

CAL 6, KC 1 W-Hamilton 5-7 L-Sanford 12-10 HR-Reichardt(24)

MIN 3, CHI 1 W-Kaat 12-13 L-John 12-6 HR-Killebrew(36) Berry(7)

DET 1, WAS 0 W-Marshall 8-6 L-Pascual 6-18 S-Gladding(29)

CLE 7, NY 4 W-Tiant 13-18 L-Downing 10-13 HR-Maye(10)ISP Azcue(14) Alvis(12)  

Jim Hardin, partying like it's 1968.
Jim Hardin of the Orioles tossed the season's third no-hitter Saturday at Fenway Park! The O's scored three in the top of the first and that's all he needed to cruise to the no-hit victory. In the last of the ninth, Reggie Smith fanned leading off. Then Jerry Adair hit for Mike Ryan and drew a walk, one of three given up by Hardin, along with 6 strikeouts. Hawk Harrelson hit for the pitcher and flied to left for the second out. That left it up to Mike Andrews, who scorched a screamer down to third base, but that's where Brooks Robinson sets up his office. Brooksie made the pick and tossed over to Curt Blefary for the final out. Hardin faced just one batter over the minimum, thanks to two double plays.

Oddly, both the other no-hitters of the season were thrown by White Sox pitchers, at Comiskey Park, against the Yankees, with Bill "The French Trader" Monbouquette taking the loss both times. Joel Horlen tossed his in April, Tommy John in July. 

Ed "Creeper" Stroud: "I know it's out here someplace!"
The Tigers' bats continue to be deep frozen, but one fluky run was enough to down the punchless Nats, who managed only two singles in a scenario that has become much too familiar. It was the Senators' 29th whitewash of the season. The Tigers scored when Trixie Tracewski singled; then Don Wert laced a single to right which baffled Nat's flyhawk Ed Stroud enough that Trixie streaked all the way home from first, with Wert taking second on the throw. No error, just a strange play. Weirdly, Stroud is the only adequate-fielding picket the Nats have, but he just couldn't seem to track the ball down this time. And if the Trixie/Wert combo sounds familiar, they combined to produce the only run in a recent 1-0 win over Baltimore. In fact, the Tigers have scored just 5 runs in their last 3 games, but have won them all.

Additional note: (APBA nerd stuff.) After posting this last night, I wandered over to The APBA Blog, where I was reading about the new boards. "You'll get better results" the article said, so I pulled out my new boards, purchased a few weeks ago and which I had hardly glanced at. The tie-in with the above post is that the Tigers' fluky rally would not have happened on the new boards. Wert's hit would have been a simple fly out to right. 

I started out with the huge clunky heavy-duty boards that came with my first game in 1980; I still have them some place in the house, but Goddess knows where. They are undoubtedly with my 1979 cards, inside the old gorgeous Hank Aaron game box which is missing in action as well. I would never have thrown them away. Anyway, since some time in the 90s I have been using the thinner "radio" boards, which I like for their color-coding and for their "radio" descriptions. In any event, I am so familiar with 98% of the results, that I don't have to consult them much, though I did on Wert's hit. Well, now I'll have some learning to do, if I switch to the new boards on my next replay.

Result 12, which was always a grounder to first, is now a grounder to third. 12 seems to have swapped out with 29 to some degree, which accommodates pitcher-started double plays, which I like. The old reliable 35, a pop foul to the catcher all these years, is now the grounder to first. But the big change on the regular boards is result 8 with a runner on first. Except for slow runners, everybody went first to third on a single, unless the pitcher's grade made it an out. I always felt there was too much first-to-thirding. But now everybody stops at second. I'm not so sure I'm happy with that, either. I think I might let fast (F) runners go to third, and everybody else stop at second. The old boards create too many easy runs, but the new boards seem like they would really stifle scoring, particularly in a pitching-dominated year such as the one I am playing now.

Another change is that Z pitchers allow two balls in base situations where it used to be one. In other words, with a runner on first, it took four 14's to walk a batter; now it will only take two. I can't tell you how many times that would come into play. I like it. But the biggest change is the sacrifice and hit and run boards (or booklet, as it used to be.) I was so stoked when i found my old brown sacrifice booklet in an old desk drawer recently. I love the tabs that take you right to the chart you need. But it was flawed. I had already changed a couple of things, including the walk on 14 when sacrificing. I made it ball one. But the thing that really changed dramatically is the hit and run. Now 13 is a strike and the runner is out stealing. It used to be that a runner with an 11 on his card stole successfully, and so I have long used the hit and run as a way to goose runners into going, since the basic game doesn't have a provision for calling a steal. Used this way, a batter who strikes out a lot is ideal, whereas he wouldn't be in an actual hit and run play. On a straight steal, batters often take a pitch to let the runner have the chance to go, but on a true hit and run, contact is the thing. I think I might do this: use the old chart when my real aim is to steal, and the new chart when I really mean hit and run. Another difference is that the power results are reduced on the new hit and run, which makes sense.

Anyway, I will finish the last 65 games of this replay as i have been doing, with the radio boards and the old sacrifice booklet. Then, we'll see.    

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Bring Out Your Dead: Friday, September 15th, 1967


BOS 6, BAL 5 W-Lonborg 18-10 L-McNally 8-11 S-Osinski(10) HR-Johnson(8) Haney(5) Yaz(43)

KC 7, CAL 5 W-Pierce 4-7 L-Cimino 7-9 HR-Mincher(24)

CHI 6, MIN 5 W-Wilhelm 7-6 L-Boswell 14-8 S-Locker(18) HR-Boyer(4) Boyer 5 rbi.

DET 3, WAS 1 W-Wilson 19-9 L-Ortega 7-19 HR-Cullen(5)

CLE 8, NY 4 W-McDowell 3-11 L-Stottlemyre 17-15 S-Allen(8) HR-Whitfield(9)ph Tresh(24)

Groundskeepers remove the fallen from the field.
Every replay has a point at which it gets close enough to the end of the season for someone to have a season-ending injury, and thus, the first final stats of that replay! Since J-4's max out at 40 games, sometimes this happens before August even ends, but this time I reached mid-September before anyone took their ball and bat and went home. 

Jimmy O'toole haunts the fans from the Jumbotron.
The first to expire was Irish Jimmy O'toole of the White Sox, who was pitching well against the Twins when the English invaded and killed him. He takes a 5-8 log to his end. The little folk weep.

Roy White, waiting for next year.
Following right on his heels was the Yankees' Roy White, who left a note saying he was glad he got his average above the Mendoza Line (.203) before he died. He smashed into the left field wall at Yankee Stadium trying to flag down a drive off the bat of the Indians' Larry Brown. Both the ball and various parts of Mr. White bounced away as Brown resisted the urge to run out there and count coup against the Yankee devil.

In a less fatal episode, Halos lead-off man Bubba Morton and his .299 average went bye-bye for 11 games, but both will be back. I suppose there's a chance that the unheralded Bubba could win the batting title, but I think the likes of Paul Blair, Carl Yastrzemski and George Scott will beat him out.  Still, stranger things have happened. Have I mentioned that Ron Hassey--yes, Ron Hassey--won my 1986 AL batting title? Got to love tabletop baseball!

The Twins, having lost consecutive one-run games to the Senators and White Sox, are probably done like dinner, despite a noble comeback attempt. That leaves the Red Sox to pursue the Tigers, who remain mired in an uncharacteristic hitting funk, but whose pitching is pulling them through. The Bosox will be getting Rico "The Disappointment" Petrocelli and "Hawk" Harrelson back next game, though valuable slugger Tony Conigliaro remains out. "I can't get the ph balance of my shampoo right," he moaned from his hospital bed.

I am down to just 70 games to play!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Slipping Them A Mickey: Wednesday & Thursday, September 13-14, 1967

Scores September 13th

BOS 6, KC 2 W-Bell 13-9 L-Dobson 4-16 HR-Webster(23)Ryan(1)

CLE 5, CHI 1 W-O'donoghue 12-13 L-B.Howard 10-12

DET 1, BAL 0 W-Lolich 21-5 L-Richert 9-11 Lolich 1-hitter.

CAL 7, NY 1 W-Clark 8-13 L-Barber 4-2 HR-Mincher(23)

WAS 3, MIN 2 W-Knowles 3-6 L-Merritt 15-10 S-Baldwin(22) HR-F.Howard(32)

Score September 14th

CLE 3, CHI 1 (10inns) W-Siebert 15-13 L-Peters 12-10

The banged-up slumping Tigers were saved on Wednesday by their ace, Mickey Lolich.  All you need to know happened before anyone was out in the bottom of the first inning. In the top of the first, the Orioles' Dave Johnson made an out, then Paul "The Blair Witch" Blair doubled, followed by a Frank Robinson walk. But Brooks Robinson banged into a double play, ending the threat. Then in the bottom of the first, Dick "Trixie" Tracewski, enjoying the only decent hitting year of his career, singled leading off and stole second. Then Don Wert's hit drove him in. Game over! Lolich never allowed another hit in registering his 10th shutout (tied with the Orioles' Jim Hardin for the league lead) and lowering his league-leading e.r.a. to a microscopic 1.58. No one else is even close. And boy, did the Tigers need the win.

Meanwhile at Fenway Park, backstop Mike Ryan took a wee drop o' the spirits before standing in against Chuck Dobson of the A's, who was so unimpressed that he refused to walk Ryan with pitcher Gary Bell due up and two men on. Ryan, wearing a leprechaun hat with a buckle on it, launched his first home run of the entire season, and it was all over but the hangover. Meanwhile Mister Dobson has won only one game since the end of June.

The Senators threw a wrench into the spokes of the Minnesota Twins Express, shuffling their pipsqueak line-up and squeezing out just enough runs to support new starter Darold Knowles for the victory. However, with a lead in the sixth, a line drive decapitated Mr. Knowles, and so he will have to have his noggin sewn back on and will miss all but perhaps one last start on the season's final weekend. Barry Moore would step back into the rotation, but he's dead, too. So who knows? Who cares? It's Washington! Can Obama give them a few innings???
Leader of the free world, and spot starter?


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ricky Angel Part Two: Tuesday, September 12th, 1967


BOS 3, KC 0 W-Stange 18-5 L-Hunter 16-8 HR-Foy(17)

CLE 5, CHI 4 (12inns) W-Pena 2-5 L-Locker 9-7 HR-Colavito(8)Buford(3)ph

CHI 2, CLE 1 (10inns) W-Horlen 12-14 L-Allen 5-7 HR-Berry(6)Hanson(10)GW

BAL 3, DET 2 (12inns) W-Miller 7-3 L-Wickersham 2-2

CAL 5, NY 4 W-Rojas 5-2 L-Womack 5-6 S-Cimino(2) HR-White 2(3) 1 ISP

CAL 6, NY 5 W-Cimino 7-8 L-Womack 5-7 S-Rojas(31) HR-Reichardt(23)ph Tresh(23) Talbot(2)Kenny(8)ph

MIN 3, WAS 0 W-Chance 18-9 L-Coleman 3-17

Ricky Angel gets equal billing with Mickey Mouse, and good drugs from Uncle Walt
Ricky Angel, how we love him, la la la. All season, big Don Mincher has been the big gun in the Angels' lineup, while, until lately, Rick Reichardt had been so ordinary that he didn't even always play at all. Then Minch went cold while Ricky Angel started shoveling down Wheaties by the box full. At one point, Mincher led the team with 22 HR, and Reichardt was second with just 16. Two and a half weeks later, Mincher still has 22, but Ricky Angel has taken over the lead with 23! On Tuesday (pay up, Wimpy!) Rick pinch hit with two out and a man on first in the top of the ninth at Yankee Stadium and the Halos trailing by a run. I thought, "He's been red hot and homer-happy....could he do it again?" and lo and behold, he did. I hope my next door neighbor didn't hear the shriek that your Goddess let loose when he launched it. It was a pretty thrilling double dip, though Dooley "Drooly" Womack might beg to differ, taking the loss in both games. Hang down your head, old Drooly.

Lee Stange shut out the A's at Fenway, to keep the Red Sox in the race and ahead of the hard-charging Twins. Mister Stange's e.r.a. dipped below 2 with the whitewash. Acquired in '66 by the Bosox from Cleveland along with fireman Don McMahon in exchange for the now embalmed and forgotten Dick Radatz, Mr. Stange came cheap and has paid off big.

The Nats dropped their ceremonial 100th loss in typical style, being shut out for the mind-boggling 28th time this season. They exploded for three hits, all singles. It can't end soon enough for them. 

The Tigers, in command seemingly all season, are staggering to the finish line! Stormin' Norman Cash has been beset by a series of minor injuries which have had him in and out of the line-up, and the Tigers suddenly look human. A Curt Blefary hit undid Dave Wickersham and the Bengals. Wick was brought in to a tie game instead of Mike Marshall, who has seen his e.r.a. balloon from under 2 to over 4 in recent weeks, while Wick's was under 2 until Mr. Blefary ruined it all for him. Stu "Mrs. Miller" Miller picked up the win and sang some of your favorite tunes afterwards, in celebration. 
Mrs. Miller, who made utter lack of talent work for her.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

White Sox Walk-Off Madness: Sunday & Monday, September 10-11, 1967

Scores September 10

MIN 17, BAL 5 W-Grant 1-1 L-Dillman 2-2 HR-Uhlaender 2(12)Oliva(26)Killebrew(35) Perry(4)Aparicio(5)ISP Uhlaender 6 rbi. 

NY 9, BOS 7 W-Womack 5-5 L-Osinski 3-9 HR-Pepitone(15) Pepitone 4 rbi.

CHI 4, DET 3 W-Locker 8-6 L-Gladding 5-3 HR-Agee(13) Causey ph walk-off double.

CHI 2, DET 1 W-Locker 9-6 L-Marshall 7-6 HR-Ward(26) Colavito walk-off single.

CLE 4, KC 3 W-Siebert 14-13 L-Nash 7-15 S-Allen(7) HR-Wagner(10)

CLE 4, KC 0 W-McDowell 2-11 L-Krausse 3-15 HR-Demeter(5) McDowell 15 K's.

CAL 9, WAS 7 W-Hamilton 4-7 L-Pascual 6-17 HR-Knoop(11)Satriano(7)Howard(31)

Scores September 11

CHI 3, BAL 0 W-John 12-5 L-Hardin 18-11 John 2-hitter.

MIN 7, WAS 6 W-Worthington 8-7 L-Priddy 2-5 HR-Oliva(27)Valentine(15)Casanova 2(10)

The Doublemint Twins, ardent White Sox fans
The White Sox stunned the league-leading Tigers by handing them not one but two ("Two! Two! Two mints in one!") walk-off losses at Comiskey Park on Sunday. In the opener, the Tigers had just come back from a 3-1 deficit in the 9th to tie the game at 3 against Sox ace Gary Peters. Up stepped light-hitting Wayne Causey, oh-for-September but called upon to pinch hit by Sox skipper Eddie Stanky. Wayne pulled one down the right field line for a game-winning double! Then in the nightcap, former Tiger Rocky Colavito dropped a single into right field and even the mighty arm of Al Kaline could not get it back in quickly enough to prevent the winning run from coming home. Two walk-off wins in the space of a few hours! White Sox fans certainly got their money's worth. Then the next night, against visiting Baltimore, lefty Tommy John made a bid for his second no-hitter of the season, but a chopper off the plate resulted in an infield hit for Boog Powell (!) in the seventh, and Paul Blair added a harmless single in the eighth, but the Sox won again and find themselves just a half game back of the O's, who have lost 7 of 8 while giving up 63 runs during that stretch as the pitching has imploded. 

Sudden Sam McDowell of the Indians found the Kansas City "B" team to his liking as he fanned 15 of them in the second game of a Sunday doubleheader while registering his first shutout, first complete game, and second win of the season. 

Minnesota, with their starting line-up intact for the first time in quite a while, has been bludgeoning opponents without mercy. Washington seemed to have them stopped, leading 6-2 in the 8th with ace reliever Dave Baldwin on the hill, but the Twins tied it up and then won it in the 9th on a HR by Tony Oliva off of Jerry "I Feel Pretty" Priddy. The hilariously punchless Nats wasted 7 runs on Sunday and 6 more on Monday in losing both despite the burst of offensive adequacy. Meanwhile the Twinkies find themselves just a game out of second place and only six out of first. Is there enough time, with just 17 games left? Probably not, and here's why: the Twins have zero games left against the Tigers, while the Tigers play hapless Washington 6 more times. However, the Minnesotans look like they could definitely blow past the Red Sox for second. We'll see. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Am The (Lon)Borg: Saturday, September 9th, 1967


MIN 8, BAL 3 W-Boswell 14-7 L-McNally 8-10 HR-Carew(7)Reese(16)

BOS 2, NY 0 W-Lonborg 17-10 L-Stottlemyre 17-14 HR-Yaz(42)

DET 5, CHI 2 W-Wilson 18-9 L-Howard 10-11 S-Gladding(28) HR-Kaline(19)McAuliffe(22) Ward(25)

KC 7, CLE 1 W-Sanford 12-9 L-O'donoghue 11-13 

WAS 5, CAL 4 W-Baldwin 8-2 L-Cimino 6-8 HR-Reichardt(22) Howard walk-off double.

Jim Lonborg pitches at Fenway Park
With the Red Sox desperate to win in order to keep their flickering pennant hopes alive, big Jim Lonborg locked up in a pitching duel with Yanks' ace Mel Stottlemyre. For most of the game, Jim nursed a 1-0 lead courtesy of a Joe Foy rbi. Yaz homered late and Lonborg turned in a very gutty performance to lift his team to victory in front of a sold-out crowd at Fenway.

Rich Reese continues to destroy Baltimore pitching, belting another home run to give him four for the series. "It's got to be the batting gloves!" he crowed as his Twins rolled to another win.

In front of fewer than 3,000 fans at RFK Stadium, the Senators used two errors to fall behind the Angels early 3-0, but then put up four to take a lead they kept until the top of the ninth when Halos clean-up hitter Don Mincher touched relief ace Dave Baldwin ("They're gonna put me in the movies!") for an rbi hit to tie the game. The Angels threatened to take the lead, but Dave fanned five in two innings of work to keep it tied. Then in the bottom of the ninth, Tim "Tim Man" Cullen oiled himself up and poked a lead-off single. Fred "My Funny" Valentine sacrificed him to second, and then Halos skipper Bill Rigney ordered a free pass for Paul "The Latin Lover" Casanova as ladies cheered and fainted in the stands. That brought up huge slugger Frank Howard who, despite his 30 home runs, is struggling to stay above the Mendoza Line. Nonetheless, he lined a Pete Cimino pitch into right center and Tim Cullen, positively dripping oil, sped around the bases to score the winner. Dorothy and Toto cheered as the Nats celebrated a rare win which gave Baldwin his 8th victory, tops on the staff. "There's no place like home," quipped Cullen as he crossed the plate.
Gosh, you were wonderful!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Reese's Pieces: Friday, September 8th, 1967


MIN 8, BAL 5 W-Chance 17-9 L-Drabowsky 4-7 S-Worthington(22) HR-Allison(17) Reese(13)ph F.Robinson(24)

MIN 9, BAL 3 W-Merritt 15-9 L-Phoebus 15-9 HR-Reese 2(15)Johnson(7) Reese 4 rbi.

NY 7, BOS 3 W-Barber 4-1 L-Bell 12-9 HR-Kenney(7)ISP Mantle(34)R.Smith(14)

DET 5, CHI 1 W-Lolich 20-5 L-Horlen 11-14 Lolich retires the last 17 men in a row.

CLE 8, KC 4 W-Hargan 10-10 L-Dobson 4-15 S-Allen(6) HR-Campaneris(5)Sims(7)Hargan(2)

CAL 2, WAS 1 W-Clark 7-13 L-Knowles 2-6 S-Rojas(30)

Rich Reese of the Twins had lain mummified in the land of the Pharaohs since time immemorial (okay, so he missed a number of games with a painful tonsil), but when he was excavated and displayed at Baltimore's Memorial Stadium, he went bonkers. First he hit a pinch-hit 3-run jack in his first at-bat back. Then he homered twice more in the nightcap, with 4 rbi in that game and seven for the doubleheader. "I don't like birds," he chirped.

Mickey Lolich of Detroit became the league's first 20-game winner by mowing down the White Sox. (Nerd news: Lolich is only a BXZ pitcher, so he should be good, but he shouldn't be Sandy Koufax. But that's what he's been, all year. Not only that, but in 1967 he missed time with National Guard duty. However, in my replay, his J-3 has never been tripped off. Like so many Tigers, he's had golden luck.) Mickey's e.r.a. has shrunk to 1.64, by far the circuit's best.

The Red Sox, clinging to the tiniest sliver of hope, couldn't afford to lose to sore-armed has-been Steve "The Maglie" Barber and the silly Yankees at Fenway park, but they did. 

Kansas City can't pitch. Washington can't hit. (Neither one can field.) If I could combine KC's hitters and Washing-toon's pitchers, I'd have one half-decent team, and the other would go 0-162. Unfortunately, they both stink, but the Nats' ineptitude at the plate borders on the surreal. I pulled Darold Knowles out of the 'pen and put him in the rotation, and he pitched really well, but lack of offense (3 measly hits) and Mike "Super Jew" Epstein's error handed the win to the grateful Halos. "I smote him for not believing in My divinity," said Jesus, wearing an Angels cap. ("Super Jew" was actually his nickname. It's on his APBA card. The Goddess supports all faiths!)
Mike Epstein, pre-lightning strike.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Catering Your Next Loss: Wednesday & Thursday, September 6-7, 1967

Scores Sept. 6

CHI 3, CAL 2 W-Wilhelm 6-6 L-Brunet 14-10 HR-Reichardt(21)Boyer(3)Ward(24)

DET 5, KC 4 W-Gladding 5-2 L-Pierce 3-7 

DET 8, KC 3 W-Hiller 3-4 L-Odom 3-11 S-Wickersham(3) HR-Mathews(5)Cash(37)

MIN 5, CLE 0 W-Perry 9-7 L-Tiant 12-18 HR-Uhlaender(10) Perry 14 K's.

Scores Sept. 7

BAL 2, MIN 0 W-Hardin 18-10 L-Kaat 11-13

BOS 8, NY 2 W-Stange 17-5 L-Talbot 5-7 HR-Yaz(41)

Danny Cater
The A's and Tigers were locked in a rather interesting 4-4 tie in the first game of a doubleheader at Tiger Stadium, when reliever Tony Pierce, having allowed a couple of runners in the bottom of the ninth with two outs, got the ground ball he needed to send the game into extra innings. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the water fountain. First sacker Danny Cater, playing first due to Ramon Webster's debilitating case of toenail fungus, simply threw up his hands like a ninny, and the ball clanked off of his (largely ceremonial) glove and out into the no-man's land of right field as the winning run scampered home. "I'm so ashamed," wept Danny between losses. "I'm a failure!" Yes Danny, you are.  More A's errors doomed John "Blue Moon" Odom in the nightcap. Kaycee owner Charlie Finley called a press conference after the game to suggest using bright orange baseballs so that the clowns who play for his team might be able to see them better. Then he moved himself to Denver, Fort Lauderdale and Mexico City in quick succession, but the league denied his requests to bring his team along with him.

Jim Hardin of the Orioles had no trouble dispatching the Twins on the 7th, even though his mates only put together 5 hits behind him, 4 of them by Paul Blair (plus a two-run double by Brooks Robinson). The Blair Witch is now hitting a cool .303. Could he win the batting title?!?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Thad Tillotson Target Practice: Tuesday, September 5th, 1967


CAL 9, BAL 8 W-Cimino 6-7 L-Miller 6-3 S-Rojas(28) HR-F.Robinson(23)Satriano(6)

CAL 9, BAL 6 W-Simmons 4-0 L-Brabender 4-7 S-Rojas(29) HR-Johnson(6)Blefary(27) Etchebarren(5)Cardenal(4)Knoop(10)Schaal(4)

KC 5, DET 4 W-Nash 7-14 L-Aguirre 11-7 S-Pierce(14) 

CLE 7, MIN 3 W-Siebert 13-13 L-Boswell 13-7 HR-Wagner(9)

CHI 11, NY 3 W-Peters 12-9 L-Peterson 11-13 HR-McCraw(8)Ward(23)Peters(2)

BOS 5, WAS 0 W-Brandon 4-3 L-Moore 3-10 HR-Yaz(40)

Thad Tillotson hits a batter, setting off this brawl at Yankee Stadium. Note useful umpire.
Beanball war in the Bronx! In the top of the fifth, with the normally mild White Sox bombing three home runs, Yankee starter Fritz Peterson drilled Chisox shortstop Ron Hansen with a purpose pitch. "All my wives were in the stands," explained Mr. Peterson. "I couldn't be made to look bad." In the bottom of the inning, White Sox hurler Gary Peters, who had been methodically mowing down the Yankees, took advantage of the big lead to get some revenge. First, he smashed reliever Thad Tillotson in the chops with a fastball. "I throw at anyone named Thad," said Peters. Then, two batters later, he landed a heater in the ribs of New York shortstop Jerry "They killed Kenny!" Kenney. "A shortstop for a shortstop," opined Mr. Peters, waxing biblical. In a blind fury, Mr. Tillotson took the hill in the top of the sixth and promptly beaned Tommie Agee. "Vengeance is mine," said Chisox first sacker Tom McCraw as he knee-capped Tillotson with a line drive to end his outing. Tillotson was carried from the field on a dumpster lid and thrown away for 15 games. "Violence never solves anything," preached Attila the Hun from the comfort of his box seat. "Can't we all just get along?"

Meanwhile in lesser news, the Indians finally won a game at Minnesota, after seven defeats. "Whee," deadpanned Tribe skipper Joe Adcock. "It makes me believe in unicorns."