Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Unsinkable Larry Brown: Saturday, August 26th, 1967


CAL 6, BAL 2 W-McGlothlin 14-9 L-Phoebus 14-7 HR-Blair(9) McGlothlin 2-hitter.

BOS 10, CHI 6 W-Santiago 6-4 L-Howard 9-9 HR-Harrelson(9)Colavito(6)Boyer(1)

CLE 3, MIN 2 (12inns) W-Allen 5-6 L-Kline 7-6 HR-Brown 2(9)including GW

DET 14, KC 2 W-McLain 15-7 L-Sanford 10-8 HR-Horton(19)Mathews 2(2) Kaline 5 hits, KC 6 errors.

WAS 4, NY 0 W-Ortega 6-17 L-Downing 9-11 HR-Cullen(3)

Tribe shortstop Larry Brown, fed up with watching his team sleep-walk to another apathetic loss in front of almost no one in Cleveland, ripped a game-tying two-run homer with 2 out in the bottom of the 7th to tie the game against the exhausted Twins, then hit a 2-out walk-off homer to win it in the 12th. Twelve fans, a popcorn vendor and an usher all cheered wildly!

In Kansas City, the Tigers once again destroyed the slapstick A's, who made a ridiculous six errors. In Washington, the visiting Yankees saw most of their offense carried off the field in the 2nd inning, when RF Tom Tresh and first sacker Mickey Mantle collided while chasing a pop foul. Mantle's liver exploded, which will cause him to miss the next game, while Tresh will miss most of next week trying to figure out the outrageous deductibles on his health coverage. "I think my batting average has been deducted from, too," he complained. Only in Washington for a day, and excuses are already tripping off his tongue!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bob Saverine's Day of Golden Memories: Friday, August 25th, 1967


BOS 6, CHI 0 W-Bell 11-7 L-O'toole 4-8 HR-Andrews(8)Foy(12)

BOS 3, CHI 1 W-Stange 14-5 L-Horlen 9-13 HR-Yaz(34)

MIN 3, CLE 2 (10) W-Worthington 6-7 L-Allen 4-6 

CLE 4, MIN 3 W-Hargan 8-9 L-Ollom 2-1 HR-Killebrew 2(30)Maye(9)ph Hargan(1)

DET 14, KC 1 W-Wilson 17-8 L-C.Dobson 3-13 HR-Wert(5)Kaline(17)Freehan(15)Wilson(4)

WAS 5, NY 4 W-Baldwin 7-2 L-Womack 4-5 HR-Mantle(31)Pepitone(13)Gibbs(4)isp Casanova(8)isp B.Allen(2) Saverine two-out walk-off double.

NY 7, WAS 2 W-Hamilton 6-1 L-Cox 4-2 HR-Tresh(21)Smith(4)

Bob Saverine, a ferocious member of the weasel family, came out of his burrow and had five hits in a doubleheader--a career's worth for him--including a 2-out walk off two-bagger! In true Senators style, however, and despite his momentarily high approval rating, he still refused to pass any legislation. The whole first game of that double dip was wild. Both starting catchers hit inside the park homeruns, and Bernie (call me Sanders) Allen--after not hitting a homer all season until yesterday--hit his second in as many days. "Snorting Wheaties really helps!" he chirped before being hustled away by team lawyers.

In other news, the A's Chuck Dobson returned from the hospital--where he had been being treated for thinking he was James Dobson and continually trying to lead everyone in prayer--just in time to be utterly demolished by the Tigers. "It wasn't God's will that I should win," he opined. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sleepers Awake! Thursday, August 24th, 1967


BOS 4, WAS 3 (12inns) W-Lyle 4-2 L-Priddy 2-4 HR-Valentine(14)B.Allen(1) (Daryl Knowles fans 8 in 3 innings of relief, including the last 6 he faced. George Scott walk-off triple.)

CHI 4, NY 1 W-Peters 10-8 L-Talbot 5-5

CLE 7, CAL 3 W-Tiant 12-16 L-Hamilton 2-6 HR-Repoz(7)Wagner(7) (Tiant 13 k's)

MIN 1, DET 0 (13inns) W-Worthington 5-7 L-Marshall 7-4 S-Kline(2)

After they played 5 games in 3 days at Tiger Stadium, including a 15-inning and a 13-inning affair, panicked doctors rushed onto the field and ordered strict bed rest for both squads. After being swept in a doubleheader on Tuesday--and rather convincingly--the Twins had fallen 10 games off the pace and looked dead, but they came back to sweep a doubleheader of their own yesterday and won again today to draw back to within 7 of the Tigers. Now, the managers of both clubs have a decision to make: Memory Foam or Sleep Number?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mediocrity As A Life Goal: Wednesday, August 23rd, 1967


BAL 6, KC 4 W-Dillman 2-1 L-Krausse 3-13 S-Drabowsky(19) HR-B.Robinson(20)Blefary(25)(B.Robinson 4 rbi)

WAS 2, BOS 1 W-Bertaina 6-16 L-Waslewski 5-3 S-Baldwin(19) HR-Valentine(13)

CHI 4, NY 3 Wilhelm 5-6 L-Peterson 9-12 HR-Mantle(30)Smith(3)

CAL 3, CLE 2 W-Clark 6-11 L-McDowell 1-10 S-Rojas(27) 

MIN 6, DET 2 (15 inns) W-Kline 7-5 L-Marshall 7-3 HR-Killebrew(28)GS 

MIN 8, DET 4 W-Merritt 13-9 L-Dobson 1-2 HR-Valdespino(3)GS 

Yankee third sacker Charley Smith was a member of my dreadful (51-103) 1961 Phillies and my putrid (40-122) 1965 Mets, so he is over the moon to be part of a team that is merely disappointing, and in fact, sometimes touches the giddy heights of mediocrity. "It's unremarkable!" he enthused.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dear Friends, We Are Gathered Here Today....

Hello, dear friends. Welcome to my APBA baseball blog and my 1967 American League replay! I am going to try to make this as entertaining as possible! 

First of all, you may ask, especially if you are part of the biased liberal media, why I have waited until late August (in my season) to start this blog. Well....there was this rain delay, see. An eleven year rain delay. And then the sun came out and I revived my league and found out I still love it. I sent a dove out to find land, and guess where she landed? Right here! Who knew, right?

There will be posts each time a day's play is concluded, with scores and commentary. Snarky commentary, if I have anything to say about it, and I do. There will be updated standings on the side bar. At the end of each calendar month (in the replay) there will be leader boards, team articles and the whole shebang. But the best part, the funnest part, will be my mocking of the failures of the league's lesser-lights. I am a cruel Goddess. Also, the (made-up) neuroses, fears, and sub-plots of all my players will be put on full display. Just trust me, it will be magnificent. 

First scores and snark tomorrow.