Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dear Friends, We Are Gathered Here Today....

Hello, dear friends. Welcome to my APBA baseball blog and my 1967 American League replay! I am going to try to make this as entertaining as possible! 

First of all, you may ask, especially if you are part of the biased liberal media, why I have waited until late August (in my season) to start this blog. Well....there was this rain delay, see. An eleven year rain delay. And then the sun came out and I revived my league and found out I still love it. I sent a dove out to find land, and guess where she landed? Right here! Who knew, right?

There will be posts each time a day's play is concluded, with scores and commentary. Snarky commentary, if I have anything to say about it, and I do. There will be updated standings on the side bar. At the end of each calendar month (in the replay) there will be leader boards, team articles and the whole shebang. But the best part, the funnest part, will be my mocking of the failures of the league's lesser-lights. I am a cruel Goddess. Also, the (made-up) neuroses, fears, and sub-plots of all my players will be put on full display. Just trust me, it will be magnificent. 

First scores and snark tomorrow.