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'Stros and 'Spos Destroy All Opposition: Tuesday, June 3rd, 1969


HOU 10, CHI 1  W-LeMaster 5-6 L-Selma 2-5  HR-Miller(1) Menke(3) Rader(2) Menke 4 rbi.

MON 11, SF 3  W-Wegener 3-3 L-Sadecki 2-2  Wills 4 runs, Brand 4 rbi.

LA 5, NY 2  W-Brewer 2-2 L-McGraw 2-5 S-Mikkelsen(6)  HR-Parker(4) Sudakis(3)ph Swoboda(1)

PHI 7, SD 4  W-Fryman 3-4 L-Roberts 2-5 S-Wilson(6)  

CIN 7, PIT 4  W-Fisher 7-3 L-Veale 6-4 S-Granger(3)  HR-Bench(6) Bench 5-for-5.

ATL 4, STL 1  W-P.Niekro 6-3 L-Washburn 3-6  HR-Pinson(5)

Inspires more "Aww" than fear.
The wind was blowing out at Wrigley Field as the visiting Spacemen took the field, and after consulting with NASA scientists, the 'Stros achieved lift-off three times in dispatching the wimpy-hitting Cubs 10-1. In fact, bruin second sacker Glenn Beckert actually died of wimpiness and will have to be replaced by Nate Oliver for now, while the Cubbies shop for someone better before the trade deadline passes.  

In Montreal, Maury Wills stole three bases and scored four times, and #2 hitter Ron Brand resultantly had 4 rbi as the 'Spos once again dispatched the floundering Giants. Since their 1-8 start, the Expos are 21-20! 

Fess or Wes?
Don "Cardwell Banker" Cardwell did his best to keep the decimated Mets in the game, and in fact they went into the ninth tied with the Dodgers at 2. But Tug McGraw gave up a pinch hit blast to Bill Sudakis and then a 2-run shot to Wes "Call me Fess" Parker, who waved his coonskin cap in the air as he circled the bases in front of a glum New York crowd. 

In St. Louis, the Braves continued to have their way with the birdies, taking their 4th in 5 tries against the Cardinals. The series marks the first visit by former Cards hero Orlando Cepeda, traded during the off-season to Atlanta for Joe Torre. In celebration, Tim McCarver threw himself from the upper deck and will miss the next several games. Since their awesome 20-4 start, the St. Louisans are a mere 13-15, but no one behind them seems to be able to make a run at them. On the Atlanta side, backstop Bob Didier had two more hits on Tuesday night. His .340-ish average is unexpected and amazing. 

Thank you, Thing. Er...can you pitch?
Finally, Pods manager Gomez hasn't felt this depressed since the day after Halloween. First his team was swept in Montreal by their expansion counterparts, and now they have been thumped soundly twice by the lowly Phils. Their losing streak stands at six. Gomez is thinking of letting Thing write out the line-up for Wednesday's game at Shibe. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

And Then There Were Four: Monday, June 2nd, 1969


MON 4, SF 1  W-Jaster 4-5 L-Bolin 3-6  HR-Bonds(5)

LA 4, NY 2  W-Singer 7-5 L-Koosman 5-3 S-Brewer(5)  HR-Popovich(2)

PHI 12, SD 2  W-Wise 3-3 L-Kirby 2-5  HR-Callison(9) Allen(7)GS 

PIT 3, CIN 2  W-Blass 7-1 L-Maloney 6-3  HR-L.May(11) Blass 2-hitter.

ATL 4, STL 3 (10inns)  W-Upshaw 4-2 L-Hoerner 4-3 S-Doyle(2)  HR-H.Aaron(11) Shannon(3)

Gonged, but in a good way!
The field of "hopefuls" for the coveted (?) Paul Schaal Award has dwindled by one, to four. (For the uninitiated, the PSA goes to the last position player, with a team from opening day, to get a hit.) Phils reserve Dave Watkins came in for regular catcher Mike Ryan, to give "Irish" a breather in a blow-out game, and promptly slugged a two-run triple. This leaves only Hector Torres of Houston, Fred Whitfield of the Reds, Walt Hriniak of the Braves and Billy Grabarkewitz of LA without a hit. As for the game, Rich Allen hit a grand slam, making his numbers for two games in June three homers, eight rbi and a .600 batting average. All that after a terrible May! 

The Mets' rides are here.
Paul Popovich (!) slammed his second dinger in 3 days as the Dodgers outlasted the Mets with two runs late. It was a gory day at Shea, with no fewer than four Mets going down with injuries! Your Goddess has not seen such carnage since it happened to the '67 Senators in my last replay. Ed Kranepool disemboweled himself going into the stands for a pop foul (he made the grab), Cleon Jones was smashed on the base paths, and Tommie Agee and Rod Gaspar collided in the outfield. How the Metropolitans will score at all over the next few games remains to be seen. 

Bobby Bonds led off the game in Montreal with a blast off of Expo hurler Larry Jaster, and Tito Fuentes followed with a single. It looked like Jaster's day might be short, but he regrouped and went the distance, allowing no more runs in a 4-1 win. Les Expos are now just a game behind 4th place New York. 

He's been dealt, Mare!"
The Cardinals built a 3-0 lead in the first two frames against visiting Atlanta, but the Braves came all the way back to win it in ten, 4-3. The tying run was surrendered by reliever Gary Waslewski, who was promptly dealt after the game to Montreal in exchange for pitcher Jim Grant. Grant is a former Twin, and Mary Richards was hoping he would go back to Minnesota instead. When she heard he was going to St. Louis, she wailed, "Oh, Mister Grant!" The whole gang at WJM was disappointed.

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Cards Sweep Reds As Gibson's String Continues: Sunday, June 1st, 1969


CHI 1, ATL 0  W-Jenkins 6-3 L-Stone 1-4  Jenkins 1-hitter.

MON 6, SD 3  W-Grant 5-6 L-J.Niekro 3-2 S-Face(5)  HR-Colbert(5) Stahl(2)

NY 5, SF 0  W-Seaver 4-5 L-Marichal 6-5  HR-Shamsky(5) Kranepool(3)  Seaver 2-hitter.

LA 7, PHI 6  W-Brewer 1-2 L-Raffo 1-1 S-Mikkelsen(5)  HR-Sizemore(1) Briggs(4) Allen 2(6) Allen 4 rbi.

PIT 4, HOU 3 (11inns)  W-Marone 2-0 L-Gladding 1-2 HR-Edwards(3)  Mazeroski 2-out GW single.

STL 5, CIN 0  W-Gibson 6-1 L-Nolan 2-1  HR-Flood(1)

Affable nice guy Bob Gibson won his fifth straight start, blanking the Reds on 3 hits. The Reds were without three starters--flyhawks Bobby Tolan and Alex Johnson, and shortstop Woody Woodward. Their replacements struck fear into no man. Hitters like Rose (2 hits), Bench (1), May and Perez (0) were still in there but Gibby mowed them down like nothing. It was the first time all year that the Rhinelanders had been shut out.

"Nothing is better for thee, than me!"
For the second straight day, the Phillies were the only east team to lose, despite Rich Allen's alarm clock going off and the awakened one belting two two-run shots. The Dodgers pecked away at the silly Quaker pitching staff and came away with the win, to move within a half game of the top in the west. Conversely, the Shibe Park denizens now find themselves 4 games back of even the expansion Expos. 

Too cool for school? Er, plus formidable pour l'ecole?
Speaking of Les Expos, they swept their expansion cousins, the Padres, despite the Friars lofting an unwonted pair of home runs in Sunday's match. Jim Grant won for the 5th time, but is rumored to be on the block. "There's been entirely too much winning," said a team source. "We need to deal away some talent and receive nothing in return." Sounds like a plan! Stay tuned.

Cub skipper Leo Durocher gives pointers to his second-string backstop.
The immortal Sonny Jackson dinked a single early on, which ended up being the only Atlanta hit off of Cub stalwart Ferguson Jenkins. It was the league-high 9th whitewash by Chicago hurlers, and good thing too, as the baby bears plated only a single run. "I just wasn't good enough!" wept disconsolate losing pitcher George Stone. In medical news, catcher Randy Hundley was felled by shinguard and mask disease and will miss the next 5 contests. Ken "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Back-Up Catcher" Rudolph stands at the ready. 

Finally, Doc Ellis of the Pirates was cruising with a 3-0 lead going into the 8th against the visiting Astros, but he gave up a run in that frame, and then a 2-run shot by Johnny Edwards ("how we love him!") in the 9th to tie it. Grizzled vet Bill Mazersoski saved the day for the Buccos by lining a walk-off single off of Fred "Wilma!!!" Gladding in the 11th.
Maybe...someday Fred will win the fight; then will stay out for the night!


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Saturday, May 31st 1969 and End of Month Leader Board


CHI 3, ATL 2  W-Holtzman 5-3 L-Jarvis 6-4 S-Regan(8)  HR-Carty(11) Tillman(2) Williams(5) Smith(4)

MON 11, SD 9  W-Stoneman 2-4 L-Sisk 2-4  HR-Clendenon(15)GS Jones(6) Bailey(2)ph 

NY 4, SF 1  W-McAndrew 3-6 L-McCormick 5-3 S-McGraw(6)  HR-Mays(3) Agee(8)

LA 8, PHI 4  W-Mikkelsen 3-2 L-Farrell 1-4 S-Brewer(4)  HR-Popovich(1) Callison(8)

PIT 11, HOU 3  W-Walker 1-1 L-Billingham 1-5 S-Marone(1)  HR-Rader(1) 

STL 6, CIN 2  W-Briles 5-2 L-Carroll 2-2  HR-May(10)

In the battle of the Macs, Jim McAndrew outpitched Mike "Spicy" McCormick and the save went to Tug McGraw. 

Donn Clendenon smacked his league leading 15th homer, a grand slam, as Montreal built a 10-2 lead over the Pods for the second straight day. But the Expo pitchers almost coughed it up! With the score 11-9 in the ninth, the Holy Men had runners on second and third with two out, but failed to come all the way back. 

Nervous Norvus?
Rico "Beeg Mon" Carty homered in a losing cause at Wrigley Field, giving him 11 homers but just 19 rbi! "Base runners make me nervous," he opined. 

Finally, the Reds tried to make Lee May's 2-run shot stand up against the Cardinals, but the Redbirds tied it off of George Culver, and then bombarded dazed reliever Clay Carroll for a four spot in the eighth. The Reds managed just 3 hits, while the Cards put together 13, all singles. "We'll peck you to death!" quoth the ferocious fowls. Personable flyhawk Alex Johnson died a horrible death during this game, and will miss 6 games. With Bobby Tolan and Woody Woodward already out, the Reds must send out the likes of Jimmy Stewart, Darrell Chaney and savage Ted Savage for a few games.


Wins: Perry-sf 8-2, Hands-chi 7-1, Carlton-stl 7-3 

ERA: Hands-chi 1.18, Briles-stl 1.47, P.Niekro-atl 1.51, Taylor-stl 1.53, Koosman-ny 1.61

IP: Hands-chi 99, Jackson-phi 94.2, Perry-sf 94.2, Sutton-la 91.2, Carlton-stl 91, Maloney-cin 91

CG: Marichal-sf 9, Perry-sf 9, Carlton-stl 8, Hands-chi 7, P.Niekro-atl 7

K's: Veale-pit 79, Jenkins-chi 75, Singer-la 74, Perry-sf 73, Carlton-stl 72

Shutouts: Briles-stl 3, Hands-chi 3, LeMaster-hou 3

Saves: Regan-chi 8, Reberger-sd 7, Upshaw-atl 7, McGraw-ny 6, Linzy-sf 5, Wilson-phi 5

Steals: Morgan-hou 17, Brock-stl 16, Wills-mon 12

AVG (124 abs): Mota-mon .396, Rose-cin .394, McCovey-sf .392, Hebner-pit .352, Jones-ny .351

HR: Clendenon-mon 15, Rose-cin 13, Carty-atl 11, McCovey-sf 11, H.Aaron-atl 10, May-cin 10, Perez-cin 10

RBI: McCovey-sf 47, May-cin 40, Rose-cin 40, Staub-mon 36, Menke-hou 35, Santo-chi 35

Runs: Rose-cin 56, Wynn-hou 41, Clendenon-mon 34, Davis-la 34, Bonds-sf 33

Doubles: Kessinger-chi 16, Rader-hou 16, Javier-stl 14, May-cin 14

Triples: Rose-cin 6, Arcia-sd 4, Colbert-sd 4, Wills-mon 4

Errors: Arcia-sd 17, Boswell-ny 15, Money-phi 13, Kessinger-chi 12

Pitching (team ERA)
CHI 2.46
ATL 2.55
NY 2.62
STL 2.98
SF 3.04
LA 3.61
CIN 3.63
PIT 3.89
HOU 4.25
MON 4.65
PHI 4.87
SD 4.87

Hitting (team BA)
CIN .287
PIT .282
STL .268
SF .266
ATL .258
LA .255
MON .249
CHI .246
HOU .244
NY .227
PHI .215
SD .202



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Coco Goes Cuckoo: Friday, May 30th, 1969


CHI 3, ATL 1 (11inns)  W-Regan 4-1 L-Doyle 2-1  HR-Hickman(6) Hickman walk-off HR.

MON 10, SD 2  W-Robertson 4-4 L-Santorini 2-9  Laboy 5 rbi.

SF 6, NY 1  W-Perry 8-2 L-Gentry 5-3

PHI 3, LA 1  W-G.Jackson 4-5 L-Osteen 4-2

HOU 5, PIT 4  W-Womack  3-1 L-Dal Canton 2-3 S-Gladding(2)  HR-Blefary(4)

PIT 5, HOU 1  W-Bunning 3-5 L-Griffin 2-6

STL 5, CIN 3  W-Carlton 7-3 L-Merritt 3-6 S-Waslewski(2)  HR-A.Johnson(6)

Coco adds a trophy to his shopping cart.
At Jarry Park, Cardinals reject Coco Laboy collected a single, a double, and a triple good for 5 rbi as Les Expos embarrassed their expansion cousins 10-2.  If not for a pair of rbi doubles by another Redbird reject, John Sipin, it would have been ten zip. The Padres made three errors. They have nowhere to go but up. 

He drank Pepsi and ate Mentos and suddenly exploded.
In the friendly confines, Jim Hickman stroked two doubles and his first home run in three and a half weeks, to down the Braves in extra frames.  Paul "Popeye" Doyle was the victim. "I blame French heroin smugglers," he opined cryptically.

The Phillies actually won their second in a row, downing the Dodgers at Shibe. Lefty Grant Jackson did what Grant Jackson usually does, pitching brilliantly until the 8th, and then losing steam. However, a tired G-Jax is still a better option than the Quaker bullpen, and this time he was able to hang on and secure the win. Yes, the Phillies won, but Rich Allen is still an enigma, hitting less than .120 since returning to the lineup. 

He isn't here to make friends. Ask Lefty.
At St. Louis, Steve "Carlton Your Doorman" Carlton was cruising along with a 5-0 lead, but couldn't get Alex Johnson out. The surly left fielder ripped three singles and then a two-run blast that made it 5-3. When A.J. appeared at the plate again with a man on and two out in the ninth, Cardinal skipper Red Schoendienst went to the 'pen for Gary Waslewski, who retired Johnson on a fly ball to end it.  Veteran picket Vic Davalillo made his Cardinals debut in this game, having been acquired in exchange for Jim Hicks, who takes his one home run to California. Davalillo, however, went 0-for-4. 

He may be quite good some day!
Finally, Gaylord Perry downed the Mets for his league-high 8th triumph. New York starter Gary Gentry sustained an injury in the second inning--his second injury of the season--and had to depart, giving way to kid reliever Nolan Ryan, who immediately gave up three runs, but then no more, and fanned five in 3+ innings of work. For the Giants, Bob Burda fell victim to a wasting disease and will miss a number of games. It is his second go-round on the hospital train, too. The Reds and Giants are in a virtual tie for the top spot in the west, with the Braves a game back, and the Dodgers 2 and a half behind. 
Doctors rub some dirt on Bob Burda.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Savagery In Cincinnati! : Wednesday & Thursday, May 28th & 29th, 1969

Scores, May 28th

LA 4, MON 0  W-Singer 6-5 L-Jaster 3-5  HR-Kosco(6)  Singer 2-hitter.

NY 11, SD 2  W-Koosman 5-2 L-Kirby 2-4  HR-Agee(7) Shamsky(4) Grote(3)

ATL 5, STL 4 (10inns)  W-Upshaw 3-2 L-Hoerner 4-2  HR-Carty(10) Carty walk-off HR.

CIN 7, PIT 6 (10inns)  W-Granger 5-2 L-Dal Canton 2-2  HR-Rose(13) Maloney(2)  Savage 2-out walk-off double.

PHI 7, HOU 4  W-Fryman 2-4 L-LeMaster 4-6 S-Wilson(5)  HR-Callison(7) Allen(4) Edwards(2)

CHI 2, SF 0  W-Selma 2-4 L-Bolin 3-5  Selma 11 K's.

Score, May 29th

CIN 6, PIT 4  W-Fisher 6-3 L-Hartenstein 2-2  HR-J.May(2) Perez(10) Savage(2)ISP

From  a jack to a king!
Ted Savage single-handedly destroyed the Pirates in a 2-game sweep at Crosley, doubling in the game-winner in the tenth inning on Wednesday after the Buccos had rallied for 4 in the ninth to tie it, and then belting a two-run inside the park home run to break a 4-4 tie in the 8th inning on Thursday. It was only the second inside the park job in the league so far this season. Savage was acquired at the end of spring training from the Dodgers in exchange for sad-sack backstop Jimmie Schaffer, who promptly vanished from sight. What a steal!

The Beeeeg Boy!
In Atlanta, Rico "Beeg Mon" Carty bashed a one-out solo blast over the fence to undo Joe Hoerner and the Cardinals. Phil Niekro started the game and was hit by a line drive off the bat off lead-off man Lou Brock, leaving the Braves to scramble. A bullpen day ensued, with Jim Britton, Gary Neibauer, Ken Johnson, Paul Doyle and Cecil Upshaw all parading to the mound for the Atlantans. 

The Mets finally scored some runs with an unexpected (to say the least) three homer barrage against the poor Padres. I keep hoping the Metropolitans will get some offense going so that they can ride their stellar pitching into contention before it is too late and they are too far behind. Art Shamsky was one of the troika of sluggers on Wednesday, a good sign because Art has been pretty much invisible. If he could get going, it would really help. 

"There's a gob of something in my cheek!"
The Cubs, with offensive woes of their own, rode the arm of early season pick-up Dick Selma to their eighth shutout win, this time 2-0 over the Giants.  Selma managed to scatter 8 hits, 4 walks and a hit batter. 

"I'm still in it!"
Just when it looked like the Astros might not suck all season long, they gave up back to back round-trippers to Johnny Callison and Rich Allen of the woebegone Phillies in the first inning and went on from there to secure the discouraging defeat despite a three-run pop from the bat of newly-healed catcher John Edwards. Billy Wilson collected his first save of May, securing the rare triumph for lefty Woody Fryman. For those glued to the riveting race for the Paul Schaal Award (the last postion player on a team from opening day to get a hit),  Dave Watkins batted but failed to remove his name from the final five. Or maybe that was the day before. Dave's at-bats all blend together after a while!

Finally, kudos and thanks to the great Howie Mooney, who made spiff-tastic new envelopes for my teams!


Monday, September 5, 2016

Pods Beat Seaver: Monday and Tuesday, May 26th & 27th, 1969

Score, May 26 (Memorial Day)

ATL 4, STL 0  W-Jarvis 6-3 L-Briles 4-2  HR-H.Aaron(9)  No idea why there was only one game on Memorial Day.

Scores, May 27th

LA 2, MON 1  W-Sutton 6-3 L-Grant 4-6

SD 3, NY 1 (10inns) W-J.Niekro 3-1 L-Seaver 3-5 S-Reberger(7)  HR-Gonzales(2)

STL 6, ATL 4  W-Gibson 5-1 L-Stone 1-3  HR-Maxvill(3) H.Aaron(10) Carty(9)

HOU 6, PHI 1  W-Dierker 4-4 L-J.Johnson 2-8  Dierker 2-hitter with 10 K's.

SF 5, CHI 2  W-Marichal 6-4 L-Jenkins 5-3 S-Linzy(5)  HR-Santo(8) Mays(2) Hart(5)

Tony Gone pities the fool.
The Mets did what the Mets do, and failed to support another excellent pitching performance, managing only one run off Cubs cast-off Joe Niekro. Tony Gonzales poled a home run off Tom Seaver with a man on in the top of the tenth, and Frank "Double" Reberger set the mopey Metropolitans down in the bottom of the inning for the Pods, who have played almost .500 for the month, going 11-13 so far. Cleon Jones and Tommie Agee both went 0-for-5. Anyone who can hit at all, please apply at the Mets general offices. 

Dal Maxvill
The Braves jumped all over Bob Gibson in the first inning on Tuesday, bombing two homers and plating three, but Gibson settled down and George Stone eventually blew up, allowing the Redbirds to walk away with the win. Dal "Muscles" Maxvill clubbed his third homer of the young season, and Tim McCarver tossed in four hits including a double.  

He's a hitting machine after all.
At the Astrodome, Leon McFadden belted a pair of doubles good for two rbi as the Spacemen downed the floundering Phillies. Tony Taylor led off the game with a triple and scored on a sac fly, but the Quakers managed only one more hit all night, apparently content merely not to be shut out. Tomorrow the 'Stros welcome back Jim Wynn and Johnny Edwards. With the pitchers suddenly living up to their flame-throwing billing, are the Astros actually making a move??? 

Burda-bing, Burda-boom!
The marquee match-up of the day was certainly Jenkins against Marichal at Candlestick Park. Ron Santo bombed a two-run shot in the top of the first, but the baby bears failed to add any more off of Marichal, and the wheels eventually came off for Fergie Jenkins. Ancient relic Willie Mays finally hit his second homer of the season, and pinch hitter Bob Burda chipped in with a two run double. A blast by the crazy-hot Jim Ray Hart drove Jenkins from the mound and that was all she wrote. Marichal had been lifted for Burda, but Frank Linzy stopped the Cubs over the final two frames for the save. The Giants took first again in the nutso west division as the Reds enjoyed a rare two-day break.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

East Meets West And West Wobbles: Sunday, May 25th, 1969


PHI 7, ATL 5  W-G.Jackson 3-5 L-Pappas 5-2 S-Farrell(1)  HR-H.Aaron(8) Cepeda 2(6)

MON 9, CIN 1  W-Wegener 2-3 L-Merritt 3-5  HR-Staub(9) Bailey(1) Wegener 11 K's.

NY 9, HOU 3  W-Cardwell 1-5 L-Wilson 3-6  Wilson 10 K's.

STL 8, LA 2  W-Carlton 6-3 L-Drysdale 0-3  HR-Fairly(6) Kosco(5)

CHI 3, SD 0  W-Hands 7-1 L-Santorini 2-8  Hands 1-hitter.

CHI 13, SD 1  W-Holtzman 4-3 L-Kelley 2-2  HR-Banks(2)  Banks 6 rbi.

PIT 4, SF 2  W-Veale 6-3 L-McCormick 5-2  HR-Davenport(1)

PIT 6, SF 4 (10inns)  W-Marone 1-0 L-Gibbon 1-1 S-Dal Canton(3)  HR-McCovey(12)

"Hold it right there, you fuckers!" quoth the ever-erudite Mr. Farrell.
After dropping 10 of 12 to the west the past two days, the east stormed back by sweeping all 8 games on Sunday! The battered and beleaguered Phillies finally dented the plate against Atlanta, and built a cushy 7-1 lead which they almost blew! The Braves plated 4 in the bottom of the 8th, to make it 7-5, and had the bases loaded with 2 out and Hank Aaron at the plate in the bottom of the 9th! Billy Wilson had walked 'em loaded, and so Turk Farrell was called away from his ice cream counter (remember "Farrell's"?) to come in and induce Hammerin' Hank to lift a fly to center, which was gloved by John Briggs to secure the rare Quaker victory.   

The fearsome (?) Mike Wegener.
Two days after hitting for the cycle, Donn Clendenon was reminded of how baseball is a humbling game, when he wore the Golden Sombrero +1, going 0-for-5, all strikeouts. It didn't matter, though, as the Expos trounced the Reds 9-1 behind an 11 strikeout performance by kid hurler Mike Wegener.  He even held Pete Rose hitless!

Don Wilson of the Astros fanned ten Mets, but only because he was obliged to stay in and get thumped for the team. Pitch to enough batters and you're bound to fan a few! On the New York side, Don "Cardwell Banker" Cardwell issued himself a loan on his first win, payable to Wimpy, in hamburgers, on Tuesday. Don has pitched for me for the Cubs ('61), the Pirates ('65) and now the Mets in '69. 

It's good to have something else to fall back on.
Carlton your doorman impressed Rhoda Morgenstern by defeating the Dodgers, despite giving up taters to Ron Fairly and Andy "The Human Bulk Store" Kosco. Don Drysdale has lost all three starts since returning to action, and has confided to Jane that he may retire and concentrate on his banking duties. After all, with a client like Jed Clampett, why bother with baseball at all? "Mister Drysdale!"

Mister Banks? You can come out now!
The Cubs, embarrassed at having lost the first two games of the series to the Padres, disposed of the Friars twice. In the nightcap, deeply frozen Ernie Banks was wheeled to the batter's box on a hand trolley so that he could face washed-up tater-tossing lefty Bill McCool. Ernie promptly thawed and jacked just his second homer of the season, a three-run job, for a total of 6 rbi in the game. Afterwards, Banks declared his love for the friendly confines of Jack Murphy Stadium. Just to prove that Ernie may not be entirely thawed, however, the absurd Mr. McCool fanned him the next at bat.

Pagan rituals at reasonable prices.
Finally, at Candlestick Park, the Giants rallied ferociously to tie the nightcap, only to lose it in the tenth when Joe "Ape Man" Gibbon gave up more runs in one inning (2) than he had given up all season up until then (1). Jose Pagan, who had three hits, including two doubles in the opener, delivered a two-run pinch hit double off of Gibbon to give the Corsairs the sweep. The Giants fell percentage points behind the Reds, with the Braves a half game back, and the Dodgers two and a half off the pace. What a race!