Saturday, September 17, 2016

Saturday, May 31st 1969 and End of Month Leader Board


CHI 3, ATL 2  W-Holtzman 5-3 L-Jarvis 6-4 S-Regan(8)  HR-Carty(11) Tillman(2) Williams(5) Smith(4)

MON 11, SD 9  W-Stoneman 2-4 L-Sisk 2-4  HR-Clendenon(15)GS Jones(6) Bailey(2)ph 

NY 4, SF 1  W-McAndrew 3-6 L-McCormick 5-3 S-McGraw(6)  HR-Mays(3) Agee(8)

LA 8, PHI 4  W-Mikkelsen 3-2 L-Farrell 1-4 S-Brewer(4)  HR-Popovich(1) Callison(8)

PIT 11, HOU 3  W-Walker 1-1 L-Billingham 1-5 S-Marone(1)  HR-Rader(1) 

STL 6, CIN 2  W-Briles 5-2 L-Carroll 2-2  HR-May(10)

In the battle of the Macs, Jim McAndrew outpitched Mike "Spicy" McCormick and the save went to Tug McGraw. 

Donn Clendenon smacked his league leading 15th homer, a grand slam, as Montreal built a 10-2 lead over the Pods for the second straight day. But the Expo pitchers almost coughed it up! With the score 11-9 in the ninth, the Holy Men had runners on second and third with two out, but failed to come all the way back. 

Nervous Norvus?
Rico "Beeg Mon" Carty homered in a losing cause at Wrigley Field, giving him 11 homers but just 19 rbi! "Base runners make me nervous," he opined. 

Finally, the Reds tried to make Lee May's 2-run shot stand up against the Cardinals, but the Redbirds tied it off of George Culver, and then bombarded dazed reliever Clay Carroll for a four spot in the eighth. The Reds managed just 3 hits, while the Cards put together 13, all singles. "We'll peck you to death!" quoth the ferocious fowls. Personable flyhawk Alex Johnson died a horrible death during this game, and will miss 6 games. With Bobby Tolan and Woody Woodward already out, the Reds must send out the likes of Jimmy Stewart, Darrell Chaney and savage Ted Savage for a few games.


Wins: Perry-sf 8-2, Hands-chi 7-1, Carlton-stl 7-3 

ERA: Hands-chi 1.18, Briles-stl 1.47, P.Niekro-atl 1.51, Taylor-stl 1.53, Koosman-ny 1.61

IP: Hands-chi 99, Jackson-phi 94.2, Perry-sf 94.2, Sutton-la 91.2, Carlton-stl 91, Maloney-cin 91

CG: Marichal-sf 9, Perry-sf 9, Carlton-stl 8, Hands-chi 7, P.Niekro-atl 7

K's: Veale-pit 79, Jenkins-chi 75, Singer-la 74, Perry-sf 73, Carlton-stl 72

Shutouts: Briles-stl 3, Hands-chi 3, LeMaster-hou 3

Saves: Regan-chi 8, Reberger-sd 7, Upshaw-atl 7, McGraw-ny 6, Linzy-sf 5, Wilson-phi 5

Steals: Morgan-hou 17, Brock-stl 16, Wills-mon 12

AVG (124 abs): Mota-mon .396, Rose-cin .394, McCovey-sf .392, Hebner-pit .352, Jones-ny .351

HR: Clendenon-mon 15, Rose-cin 13, Carty-atl 11, McCovey-sf 11, H.Aaron-atl 10, May-cin 10, Perez-cin 10

RBI: McCovey-sf 47, May-cin 40, Rose-cin 40, Staub-mon 36, Menke-hou 35, Santo-chi 35

Runs: Rose-cin 56, Wynn-hou 41, Clendenon-mon 34, Davis-la 34, Bonds-sf 33

Doubles: Kessinger-chi 16, Rader-hou 16, Javier-stl 14, May-cin 14

Triples: Rose-cin 6, Arcia-sd 4, Colbert-sd 4, Wills-mon 4

Errors: Arcia-sd 17, Boswell-ny 15, Money-phi 13, Kessinger-chi 12

Pitching (team ERA)
CHI 2.46
ATL 2.55
NY 2.62
STL 2.98
SF 3.04
LA 3.61
CIN 3.63
PIT 3.89
HOU 4.25
MON 4.65
PHI 4.87
SD 4.87

Hitting (team BA)
CIN .287
PIT .282
STL .268
SF .266
ATL .258
LA .255
MON .249
CHI .246
HOU .244
NY .227
PHI .215
SD .202




Anonymous said...

The Cardinals are obviously over-carded and you should probably read down a couple of lines for more accurate results.

Fireblossom said...

Steve, the Cards had a very ordinary May, going 13-13, but are still riding their phenomenal April. Also, nobody else in the division made a move while they were treading water.

William Sagle said...

Two names stand out a bit: Bill Hands with a 7-1 record and leading the league in ERA and Rose with 13 Home Runs. I just never thought of him in any way as a home run hitter.

So nice to see 'Spos at the top of two categories. Keep it going Donn & Manny!

Fireblossom said...

William--Donn and Manny will be rewarded by being traded away soon, lol. Hands had a big year that year. As for Mr. Rose, he tied his personal best with 16 HR that year, but has had the lucky dice with the second column all year. He should hit a lot of doubles, but hasn't so far, because they're mostly going over the fence! I even scrutinized his card to see if it is accurate and it is; he's just been lucky. You betcha!

Shawn Nova said...

Rose's success with home runs in your replay, reminds me of Ivan Rodriguez in my 2007 Detroit Tigers' season replay -- Lots of second-column HR success for Pudge. Excellent stuff as always, Fireblossom!

Fireblossom said...

Shawn, today that '07 Tiger team would likely make the wild card. They had so much firepower with Pudge, Maglio, Granderson, Guillen and Marcus Thames. But Kenny Rogers' late spring training injury really hurt the pitching staff. :-(