Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My APBA Space

Hello dear readers. (I think I have at least a couple.) I thought that you might like to see my game space. 

As you can see, I use a rolling box which I think I got from the APBA Journal way back when. When I revived the league, I was annoyed by the chute coming loose a lot, so I Krazy Glued it in place, even though that means the box can never be closed. It was worth it, believe me. I just cover it up when not in use, so it doesn't get dusty. 

The white sheet of paper to the left of the rolling box is my self-styled Orsino Board, which is obviously not really a board, but just a chart. The Orsino Board was created in order to put high injury factor wunderkinds--like 1961 John Orsino--in mortal danger. It employs a 20-sided die (thank you Strat) to create certain situations that aren't on the regular playing boards, but which happen in actual games. In addition to its other charms, the Orsino Board rewards good fielders and penalizes bad ones, causes "partial" injuries where the player can still pinch hit, and makes me coffee on demand. Okay, I made that last part up, but wouldn't it be cool if it did?

To the left of the Orsino Board is a little pink card which is my combination error randomizer/weird number randomizer. I think I got that from an APBA Journal article.

The little stadium next to the lamp is County Stadium, Milwaukee. The ones lined up on the left are (from right to left) Camden Yards, Forbes Field, Sportsman's Park, Shibe Park, Griffith Stadium and Yankee Stadium. Hidden in some of the cubby holes are Tiger Stadium, Cleveland Municipal Stadium, Comiskey Park and Busch Stadium. Out of the frame, but scattered around the room are Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, The Polo Grounds, Crosley Field and League Park. I think they are all made by Danbury Mint.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek. 

--Fireblossom, supreme Goddess of this little corner of the world.


hedgewitch said...

Love the photos--it looks like a happy place.

Mama Zen said...

Rolling box . . . is that where you keep your rolling papers and such?

Fireblossom said...

No, smartass. I need the room for my ever-present coffee fix!

Anonymous said...

What is the green-topped box between the lamp and the plate?

Fireblossom said...

Hi Steve--THAT is an ancient clock-radio from the 80s that I unearthed when it kept driving me crazy not having a clock in that room. I had kept it around in case of power outages, for the radio, but it turns out the clock got it its job back. ;-)