Friday, February 19, 2016

Ricky Angel: Friday, September 1st, 1967


CHI 3, BOS 1 W-Peters 11-9 L-Lonborg 16-10

CAL 3, CLE 1 (13 inns) W-Simmons 3-0 L-Pena 1-4 HR-Brown(11)Reichardt(17) Reichardt 2-run walk-off HR.

BAL 11, KC 5 W-Miller 6-2 L-Nash 6-14 S-Fisher(1) HR-Haney(4)Powell(11)Webster(22)

MIN 5, DET 4 W-Boswell 13-6 L-Marshall 7-5 S-Worthington(21) 

NY 5, WAS 0 W-Peterson 11-12 L-Moore 3-9 Peterson 2-hitter.

At the Big A, Cleveland's Larry Brown, also known as The Only Indian Who Cares, lunged one-handed at a pitch in the top of the first inning and sent it wobbling down the left field line, where it sank into the very first row of seats for a 1-0 Indians lead. Sonny Siebert made that single tally stand up into the bottom of the ninth. With a man on second and two out, up stepped Bobby Knoop, considered by everyone to have slim to no chance of coming through, but lo and behold, after kneeling in prayer before standing in to hit, he stroked a double off the wall to tie the game! Then in the bottom of the 13th inning, Rick Reichardt blasted a two-run shot to win the game for the jubilant Halos. Winking, he assured this reporter that "We had it in the bag all along!"

With certain very sad happenings in my real life today, thank Goddess for distractions like APBA.

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